Choosing the best color for bathroom – 50 examples

best color for bathroom -black-white-sideboard-mirror-picture-toilet-wooden floor

The color is an important point on the way to the dream apartment, as it is how people perceive the rooms. Choosing the right color should be a balance between personal taste and the architectural features. the best color for bathroom is the one that brings freshness and pep and at the same time harmonizes with the rest of the apartment.

The best color for bathrooms – white, black, gray

best color for bathroom -white-marble-window-chandelier-crystal-freestanding-bathtub

The neutral colors white, black and gray and the combination in between are considered timeless and modern and can be the right solution for large and small bathrooms. Contrasts set accents and make the room look more luxurious. Combinations with natural stones such as granite or marble are particularly popular for spacious areas. White stands for cleanliness and innocence. It is a beautiful neutral base for further decorations with colors and accents. A sleek, white bathroom that is well equipped to a high standard is an excellent example of minimalist interior design.

The best color for bathrooms – blue, turquoise, green

Best color for bathroom - wooden floor - dog - white - cupboards - cupboard heads - double washbasin

The cool tones of blue, turquoise and green appear fresh and convey a calm, relaxed mood. After white, it is the second most popular color for bathroom design. The blue-green nuances are subconsciously associated with water and sky and contribute to a Mediterranean ambience. In combination with white, the areas look particularly fresh and invigorating.

The best color for bathrooms – earth tones and sand colors

best color for bathroom -brown-natural-washbasin-mirror-stylish-shower-shower tray

Brown and sand colors can be the best color for bathrooms if you like the warmth of natural materials. They are reminiscent of earth and nature and look particularly appealing when the tiles resemble limestone or wood. Modern and simple wooden under tables fit wonderfully into a brown or beige bathroom.

The best color for bathrooms – colorful or with colored accents

best color for bathroom -color-accents-washbasin-double washbasin-red-mirror-wall-lighting

Colored accents and colorful accessories enliven a more reserved room. Unless you’re planning a major renovation, choose a rich wall paint or a decoration with textiles or plants. Details come out best on a white background. The most important thing is that you coordinate the design of each room with the overall appearance of the apartment.

Represent geometric shapes using two-tone tiles


Wall and ceiling cladding made of wood – natural colors in the bathroom 

best-color-bathroom-brown-wall cladding-ceiling-wood-mosaic-stones-floor-mirror-double-sinks

Natural stone look with a modern look

best-color-bathroom-brown-natural stone-look-shower-shower tray-flat-rain shower

Bathroom with walls and ceiling clad in wood

best-color-bathroom-brown-wood-wall cladding-lamp-hanging lamp-white

Natural stone look and reflective surfaces


Bathroom in dark brown and a modern image as an accent


Indirect lighting in the bathroom


Modern bathroom with colored cabinets

best-color-bathroom-color-accents-yellow-white-bathtub-wall unit-deco

Bathroom in white with high-gloss, colored cabinets

best-color-bathroom-color-accents-white-green-yellow-high-gloss cabinets

Monochrome bathroom with freestanding bathtub

best color for bathroom -black-white-hexagon-tiles-freestanding-bathtub-tap-shower curtain-points

Antique details match classic color combinations

best color for bathroom -black-white-rustic-bathtub-freestanding-doors-antique-gray

Experiment with contrasting colors and surfaces

best-color-bathroom-black-white-luxury-chandelier-crystal-baroque style

Patterns and colors shouldn’t conflict

best color for bathroom -black-white-gray-tiles-patterned-washing machine

Playful tiles require subtle furniture

best color for bathroom -black-white-antique-carpet-tiles-pattern-vanity-mirror wall

Shapes and accents should communicate with each other

best color for bathroom -grey-white-hexagonal-tiles-modern-fittings-bathtub-freestanding

Set accents with the arrangement of the tiles

best color for bathroom -grey-black-white-chess-pattern-fittings-gold-plated-window-plant

Best color for bathroom - floorboards - washbasin - wood - double sinks - bathtub - windows

Blue, turquoise and green




best-color-bathroom-mirror-round-sink-console-tiles-square-shower cubicle








Brown, beige, sand colors




best-color-bathroom-brown-natural stone-wood-window-bath-tub-white-flower-vase

best-color-bathroom-brown-natural-stone-bathtub-built-in-glass-shower cubicle

Colorful and motley ideas



best-color-bathroom-color-accents-white-red-mirror-pattern - sink





best-color-bathroom-color-accents-shower curtain-floral-pattern-antique-bathtub-freestanding-wooden floor

best-color-bathroom-color-accents-orange-white-wooden floor-shower cubicle


best-color-bathroom-bathtub-red-white-green-palm-pattern-mint green-wall-paint