Combining white bathroom with wood – modern and stylish design ideas

windows in the bathroom white wood combine for minimalist design

There are many design options if you want to make a modern bathroom white with wood. However, few are as trendy right now as certain colors of wood and white. It’s also not a color duo that is only limited in popularity to the bathroom. The wood and white palette is used extensively in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms around the world. In fact, the best kitchens out there today offer that combination in one form or another with plenty of customization options. So today we’re looking at the best-designed wood and white bathrooms to inspire you for your next renovation.

Bathroom white with wood

wood cladding as the main element in the bathroom with tub and washbasin

A white bathroom looks clean, fresh, and bright. Add some natural wood elements to the design and suddenly the room feels even warmer and more welcoming. While there are many ways in the bathroom to approach the popular white-wood combination, there are also other interesting designs in the following examples. The easiest way to add wood to your white bathroom is to replace the existing vanity with something that is woodier.

modern wall cladding in the bathroom with wood look and seamless wall

The floating wooden washbasin also goes perfectly with modern, contemporary and minimalist styles in the bathroom. Those who want to introduce the charm of a farmhouse or even rustic flair with the wooden vanity can take the classic route. A mirror with a matching wooden frame and wooden window frame can also complement a stylish and curated space that will stand the test of time.

Complete cladding made of wood with wooden floorboards and wooden panels on the ceiling and walls in the bathroom

So the best white with wood bathrooms are those that strike a balance between the two design elements in terms of sophistication and warmth. While white gives the ambience modernity, wood gives the room a certain timeless look without changing the color scheme. This is probably why the idea of ​​combining the two has become so popular in recent years. Today, the all-white, spa-inspired bathroom is being replaced with a healthy dose of woody charm. Come in and enjoy a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Choose a style according to your own taste

eclectic bathroom white wood and freestanding bathtub with green plants

As we mentioned earlier, the wood and white color scheme goes with just about any style you can think of in the bathroom. However, you can use a heavier type of wood in the more traditional, rustic, Mediterranean and rustic baths. This will then feel aged and elegant while the design remains contemporary. The lighter wood tones work best in the modern and contemporary bathrooms, which are inspired by the spa and wellness area. For example, adding a little green to this setting will give the bathroom a tropical touch, while traditional and Mediterranean bathrooms will have more cozy yellows and oranges.

More wood than white in the bathroom

minimalist design with laminate sticking to the wall in the bathroom white wood

More extensive use of wood in the bathroom requires a special level of care. When you are used to it, move away from the predominantly white surroundings and create a perfect balance between the two elements. A wooden floor is a good start, as it already gives the room a warm feel and balances a bathroom whose walls are all white. Add an extra wooden accent feature, a matching wood-look vanity, and a stool or two, and you have a stunning space that never fails.

Classic meets trend in the guest toilet

vintage look for small bathrooms with shower curtains and wooden cupboards under the washbasin

For example, you can set accents in the bathroom by using a standard vanity unit with green knobs and a rustic bronze faucet. This can look organic and vibrant, and in this case the natural pine wood goes perfectly with the green elements. Black marble in a little herringbone pattern also grounds the floor, and this scale is just right for the small space. We get to see the right amount of repetition. The small footprint of the bathroom also means that spraying an expensive material doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The shower tiles are laid in a smooth pattern, surrounded by dark mortar. The shower and bathtub have gold-colored taps. These brighten the room, while a patterned curtain gives the shower area a bold design.

Industrial style

rustic industrial style with recycled furniture base cabinet made of wood and subway tiles glass partition

The design of this bathroom increases the space of a 1940s terraced house of 16 square meters by expanding the closet into the hallway in a linen. A glass partition and fixed shower screen make the most of the long, narrow bathroom. The color scheme is designed with white, wooden and black accents and is reminiscent of the industrial style. The terraced house is also right next to the railroad tracks, which means that residents can almost feel the passing trains in the house. The train tracks have accordingly also inspired the design of the bathroom.

