Create a tropical oasis of well-being with these plants for the bathroom

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If you want to remodel your bathroom and create a fresh and inviting ambience, maybe you can do it with green plants. Pretty Plants for the bathroom make the room shine, transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and improve the microclimate. In this article we will tell you which plants thrive particularly well in your bathroom and at the same time increase your well-being.

 Plants for the bathroom – which ones suit the bathroom climate?

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The climate in the bathroom can basically be described as tropical. Regular bathing and showering means there is high humidity there and the temperatures are usually a little higher than in the other rooms in the apartment.

Plants for the bathroom from the tropics and subtropics

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Plants that come from the subtropical and tropical areas and grow in the lower area of ​​the forest are ideal for such conditions. There are many plants that you can use to create a green paradise in your bathroom.

Pay attention to the lighting conditions in the bathroom

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In order for your bathroom plants to survive and beautify your bathroom, you need to pay attention to the right lighting conditions. First, see whether your bathroom is flooded with light or is more shady and choose plants that have sufficient light in your bathroom.

Plants for the bathroom require different amounts of light

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Plants need sunlight as an energy source for photosynthesis, some of them prefer a lot of daylight, while other specimens get by with little light.

Plants for the bathroom without windows


Nowadays, unfortunately, not all modern apartments have a bathroom with a window. Although no plant can do without light, it is possible to decorate with real plants even in a bathroom without daylight. For indoor plants that grow under low-light conditions, a special vegetation lamp or a well-reflective lampshade with an energy-saving lamp may be sufficient. The light source should not be further than 30-40 cm from the bath plant and have a power of 20 watts or more.

Indoor plants that need little light


Plants that feel comfortable even with very little daylight and are suitable as a beautiful decoration for your bathroom are the aspidistra, also known as the cobbler palm, and the zamioculcas, still called horses of luck. The shoemaker’s palm helps create a better indoor climate. The lucky feather is easy to care for and likes moisture, although it can withstand a long time without water.

Beautiful plants for the bathroom – the single leaf


It is important for the care of these plants that you avoid waterlogging and that you remove the accumulated water from the pot after watering. The perfect choice for the dark bathroom is the Spathiphyllum, also known as a single leaf. The single sheet likes high humidity and hardly needs any light. This plant ennobles your bathroom with its beautiful, white bracts with light bulbs.

Create a green corner in the dark bathroom too

plant-bathroom-window-wall-holder-efeutute-window-sill-arch hemp-single-sheet-bath-decoration

Ferns such as antler fern and sword fern feel good in the bathroom with little daylight. The Efeutute, which is extremely decorative and absolutely undemanding, is also ideal for dark corners. Philodendrons and green lilies also thrive in places away from the window.

Plants for bright bathrooms

plants-bathroom-guzmania-inflorescence-red-window sill-window-round-bathroom-tiles-white-towel-holder

If your bathroom is bright enough, there is a wide variety of plants to choose from. Tropical orchids or bromeliads, like Guzmania for example, like a lot of water and warmth, and are real eye-catchers with their bright colors. The bromeliad does not mind the draft when ventilating the bathroom, it is an extremely attractive and easy-care houseplant.

Set accents with intense colors and shapes


Plants such as arrow leaves, varices or stromanthe enchant with their cheerful colors and interesting shapes. The large, spotted leaves of the Dieffenbachia and the striped leaves of the dragon tree give the bathroom a special charm.

Large selection of plants for the bathroom with window

plants-bath-sword fern-cyprus-grass-philodendron-ivy-benjamin-plant-arrow-leaf

Plants with narrow leaves are also suitable for a light-flooded bathroom, such as the cyprus grass, the mountain palm or the green lily, which look fine and noble. If you have a spacious bathroom with a high attic, tree-like plants such as the miracle shrub, the club lily, the coconut palm or the narrow-leaved dragon tree will undoubtedly feel at home there.

The south window is the optimal place for some specimens


Some plants, such as the popular yucca palm, the exotic elephant’s foot or the aloe vera, are entitled to a fully sunny spot, such as the south window. With the right planter you can create a colored decoration in the room in no time and increase the bathing pleasure.

Plants in the warm bathroom


The Monstera Deliciosa, also called window leaf, is very easy to care for and also loves a lot of light, but no direct sun. If you like to have warm in your bathroom, then this plant is the right green addition, because the window leaf likes temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees.

Greening up a small bathroom


The choice of plants also depends on the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space, it is best to opt for smaller plants. Place your green friends so that you don’t lose any storage space. Put a blooming orchid by the sink and give your small bathroom an elegant and exotic look.

Tropical oasis in spacious bathrooms


With larger bathrooms you can of course also access larger specimens, such as the weeping fig, the coconut or yucca palm. With the right flower pots, you can bring a great holiday feeling into your bathroom.

 Plants for the bathroom make the room much cozier


A single plant is enough to make your large bathroom look cozier. Place the desired bath plant, for example, near the bathtub and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Good places for the plants in the bathroom

plant-bath-green-lily-room ivy-yucca palm-green-lily-bathtub-candles-rattan armchair-window-bath-towel

If your bathroom has a window, the window sill offers the ideal storage space for your potted plants, where you can really enjoy and use the light. Place your plants around the bathtub and relax in the green. You can also hang your bathroom plants on the ceiling, for example using a hanging basket.

Flower basket – space-saving and decorative

plants-bathroom-efeutute-hanging baskets-ceiling-hanging-wall-tiles-white-window

Hanging lights are not only space-saving, but also a practical way of setting accents in your bathroom and creating effects. Good inhabitants for a hanging basket are the ivy and the bow hemp. The Bogenhaft is an uncomplicated plant that is available in different sizes.

Plants on the wall ensure freshness


If there is not enough space on the window sill or on the floor, you can also attach plants to the wall with the appropriate holder. This saves space and creates a modern wall decoration.