Bathroom furniture in baroque style with magnificent ornaments

Bathroom furniture in baroque style - luxury series - double vanity - floral motifs - gold fittings

Although its origins trace back to a period of Italian art in the late 1500s, the term baroque was not coined until the 19th century. It was used to describe the flamboyant and decadent art and architecture of this period. In terms of interior decoration, the baroque style represents magnificence and glamor. Today we are going to show you Bathroom furniture in baroque style, which inspire with artistic carvings and breathtaking details in gold and silver. All collections can be seen in the portfolio of the Italian furniture manufacturer Fenice Italia.

Bathroom furniture in baroque style – luxury series

Bathroom furniture in baroque style-luxury-black-white-worktop-marble-look

The “Luxury Collection” includes bathroom furniture in Baroque style with refined elegance and a wide range of colors and surfaces. All furniture is matt lacquered and decorated with silver and gold leaves. They are distinguished by their soft lines, carefully handcrafted details and fashionable handles with Swarovski crystals.

Bathroom furniture in baroque style – Alice series

Bathroom furniture in baroque style-alice-black-silver-ornaments-handles

The Alice bathroom furniture collection is characterized by carved wooden fronts and exclusive handles. A “clean” baroque style that doesn’t give up glamorous details.

Bathroom furniture in baroque style – glamor collection

bathroom-furniture-baroque-style-glamor-black-silver-high-gloss lacquer

The glamor bathroom furniture collection is the core of the modern Italian luxury style and impresses with its clear lines and contrasting colors. The printed cabinet doors create a luxurious atmosphere in the bathroom and you can choose between different motifs such as damask, stripes, flowers and golden leaves. The shape of the legs, which resemble pointed arrows or are decorated with gold leaf, is also very impressive. Square handles with an ornamental design and Swarovski crystals give the drawer and cabinet fronts the finishing touch.

Luxury collection

bathroom-furniture-baroque-style-luxury-series-black-double vanity-marble-worktop

magnificent carvings


Handles decorated with flowers and Swarovski crystals

bathroom-furniture-baroque-style-luxury-black-gold-handles-floral motif

rounded edges and corners

Bathroom furniture in baroque style-luxury-black-gold-vanity

small tall cabinet with four drawers


Vanity unit with three drawers


lacquered in ecru and gold


free-standing washbasin with two drawers

Bathroom furniture in baroque style-luxury-freestanding-washbasin-ecru-worktop-beige

Washbasin made of solid wood and worktop in marble look


Surface with crackle effect




Glamor collection



bathroom-furniture-baroque-style-glamor-gold leaf wall mirror

Alice bathroom furniture collection


bathroom-furniture-baroque-style-alice-white-single vanity-golden-handles




bathroom-furniture-baroque-style-alice-gold leaf-handle


You can find more information about the furniture collections on the Fenice Italia website