Bathroom fittings – modern or retro for bathtub and shower?

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The small details in the bathroom are also of great importance. These include the Bathroom faucets of bathtub and shower. These have two important properties in themselves that should by no means be underestimated. On the one hand, you ensure comfort. Imagine, for example, the breathtaking and relaxing feeling that the so-called rain shower head can give you. This is extremely modern and popular and should not be missing in any modern bathroom facility.

Bath fittings in a modern bathroom with a large rain shower

large rain shower head open shower design idea modern fittings

Another characteristic inherent in bathroom fittings for the bathtub and shower relates to aesthetics. With a certain design you can either support the modern look of the bathroom or you can use it to create a retro or vintage look. In this article we would like to introduce you to these two styles by showing great examples of matching bathroom fittings for the bathtub and shower. Take a look at the wonderful ways in which these small accessories can determine the look of the bathroom.

Bathroom faucets of bathtub and shower in modern style

spa design bathroom fittings modern style rain open shower

As already mentioned, the rain shower head is an element in modern bathroom furnishings that is hardly missing. It is available in different sizes and shapes, from round to rectangular, but the comfort that this shower head provides does not change in any way.

Bathroom fittings with rain shower head for a round bathtub

bathroom fittings bathtub freestanding rain shower faucet

The rain shower heads as bathroom fittings for the bathtub and shower can not only be used for the shower, but also for the bathtub. To do this, they are simply attached to the ceiling above and you can enjoy the water, which drips like rain, even while lying down.

Modern bathroom fittings for open showers

rain shower head design modern bathroom fittings tiles natural tones

The advantage of these modern bathroom fittings for the bathtub and shower is that they are perfect for open showers, as the water does not splash to the side as strongly, but instead falls straight down to the floor in a concentrated manner. Now take a look at more modern ideas for bathroom fittings.

Rain shower as a bathroom fitting with storage space for decorations

modern bathroom faucets gloss rain shower shelf candles

Bathroom Faucets – Modern shower head and faucet

bathroom furnishings idea fittings modern aesthetics shower style

Faucets for outdoor showers are also suitable for indoors

pipe bathroom fittings outdoor mosaic stones shower idea

Bathroom fittings that splash from all sides

wellness shower brown modern bathroom fittings rain shower head

Faucets for the bath with knob adjustment

faucet bathroom modern furnishings fittings bathtub rectangular

exotic bathroom design stones white wooden floor oval bathtub fittings

natural tones bathroom design tiles fittings rain shower

lateral water jet shower modern bathroom fittings electronic

Retro look for the bathroom fittings of the bathtub and shower

retro design bathroom fittings shower head black metal tiles mediterranean

Bathroom fittings for the bathtub and shower, which represent the retro or vintage look, ensure a special cosiness in the charisma of the bathroom. This variant is suitable, among other things, for luxuriously chic facilities.

bathroom design retro blue gray shelf tile bathtub fittings

The trick here lies in the shape of the shower head or faucet, as well as in the choice of material. In this type of bathroom fittings for the bathtub and shower, the pipes are attached so that they are exposed and visible. A wide variety of metals such as brass, copper or bronze are used as material. Which exactly, you choose to match the rest of the facility.

antique bathtub freestanding copper metal retro bathroom fittings

shower colors gold black retro design fittings faucet shower head

faucet design idea black retro style bathtub fittings

vintage bathroom luxury retro faucet bathtub tiles

bathtub bathroom fittings freestanding retro metal vintage style

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mosaic red bathroom fittings vintage retro shelf wall

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