Bathroom white with wood like in a hotel

straight lines and elegant design in the bathroom white with wood and black frame

This is a design that you might see in a five star resort. It looks classy and creates a feeling of luxury and elegance that is associated with a lot of comfort. However, the range of materials and colors is limited and consists mainly of white, wooden and black contours. We believe that creating the greatest impact is mostly about the workmanship. The floating washbasin made of white oak stands out in the predominantly white bathroom. A worktop made of white quartz also stands above the cabinets and goes perfectly with the rest of the color scheme of the bathroom. Brushed bronze lights and amber pendant lights warm up the whole room. The walls and floor of the bathroom are covered with large-format, marble-like porcelain stoneware tiles. It is an easy to clean material. Each piece is large, which reduces the number of grout lines. A separate black-framed shower has a long ledge for storing bath items.

Streamlined luxury in the city

Interior design with streamlined luxury in the long bathroom with wooden elements

This now sprawling bathroom in New York City is the result of the homeowner’s purchase of the first floor apartment and combining it with the apartment they already owned. Architect Andrew Mikhael expanded the previous 40 square meter bathroom to what you see here, using luxurious, streamlined materials and subtle lighting to create a feeling of clean, refined elegance. LED light strips gently light up the room, while the hanging, dark brown washstand contrasts with the white surfaces. The worktop with integrated sinks is slim and yet architectural. A free-standing bathtub rounds off the mostly linear space, while large-format marble tiles wrap around the three walls of the bathroom. The white stone with its subtle gold flecks echoes the floor color, teak and oak that are present throughout the bathroom.

Rustic elegance for a country-style bathroom

spacious country-style bathroom with gray vanity unit and modern shower area

Natural wooden elements meet warm white and gray in this bathroom. The space feels relaxing and elegant and also blends in with the rest of the farmhouse style of the house. The floor-to-ceiling painted walls brighten the bathroom and add a rustic texture. A new gray vanity unit perfectly fills a bathroom niche, adding storage space and style to meet the needs of home residents. The owners also added a new shower. However, the closet acts as the focal point of the bathroom in a previously locked corner. For the bathroom, the designer opted for patterned tiles with the smallest possible joints. When leaks in the bathroom ruined the floors before the renovation, the homeowners decided not to risk it again with wood.

Neutral tones with a hint of vintage flair

neutral tones and shower cubicle surrounded by subway tiles in white in the bathroom

As part of a bathroom renovation, you can easily update the layout and look, as well as adding a woody vanity unit as an accent in the bathroom. The clean and neutral surfaces will be reminiscent of a vintage style. In this example, there is a hanging walnut vanity unit just behind the bathroom door. This was conceived by the designer as the focal point of the bathroom. The vanity also has matt black hardware and a countertop. Black porcelain stoneware tiles with a natural look cover the floor. The designers chose this type of tile because it is easier to clean and install than other materials, including stone. This floor covering still has a natural appearance. Beveled subway tiles extend over all walls in the bathroom, including the shower area. Frameless glass was used to give the tile an infinite look. The shower is 17 square meters and has a sliding glass door on the side next to the toilet. Faucets with a vintage look in matt black collide with the white tiles and match those on the vanity.

Stylish natural wood in a large bathroom

large bathroom with shower cubicle, freestanding bathtub and wooden cabinets

In this master bathroom, clean lines and neutral colors meet reclaimed wood and black and white tiles for a design style that the interior design portrays as modern bohemian. A renovation that almost doubles the space of the existing bathroom adds more storage, style and design to better accommodate a family. Cement tiles with a black and white arabesque pattern were used for the floor.

Base cabinet made of natural wood and hexagonal tiles in the bathroom white wood combination

In the shower, white tiles line the wall, while hexagonal tiles cover the floor. The hexagonal tiles also go well with the pattern on the floor. The new shower also fits perfectly into the corner of the bathroom. The bathtub is a very successful choice as well as an example of style and functionality. It’s a nod to the antiques overall, but it also goes with the style of the bathroom.

bathroom white with dark wood combined with marble tiles

bathroom white with wooden paneling of the bathtub wooden washbasin indirect lighting on the ceiling

guest toilet in white and wood facing bricks on the wall

bathroom white with wooden decor tiles and metro tiles wall toilet