Bathroom niche for more comfort – Install a practical shower niche in the bathroom

Bathroom niche for storing utensils with tiles in white with light blue combine and install

Whether you are renovating or building a new one, the bathroom niche is a great way to create more space in your bathroom. A niche or shower shelf is easy to install and offers the perfect space for your bathroom accessories. In this article, we will provide a brief installation guide and ideas for designing a niche in the bathroom with drywall. Such trays are undoubtedly very practical and offer many advantages. The most obvious of them all is that you are getting much more stable and reliable storage than other cases. You no longer have to use the bottom for all of your shampoo bottles, soaps, and everything else. Accordingly, all of these objects do not have to be in the corners of the tub. With a bathroom niche, you take care of all of these problems and also have very versatile and adaptable options.

Determine the position and size of the bathroom niche

Install wall niche or shower niche with tiles for the shower in the bathroom and make it look stylish

You can make the bathroom niche as large as you want and even stretch it along the room. This can be used to connect adjacent walls and add contrasting tiles with color. A white and blue combination, for example, looks really fresh and beautiful. However, for the best possible result, please carefully plan the installation for the bathroom niche, as the exact instructions will depend on its type. We also recommend installing a shower wall niche, preferably by trained specialists, in compliance with the building regulations.

Round mirror in the bathroom with shower cubicle and glass door in front of shower niche made of tiled washbasin

First, it is best to place the installation kit in the desired position in the room. If necessary, we recommend installing the bathroom niche in the middle of the two stud bolts. Then mark the outlines or cut lines on the wall with a pencil. Carefully cut out the cavity with a saw or an angle grinder. Also, make sure you have enough depth in the wall to bring up the niche.

Clean the work area and apply sealant

Install a niche in the bathroom with a wooden frame as a storage space for cosmetics and objects

Before starting the installation, please check that the work area is clean. Make sure that the surface is clean and free of any substances that reduce adhesion. Apply sealant to the wall to secure the kit. Insert the kit in such a way that you can thereby enable a completely watertight installation. You can also apply a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane. To do this, make sure that all surfaces are clean and free of dust, acid and grease before applying the sealing membrane. Start by applying the vertical self-adhesive membrane and finish the horizontal membrane so that both membranes overlap.

separate bathtub with bath niche and texture with mosaic reach

After the composite tile adhesive has dried, the walls around the niche can be tiled. The tiles can overlap the flange of the installation kit. You can then apply sealant to the rear flange of the wall niche and use this part to fix it in the installation kit. If you are planning to remodel your existing bathroom to gain more space, incorporating a bath niche or shower alcove into the new design is a great way to create more storage space. These unique designs can be adapted to almost any space – from the smallest and tightest bathroom to the largest and most luxurious.

folding seat in shower cubicle with bathroom niche

A bathroom niche is usually also suitable for drywall. Wall niches of this type with containers can therefore be set up in dry construction and used in existing wall constructions as well as newly built walls. Shower niches and wall niches come in a variety of colors and finishes, making it easy for you to choose a design that is perfect for your home. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for the timeless elegance of stainless steel, the restrained elegance of white and cream or the unique modern look of anthracite. It will give your bathroom a completely new look and you can enjoy the results every time you bathe or shower.

Diverse designs and materials

symmetrically arranged wall niches in the bathroom with glass partition drywall

A bathroom niche is also available in a variety of styles and options, making it easy for you to incorporate this unique enhancement into your existing space. There is also a wide variety of materials for the shower niche. Stones, bricks, and tiles tend to look very good when you consider the type of building materials used for the shower. In addition, the bathroom niche can have glass shelves that are almost invisible. Because they are so simple and versatile, shower niches look natural in almost every type of shower. Regardless of whether you have an enclosed shower cubicle or some other type, there is no need to give up this practical function.

design of niche in the bathroom in the wall of marble tiles luxurious design with rustic elements

Walk-in showers, for example, also offer enough space for niches, although the design must be well thought out. Place the bathroom niche at the correct height from the floor so that you don’t have to climb stools to reach it and also so that children can use it safely. Depending on the size of the shower area, the niche also adapts to the size. Most importantly, make sure that you measure out the shampoo bottles and anything else you plan to store so you don’t find out they won’t fit inside.

Lighting for wall niche in the bathroom with bathtub in white with glass partition and bath cabinet

If you imagine a bathtub with a shower, the bathroom niche becomes even more practical. Design them so that you can easily use and reach them both when bathing and showering. In this case, a horizontal design would work best. In fact, the usefulness of shower niches extends beyond the actual shower itself. You can also use niches and lighting elsewhere in the bathroom, such as above the bathtub and even in front of a stylish sink. This can actually be a clever design.

Space-saving bathroom niche with style

contrasting red seating in the bathroom with stone and strap niche and modern design

It’s usually better to have three shelves in a niche than two. Somehow this design seems to look better and you also have more space to organize all of your shampoo bottles and bars of soap. Such a niche fits in really well with the rest of the bathroom design. In fact, everything here follows the same pattern, including the ceramic stool and tiles.

Bathtub in front of window with shower cubicle and niche in the bathroom in white marble and wood

Shower niches also offer aesthetic advantages. By that we mean you can use decorative tiles and combine them with other accents and details in the bathroom. You can also try bold color combinations and even mix surfaces and textures in different ways.

contemporary design from the bathroom with wall separated and separate wall niches

In a bathroom, you can also enjoy symmetry. The glass divider divides the room into two zones, one of which is the doorless shower. The bathroom niche adapts to the accent detail of the adjoining wall, with the two having the same dimensions. To make the niche stand out a little, you can use accent lighting. This could be both a useful and an aesthetic element that makes the shower appear complete and stylish. However, the design and the surfaces should remain simple and simple.

contrasting red seating in the bathroom with stone and strap niche and modern design

While the colorful corner seat is obviously the focus of this shower, it’s not the only interesting and attractive feature. The bathroom niche also looks good, mainly because it does not stand out from the main color, but still stands out. A shower niche can basically have any shape, as long as it is practical and not uncomplicated.

Wall niche or shower niche with tiles for the shower in the bathroom as a combination of navy blue and white

It can also be divided into compartments in a number of ways. So think carefully. Of course, you can have more than one niche in the bathroom. Instead of one that is divided into two compartments, you can build in two separate ones. Whether this is more practical or not is up to you.