Bathroom in black – conjure up a feeling of luxury and style in the contemporary bathroom

bathroom in black tile ideas white elegant modern

Are you in the process of redecorating your apartment and would like to transform the bathroom into a real highlight? If you want a bathroom with a big impact that is absolutely fancy, aesthetic and attractive, then go for black. A bathroom in black is undoubtedly an absolute trend. Let yourself be inspired by the picture examples in our gallery and bring a touch of extravagance and luxury into your bathroom.

Furnish the bathroom in black

herringbone pattern black bathroom tile wall concrete bathtub modern

The color black is a real all-round classic not only in fashion, but also in interior design. If you want to give your bathroom a dramatic and absolutely timeless touch, you will undoubtedly make the right choice with the color black. There are many ways to implement this color in your bathroom furnishings, which you will see for yourself.

Elegant bathroom with black tiles

bathroom black tile walls floor white bathtub

Despite the widespread opinion that a small bathroom should preferably be designed in light colors, the following examples show that an inconspicuous bathroom is given a very special charm by the dark tiles or the paint. Black tiles in small mosaic format or large floor tiles are contemporary and will not go out of style.

Combine bathroom in black with wood

bathroom in black brown wood ceiling floor black

If you paint the walls dark or tiled, you can be sure that this will create a unique ambience. If you would like to design the bathroom predominantly in beautiful black, you should ensure sufficient light sources or perhaps place a large mirror. The black surface absorbs more light than the white.

luxury bathroom in black gold bathroom fittings brown wood hexagon tiles

Would you like an extraordinary statement, but don’t want to furnish the entire bathroom in black? An excellent ensemble results from the combination of wood and black. This modern bathroom design is a successful interplay between the matt hexagon tiles on the walls and the bright washbasin cabinet and the wall unit. In the accompaniment of wood, the black tiled bathroom wall comes into its own and creates a stylish contrast.

Chic black bathroom with gold accents

black bathroom small gold bathroom fittings wall tiles matt

If you are looking for a timeless style that is not a short-term trend and that you can not get enough of even after a long time, you are doing everything right with the color duo black and gold. The Glomour pair black and gold gives your bathroom more expression and exclusivity. The combination looks modern, mysterious and luxurious. The resulting contrast really makes gold shine. On the other hand, the shiny, golden surface is muted a bit without losing its shiny side.

bathroom black gold mirror mat tile sink

For a black bathroom, golden highlights are sufficient to achieve the desired atmosphere. Mirror frames or bathroom fittings in gold change the ambience, but appear simple and elegant. Various bathroom accessories in gold also ensure impressive bathroom furnishings. You can also give your bathroom a royal touch with a golden towel holder or toilet roll holder.

bathroom black white gray fittings sink concrete bowls

Simply attach the accessories in gold to the black tiled wall and admire how they immediately unfold their full effect. You can also use textiles with golden decorations to create effective decorations in the bathroom. With little effort, you can add a touch of luxury to the bathroom in black.

Beautify the bathroom with black slate

gray white marble floor black bathroom narrow

A good example of how stylish a narrow bathroom in black can look can be seen in the picture above. Two of the walls are tiled with black slate and create a beautiful contrast to the white marble walls on the opposite side. The unique interplay of the two natural stones turns the small bathroom into something very special. The dark surface of the slate radiates dynamism and liveliness through the influence of light.

Modern bathroom in black – design ideas with marble

bathroom floor tiles in black marble bathtub

In addition to slate, marble is also particularly suitable for individual bathroom design. The natural stone transforms the simple washroom into a luxury bathroom. Regardless of whether you opt for the robust natural stone as a floor covering, for the wall design or for the sanitary facilities, this luxurious material will definitely make your bathroom a real eye-catcher.

marble bathroom black gray brown mirror black bathroom fittings

The unique, elegant look of the marble makes it a perfect partner for the bathroom in black. Depending on the type of marble, it fascinates with its gray veins on a shiny, white background or with white veins on a black background. A black tiled floor in the bathroom, for example, provides a perfect stage for a free-standing marble bathtub. The luxurious atmosphere is further emphasized by the unique appearance of the marble.

marble bathroom black white bathtub oval

The combination of white and black marble as wall cladding or flooring also looks really impressive and chic. You are welcome to give the black bathroom that certain something with just a single wall with marble cladding.

Bathroom set up black and white

bathroom black white minimalist gray silver

The color partners black and white are the absolute classic in bathroom furnishings. A modern bathroom in black and white exudes puristic elegance. Precise lines and gently rounded shapes underline the unique color polarity. The possibilities of creating a black and white contrast are almost endless.

Bathroom in black tile floor sinks

You can embellish both the walls and the floor with a black and white pattern. A freestanding, white, oval bathtub looks particularly good on a dark floor. A black vanity, with a white wash basin or base units are also an elegant and stylish ensemble.

elegant bathroom black white tile floor

If you want to decorate or furnish your bathroom in black and white, you can let your creativity run free and give the bathroom an individual and unique touch. A large bathroom, for example, is given a homely character if you arrange a comfortable seat with a black armchair and white textiles on it.

bathroom in black beige white minimalist black shelf

The color combination black and white, which never goes out of style and is always reinterpreted, can be expanded to include neutral and subtle beige. Beige tiles on walls or floors, a fluffy carpet or various small decorative elements in the contemporary bathroom in black and white bring a touch of comfort and warmth with them.

bathroom furniture black beige elegant simple

When furnishing this stylish bathroom, the colors black and beige were used and a unique ambience was created with different textures. The black, freestanding bathtub comes into its own on the light floor. Small accessories in black are distributed throughout the room, creating a uniform overall picture. The black bathroom ladder also cuts a fine figure on the light wall.

Bathroom in black and gray

bathroom fittings shelf black marble concrete sink

Another perfect color partner for the contemporary bathroom in black is undoubtedly the color gray. The light gray color sets the black storage compartments, the fittings and the dark washbasin in the limelight and makes the bathroom appear as if it were made from one piece.

bathroom in black rectangular bathtub gloss gray turquoise

If you prefer the lighter colors, but don’t want to do without the unique look of black in the bathroom, then you can get an extravagant, black bathtub and use a different color in the room in addition to black and gray.

bright bathroom black bathtub bathroom fittings natural stone floor

Dare to try and give your bathroom elegance and individuality with a black shower curtain, towels or various bathroom accessories.

minimalistly furnished bathroom gray black bathtub neon yellow