Bathroom wallpaper – 20 wonderful models from Wall & Decò

bathroom wallpaper black and white geometric mosaic look criss cross

If you think that bathroom wallpaper is inappropriate because of the high humidity, you are really not wrong. However, today we provide you with fantastic designs for the Bathroom wallpaper with which this is no longer a problem. So if you prefer to try something new instead of traditional tiles, you now have the opportunity to do so.

Bathroom wallpaper “Mystical Dream”

wallpaper bathroom mystical dream flowers pattern pink blue purple ombre

The bathroom wallpaper Wet System by Wall&decò S.r.l. has a great decorative function, highlights the wall in your bathroom in a special way and is moisture-resistant at the same time. A wide variety of designs are available for the wallpapers, which you can choose depending on the interior style and the choice of color for the furniture and fittings. We have put together the various models for the bathroom wallpaper Wet System for you, so that you can choose the right variant right away.

Bathroom wallpaper “Aloha”

bathroom wallpaper aloha model colorful flowers black white human butterflies

The Aloha bathroom wallpaper has an attractive floral pattern that makes your bathroom look exotic and romantic at the same time. The colorful flower motifs are on a gray background and are particularly effective. Nevertheless, the flower design can also be chosen in black and white, whereby only the butterflies represent a colored contrast.

Color chain

wallpaper bathroom exotic colorful wall leaves motifs color chain

This wallpaper design is just as colorful. It consists of various leaf motifs, some of which are designed in white and some in color. The background is available in either gray or blue. Are you looking for a modern and colorful bathroom wallpaper, then this variant is definitely perfect.

Miami winter

wallpaper bathroom palm trees rain motif miami design black white light blue

This bathroom wallpaper looks just as exotic. Its design is reminiscent of a rainy day in the middle of a palm tree landscape. The palm motif can be chosen in black and white and can even decorate the damp area of ​​your kitchen.


wallpaper bathroom gold silver wall decoration medusae snakes floral

It is probably no secret why the bathroom wallpaper got this name. The original motifs, which wind like a snake, are strongly reminiscent of Medusa. The design is available in a variant of warm colors, as well as in a gray variant.

Bathroom wallpaper – Escape

wallpaper bathroom tropical bird cage colorful flowers exotic escape

When looking at this bathroom wallpaper, the word “freedom” comes to mind. Colorful, exotic birds escape the cage and grace this stunning wallpaper. The birds themselves are partly made of flowers and thus look particularly romantic. The strong colors are particularly well expressed by the subtle background, which is again available in a warm and cold shade.

Miss Marple

wallpaper bathroom flowers pink green stripes ornate vintage miss marple

This bathroom wallpaper is particularly flowery. In addition to the many ornaments, there are also large flowers, which are available in pink and green. The turquoise stripes form another interesting accent.

Ocean drops

wallpaper bathroom watercolor maritime fish blobs turquoise blue ocean drops

The watercolor look is very popular for the interior in many areas. Why not for the bathroom too? With this design an ocean is imitated here. And even small fish swim along the bathroom wallpaper and add to the design. Choose between blue and turquoise colors for this model.


wallpaper bathroom branches watercolor beige gray shoko model wet system

The watercolor design can also be found in this bathroom wallpaper. However, it is presented more subtle and in the form of branches and leaves and represents an accent on the beige or gray wallpaper.


wallpaper bathroom petrol blue turquoise watercolor look marble

Again, you have the choice between blue and turquoise. The so-called petrol bathroom wallpaper imitates blurred and flowing watercolors on paper. This creates a look that is reminiscent of marble. Use them to create a special eye-catcher in the bathroom.

Tech tubes

wallpaper bathroom blue beige pipes industrial style tech tubes

This bathroom wallpaper is a great idea for all lovers of industrial style. Now you can get the look of the metal pipes on the wall as well, in a sketch look. Whether in beige or blue, the wallpaper is extremely original.

Dancing curtains

bathroom wallpaper dancing curtains design gray curtains imitation

Are you missing a window in the bathroom? That doesn’t matter, because you can still bring the cozy atmosphere, for the curtains, into the bathroom. This bathroom wallpaper imitates exactly this home accessory.

Nouveau bathroom wallpaper

wallpaper bathroom glass imitation matted metal accent gold silver nouveau

You get a successful imitation of frosted glass with this original bathroom wallpaper. The design looks incredibly real and is wonderfully suitable for decorating the bathroom walls. The metal-imitating accents are available in gold and silver.

Crystal water

bathroom wallpaper gray shabby crystals design crystal water elegant

You can create a shabby style design with this bathroom wallpaper. It shows pretty crystals that water forms when it turns to ice. These are also slightly worn, which creates the aforementioned shabby look. Choose the wallpaper in a light or darker shade of gray.

Arctic wind

wallpaper bathroom blue beige wall design arctic wind bathtub

Again you have the choice between blue and beige. The bathroom wallpaper is perfect if you are into original designs. Use it to create a bathroom of any style.


bathroom wallpaper black and white fregio elegant vintage idea

Whether in black or white, this bathroom wallpaper looks extremely elegant either way. Put a vintage accent in the modern interior and give the room a certain historical atmosphere.


wallpaper bathroom geometric vintage ornaments white green blue layering

Geometric motifs are combined with romantic ones, creating this effective design for the bathroom wallpaper. The model is available in three versions. On the one hand, the simpler version all in white. Furthermore, the ornate motifs can be selected in a light blue tone as well as in green.


wallpaper bathroom tree modern wall idea forest black white gray 3d fagales

Bring the forest into the bathroom in the form of a modern design. The bathroom wallpaper has a 3D look on which abstract tree trunks are depicted. The white trees can also be chosen in a black variant.

Bathroom wallpaper “Kaleido”

wallpaper bathroom star motifs gray white subtle kaleido wash console modern

A starry sky in the middle of the room? That is possible with this bathroom wallpaper. Whether in a dark gray or subtle white version, with this model you get an attractive wall decoration with which you can add a little romance in the modern interior.

Design by Wall&Decò.