Bathroom in green: 6 modern shades of green and many design ideas

When thinking of an accent color for the bathroom, green may not be the first color that comes to mind. Often the first choice is blue. In combination with white, the bathroom should convey the tranquility of a lake or a sea. But with green you can also bring a piece of nature into your bathroom. We will show you 6 shades of green that can transform a modern bathroom into an oasis of calm and relaxation. From soothing sage green to rich emerald green – we give you tips and ideas on how to make your bathroom green and celebrate your closeness to nature in style.

1. The elegant fir green

Bathroom dark green and white wall tiles laid in fir green in a herringbone pattern

Dramatic and classic at the same time, the deep fir green can create a refined ambience in the modern bathroom. This dark green shade forms an elegant contrast to the white bathroom ceramics and also goes perfectly with warm wood tones.

How to use dark green in the bathroom

Bathroom in dark green and white designed with black accents

Since it is a dark color, use fir green sparingly and carefully: on an accent wall or right next to the bathtub. As shown in this photo, you can combine it with marble-look tiles, chrome-plated fittings and black accessories to underline its sophisticated character. Incidentally, green marble also looks particularly classy.

2. The radiant sea green

Bathroom in blue-green and white looks fresh and modern

Similar to aqua blue, sea green is an excellent choice for a timelessly beautiful bathroom design. The yellow undertone gives it a touch of warmth.

How to use it in the bathroom: The sea green is reminiscent of the crystal clear sea water of the Seychelles. This cool shade of green looks gorgeous with most wood tones and cream colors. The color is also ideal for accentuating individual areas. For example, as decorative tiles such as the Moroccan fish scale or arabesque tiles.

3. The warm 70s green

bathroom 70s green combined with gray marble tiles and brass fittings

Green, brown and orange were the trend colors of the early 1970s and are now making an unexpected comeback. This shade of green is a nice mix of yellow and light green and can add a warm, earthy accent in the bathroom. So that the green of the 70s doesn’t look too old-fashioned, the rest of the interior should be carefully considered.

How to use this shade of green

modern bathroom with 70s green accentuating the base cabinet

This warm shade comes into its own when used sparingly. Perhaps use it on an accent wall in the shower area or as a paint for a bathroom cabinet. This green goes well with the modern bathroom in the loft style as well as the nostalgic bathroom in the retro look. In combination with black fittings and gray tiles, it acts as a brightening element to loosen up bathroom design.

4. The rich emerald green

Bathroom with emerald green tiles behind the sink and wall design in wood look next to the bathtub

Emerald green can convey luxury and elegance, as well as evoke images of lush green tropical forests. It is a strong shade with enough depth to set accents and yet remain versatile.

How to use it

emerald green wall tiles in a herringbone pattern in the walk-in shower

The emerald green blends harmoniously into many furnishing styles and gives your bathroom a natural look in the urban jungle style. Narrow rectangular tiles laid in a zigzag or a spectacular herringbone pattern look very elegant. If you want to achieve a regal look, go for brass fittings or gold bathroom accessories.

5. The calm sage green

Sage green white and wood in a modern bathroom

Sage is a soft, light green that almost looks gray. It has a calming effect and is particularly versatile. It’s a nice choice if you like bright, neutral colors. Then you can really let off steam with the decoration.

Ideas for sage green in the bathroom

Sage green can be perfectly combined with gray in the bathroom

This calm green harmonizes perfectly with gray and can wonderfully underline its charm. As a cool shade, sage green is also ideal for creating contrasts with warm colors or even dark wood tones. To bring out the silver undertone of this green, combine it with accessories made of chrome or glass.

6. The fresh mint green

Bathroom in white and wood designed with patterned floor tiles in mint green

Mint green is a beautiful pastel color that radiates a fresh brightness and impresses with its delicacy. It harmonizes perfectly with other pastel shades such as rose, peach, baby blue and cream.

Bathroom in mint green combined with white and light wood

This delicate, bluish green offers numerous design options and is a great eye-catcher not only on an accent wall. Geometric floor tiles in mint green can also bring a nice change into the bathroom. A mint green bathroom cabinet looks particularly good in front of white tiles.

Bathroom in mint green and white with bathtub cladding made of light wood

Would you like to make your bathroom green? You can find more inspiration in our picture gallery! 

Lime green and white create an interesting retro flair

bathroom 70s green as wall paint and tiles

The patterned floor tiles create a sense of dynamism

Bathroom 70s green and patterned floor tiles

The bathroom is only partially tiled in green and brown

bathroom brown green make retro and modern

Light green and dark green combined with beige and wood

bathroom green beige in the attic

Small bathroom in light green with corner shower

Green wood bathroom with patterned floor tiles as an accent

Sage green as an accent in the gray-black bathroom

Bathroom in gray-green and gray with patterned floor tiles in black and white

Light green and pink is an unusual combination for the bathroom

bathroom green pink as an unusual combination

Black bathroom ceramics and dark green wall 

black bathtub and column washbasin in front of a dark green wall

Urban jungle style in the modern bathroom

Urban jungle style bathroom with green and wood

Dark green and light gray look modern and timelessly beautiful

Bathroom in dark green and gray with wooden base cabinet

Marble tiles up halfway down the wall and dark green wall paint for the rest

Bathroom with wall color green in combination with marble tiles and bathroom cabinet in light wood

Black and dark green accents in the marble bathroom

Accent wall with dark green tiles in the white bathroom

Sage green and light gray have a calming effect

Green metro tiles behind the toilet as an accent and light gray tiles in the rest

Green tiles in a herringbone pattern as an eye-catcher behind the sink

Sage green as an accent behind the washbasin

Due to the dark green color, the high ceiling looks lower

Paint the high ceiling in the bathroom green

Wood and moss green exude a sense of cosiness

Bathroom in green and gray with a wooden wall unit