Bathroom design – effective feel-good facilities

Bathroom wooden ceiling freestanding shower cubicle glass fronts

There are many ways to design the bathroom. But what would you think of furnishing it luxuriously or simply furnishing it particularly effectively so that you can feel wonderfully relaxed there? This is what today’s article is about, because it presents you with 6 breathtaking examples of an effective and unique one Bathroom design before. You are guaranteed to be amazed!

Bathroom design with gold accents

Bathroom gold accents classic design bathroom fittings

The golden accents undoubtedly ensure a luxurious look in this bathroom design. Without appearing too pretentious, these come to the fore everywhere: in the form of a curtain and mosaic tiles that adorn the shower with glass door, in the accessories, as wall decoration and even the black tiles have a delicate gold shimmer. With such little things you can bring luxury into your bathroom without a lot of resources. Also worth mentioning is of course the breathtaking bathtub, which is modern in the middle of the room and has an unusual shape.

Bathroom design with a bathtub … or maybe not?

Bathroom design wall tiles decoration floor-level bathtub

This extravagant bathroom design is partly playful and partly elegant. It represents a combination of black and white, which can be found in the cube stools, as well as in the breathtaking mural that consists of mosaic stones and dominoes. Something that could easily be overlooked is the bathtub. Yes you’ve read correctly. There is also a bathtub in this bathroom. This is embedded in the floor, while its edge and the floor overlap evenly so that there is no edge. For this reason, it does not seem to exist at first glance.

 A frosty bathroom design

Bathroom design glass door shower cabin fireplace bathtub

Have you ever seen such dreamlike shower doors? They appear frozen and give the entire bathroom a frosty look. The white tiles, which also show pretty patterns on the wall, also contribute to this, while the wall in the sink area consists of white mosaic. Despite the frosty theme, the bathroom design exudes a warm atmosphere, thanks to the cleverly used lighting, the wood and the fireplace in the wall above the bathtub.

Bathroom design with pure wellness

Bathroom bathtub stone cladding, natural look

This bathroom is optically divided into two areas by a partition wall with effective, indirect lighting. One contains a whirlpool that invites you to relax, as well as a dressing table with a large, elegant mirror. On the other side there are two sinks, the toilet and shower, and a spacious sauna. This bathroom is ideal as your personal wellness center because it really offers everything you need to get rid of stress after a hard week at work. The bathroom design is characterized by the use of natural stone in combination with dark wood.

Bathroom design – bathing in the forest

Bathroom tile wood look freestanding bathtub

This bathroom design is interesting in many ways. On the one hand, it has a great picture of branches on the ceiling, which gives the impression that you are bathing in the middle of the forest. The large, round window and especially the fireplace built into the wall, which also allows a view outside, are also effective. The bathroom is bright and friendly and makes the time you spend in it a wonderful experience every time.

Show business as bathroom design

Bathroom gray wall tiles washbasin floor-level shower cubicle

This bathroom is also very bright. The beams on the ceiling and the brick wall create a cozy atmosphere because they give the bathroom a homely atmosphere. There are two areas that are separated by a partition. While the first area houses a wonderful corner bathtub under the window with a view, the washbasin, toilet and shower, which consists of glass walls, are located in the rear area. Bathroom design is also shaped by an interesting theme, namely show business. You can tell from the mural and the chrome headlights.

Modern minimalist bathroom in neutral shades

Bathroom design dark brown wall tiles granite wall cabinet gray

 Modern bathroom with glass fronts

Bathroom design freestanding bathtub wooden wall carpet

 Minimalist bathroom in white and gray

Bathroom design marble bathroom tiles vanity built-in basin freestanding bathtub

Bathroom design wall cabinet built-in basin wood blinds glass fronts