Baths pictures – 30 modern bathroom designs for your new dream bathroom

Pictures black bathtub dark tiles sand color wall

When it comes to bathroom design, the German manufacturers are undisputedly at the forefront. But sometimes it is worthwhile to get inspiration from different sources. We have the Baths pictures seen by Bubblesbathrooms – a company from Australia – and find them simply fascinating and beautiful. The color scheme, the design of the walls, the modern bathroom furniture and of course the lighting – all of these elements are skillfully combined in their designs.

Baths pictures – design the dream bathroom step by step

Pictures shower bathtub black wall tiles modern vanity

Creating the dream bathroom step by step can prove to be a difficult task. The water pipe and the power connection play a particularly important role in bathroom design. These should be taken into account first, because a rain shower or free-standing bathtub cannot be used without renovation, especially in old buildings. If you get involved, you will have to re-install the walls and floor with tiles afterwards. But the effort and the additional costs are definitely worth it in the end – because the noble bathroom furniture forms an attractive ensemble and offers a wellness experience for builders with the highest demands.

If you want something special, you shouldn’t just invest in bathroom furnishings, but seek advice from a professional. The bathroom is often given a completely new look with the right lighting.

Attached we offer an overview of the modern and stylish bathroom projects of the Studio Bubblesbathrooms – let them inspire you! You may find some that you would like to implement!

 Baths pictures – shower cubicle and built-in bathtub

Baths - built-in bath shower cabin project room divider

Modern bathrooms – an example of attractive bathroom design in earth tones

Pictures lighting bathtub tile shower cubicle

Modern and at the same time homely – this is how the bathroom in natural colors looks

Pictures tiles sand color quartz bathtub countertop washbasin stone

Sloping ceilings can inspire exciting new ideas for bathroom design

Pictures glass shower cubicle freestanding bathtub dark floor tiles glass wall

The free-standing metal bathtub spices up the otherwise simple bathroom

Images metal bathtub oval freestanding tiles wood look

Mosaic tiles can set exciting accents in the bathroom – shown here – wall with a copper look

Images mosaic tiles high gloss floor tiles bronze

The other walls are deliberately kept simple and the glass shower cubicle gives the room a uniform appearance

Pictures mosaic tile wall design ideas

In contrast – classically designed bathroom

Baths dark tile floor freestanding bathtub modern bathroom furniture

Bathroom tiles wall paint modern bathroom design shower wood vanity

Baths glass wall shower cubicle modern vanity ideas

Baths wood vanity light color modern bathroom design

Bathrooms modern bathroom design ideas bathroom furniture wood large windows

Baths natural stone tiled bathtub with wall cupboards

Baths cladding tiles metal optics glass shower cubicle

Bathrooms white bathroom furniture shower cabin modern design

Baths two shared bath partition wall design modern

Baths bathtub cladding connection wall closet lighting

Bathrooms examples bathroom design wall decoration wood furniture

Bathrooms tile dark color modern freestanding bathtub

Baths tiles wood look shower cubicle freestanding

Bathroom ideas LED lighting white wall design

Bathrooms small LED lighting ideas modern

Baths LED-lit wall-mounted blue shower cubicle washbasin built-in basin


baeder-pictures-white-bath-tub-oval-beige-tiles-high-gloss-wood-base cabinet





The projects are from Bubble bathrooms