Bathroom mirror with lighting – light in the bathroom without a window

Bathroom mirror with lighting LED blue purple color

Everyone dreams of a bathroom oasis at home – but if the bathroom has no windows, it is now difficult to create a cozy ambience. Here are a few tricks to help – the Bathroom mirror with lighting makes the bathroom appear brighter and larger. We show you 20 cool designs of bathroom mirrors that exude elegance and can be perfectly integrated into modern living spaces and give you useful tips on how to make the room look more spacious.

Skilfully showcase bathroom mirrors with lighting

Bathroom without a window brighten up ideas bathroom mirror with lighting

To make the bathroom look inviting without a window, these tricks with a bathroom mirror with lighting will help:

– Bathroom mirrors with a minimalist design and straight lines are basically better for dark or small bathrooms than classic models with richly decorated mirror frames.

– For maximum effect, the bathroom mirror should be the same width as the vanity unit. If you have two free-standing sinks, you can choose two mirrors of the same size.

– The wall opposite the mirror can be painted in a light color / laid with mosaic tiles. A vertical garden on this wall will add character to the room right away.

– The mirror and shower cubicle with LED lighting in the same color provide structure in the bathroom and create a visual connection between the individual areas.

Attached you will find the stylish bathroom mirrors with lighting from the Italian company Antonio Lupi, which form the framework for a special quality of wellbeing in your own four walls.

 Bathroom mirror with lighting – a stylish design in a minimalist style

Bathroom mirror with lighting golden frame

Bathroom mirror with an illuminated frame – a stylish addition to the interior

vertical bathroom mirror minimalist design long

Small bathroom mirror for the small sink

small minimalist bathroom mirror ideas

Practical and stylish – minimalist designs without a frame

vertical long bathroom mirror cool ideas minimalist decor

Bathroom mirror that gives the room an instant look

Bathroom mirror with lighting red frame

Bathroom mirror with magnifying mirror – practical and stylish

Bathroom mirror lighting magnifying mirror integrated cool idea

Bathroom mirror with computer system – futuristic design by Antonio Lupi

Bathroom mirror computer system in the back cool idea

Bathroom mirror with blue LED light

modern bathroom mirror integrated lighting ideas

Bathroom mirror with LED light brightens up the dark bathroom without a window

Bathroom mirror lighting modern functional small bathroom without window

 Practical and stylish – bathroom mirror with integrated picture frame

Bathroom mirror LED lighting computer system modern

 Bathroom mirror adds the minimalist furnishing concept

Bathroom mirror with lighting bathroom freestanding sink concrete

Bathroom mirror with lighting. Bathroom without window optically brighter

Bathroom mirror with horizontal lighting modern wash basin

Modern bathroom mirror with lighting connect ideas yourself

Bathroom mirror with lighting LED blue color

Bathroom mirror with lighting modern concept design ideas

Connect the bathroom mirror yourself, modern design, integrated lighting

Bathroom mirror sinks make small bathrooms look bigger

horizontal bathroom mirror sink freestanding modern bathroom

modern small bathroom mirror with lighting

Mirror lighting of original shape construction

The bathroom mirrors are from AntonioLupi