Bathroom sinks – 29 examples with modern design

Bathroom sink round-white-bathroom mirror-CELLULE

Countertop washbasin, wall-mounted washbasin or sink for installation – you can choose the right variant for your bathroom from the wide variety of shapes on offer according to your preferences. The sink is an important accent because it can complete the look and style of your bathroom. When making your choice, it is important that you also consider the size of the room and the location of the other elements in the facility. Give your bathroom a modern look with these practical and unusual Bathroom sink.

Hanging bathroom sink with clear shapes

Bathroom sink white-shelf-round-mirror-cabinet-yellow-wall-LAGOLINEA

The design of the LAGOLINEA washbasin by Lago is inspired by the idea of ​​simple, minimalist shapes. The only 3 cm thick washbasin with a shelf is available in different sizes and is made of an innovative material patented under the name Cristalplant®. The LAGOLINEA series also includes a few designer shelves that go perfectly with the washbasin.

Bathroom sink with an unusual modern design

Bathroom sink curved-gray-concrete look-SKIN

It looks like the wall in the bathroom has been peeled off and a wash basin has been made out of the bowl. Thanks to the innovative design of the SKIN model, the drainage system remains invisible. The hanging washbasin can be covered with mosaic or resin and is suitable for private modern bathrooms as well as for hotels and SPA and wellness centers.

Bathroom sink with glass floor and wooden counter surface

Bathroom sink wood-glass-shelf-DEPTH-WILDWOOD

We already introduced you to the striking DEPTH WILDWOOD washbasin by Lago. The clear, beveled glass creates an optical illusion of emptiness and depth. The drain system is ingeniously positioned under the wood and remains invisible. The model is also available in other colors, textures and sizes.

Round modern bathroom sink that saves space

Bathroom sink white-shelf-wood-yellow-CELLULE

The CELLULE hanging bathroom washbasin by Lago is ideal for small rooms with its practical, small shelves and towel holders. The material is hypoallergenic, pollutant-free, fireproof and if damaged or scratched, it can even be completely repaired.

Classic square washbasin fits every bathroom


The chic, ceramic BASICA bathroom sink has an innovative scratch-resistant cover that allows the shine to last longer. The wash basin can be easily combined with all Lago cabinets.

Built-in washbasin in a strong yellow color that catches the eye


The STEEL washbasin has a special drain system with a thin drain fitting on the edge, which ensures that water is drained off quickly. The washbasin comes in two versions – to be placed on top and to be built in, whereby the customer can choose from 35 different colors. Take a look at our gallery with other bathroom sinks from Lago and be inspired by them.

INBILICO bathroom sink looks like a rotating cylinder


Chic SKIN washbasin with glossy, black mosaic


Invisible border between the sink and the wall


The SKIN wash basin is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom


It is possible to install indirect lighting under the sink


The gray, cold mosaic contrasts with the bedroom in warm tones


White DEPTH sink with contrasting red edges

bathroom-sink-storage space-white-glass-red-edge-DEPTH

The 8 cm thick washbasin takes up very little space and gives the bathroom a feeling of spaciousness


Ideal proportions in the bathroom – the blue version of the DEPTH washbasin

bathroom-sink-storage space-blue-wall-bathroom-mirror-DEPTH

The indirect lighting emphasizes the attractive effect achieved by the glass floor


Green DEPTH washbasin in front of a mirrored wall that visually enlarges the room

bathroom-sink-storage space-green-mirror-wall-floor-tiles-concrete-look-DEPTH

The washbasin combines two contrasting materials – glass and wood

bathroom-sink-storage space-wooden-bathroom-mirror-red-wall-DEPTH-WILDWOOD

The wooden washbasin is a striking accent in the bathroom


A bathroom sink with shelf space that merges into the interesting bathroom shelf


The thin LAGOLINEA washbasin is a nice addition to the furnishings, even for smaller bathrooms


Interesting designer shelves go perfectly with the bathroom sink with clear shapes


A sense of movement is given to the bathroom by the sloping shelves and the asymmetrical furniture

bathroom-sink-white-shelf-bathroom mirror-gray-wall-LAGOLINEA

Many are the possibilities to adapt the LAGOLINEA washbasin to the other bathroom furniture

bathroom-sink-white-shelf-yellow-blue-bathroom mirror-LAGOLINEA

The shelf is very practical and helps to make the best use of the space

bathroom-sink-white-bathroom shelf-ocher-yellow-wall-LAGOLINEA

The orange STEEL washbasin is a warm accent in the bathroom in cold colors


The straight shapes of the washbasin are in harmony with the bathroom furniture


The BASICA washbasin can be beautifully combined with all base units from Lago


Round bathroom mirror in contrast with the rectangular shape of the sink


The 36E8 model combines a washbasin with a base unit for more storage space 


The washbasin with shelf is made of glass and fits perfectly with the shape of the base unit


The CELLULE model saves a lot of space in the bathroom and is a great solution for admirers of modern bathroom design

bathroom-sink-round-green-shiny metal-wood-shelf-CELLULE