91 bathroom ideas – pictures of breathtakingly modern dream bathrooms


The bathroom, whether small or large, should be a space to relax. And you need a brilliant idea for its design. Clear shapes, noble materials and a calm color mood characterize these 85 breathtakingly modern Bathroom ideas, which we have put together in a large collection.

Bathroom ideas that bring nature closer

Bathroom ideas wood-vanity-wall tiles-natural stone-white-decorative gravel

A number of modern bathrooms are inspired by nature and create the feeling of a small wall of rules between your own four walls. Solid wood, natural stone, gravel and plants are all associated with nature and can be found in contemporary dream bathrooms. Skylights that let the sun’s rays into the bathroom and large windows that look out over the city or a forest landscape can also often be seen in this picture gallery.

Bathroom ideas that show off tiles and textures

Bathroom ideas luxury-beige-tiles-wood-cladding-mirror-lighting-white-gravel

Tiles can be used to emphasize a certain area or create beautiful wall decorations. There is a wide variety of colors and textures available on the market, so making a decision could be difficult. The bathroom furniture and lighting are still an essential element that ensures more comfort and cosiness. Take a look at these bathroom projects and get inspiration for your bathroom planning.

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3D wall tiles


The ceramics industry is evolving, offering more and more designs, formats, surfaces and patterns that can give our walls a meaningful look. The trend in wall cladding continues towards 3D optics. No matter if monochrome or colorful – these tiles look modern and refreshing.

Mirror wall and photo wallpaper create optical illusions


There are several tricks that can be used to ensure that the bathroom doesn’t look too small and gloomy without a window. For example, make the bathroom appear larger with a half-height mirror wall. As a special design element, a photo wallpaper could be attached to the opposite wall. Landscape motifs conjure up fantastic panoramic views.

Bathroom in black and white

bathroom-ideas-black-white-wood-vanity-led-lighting-white-decorative gravel

Another element that can have a huge impact on the atmosphere in a room is lighting. Several light sources can be used as required and ensure that we feel comfortable. Depending on the time of day, there are different requirements for light in the bathroom: a fresher color temperature helps you wake up in the morning, while it has to be really romantic in the evening.

gold-colored accents and marble look in the bathroom

luxury bathroom ideas marble tiles golden sheen lighting dresser

Lighting experts recommend several dimmable light sources, a combination of ceiling and wall lights and functional illumination of the mirror as lighting in the bathroom. In the evening, when you want to forget the hustle and bustle of the day, cooler light calms you down. Accents through indirect LED light also ensure relaxation.

Luxury feeling in the bathroom

luxury bathroom white gold chandelier bathtub shelves dresser

Light can really bring out colors and surfaces. With cool materials such as marble, you should also choose a cool light color. Cold white light will emphasize the grain of the natural stone. The interplay of warm light and wooden surfaces, on the other hand, creates a natural feeling of space. Matt surfaces should be illuminated with white diffuse light from wall lights or lampshades.

Ambient lighting and tiles with an interesting pattern

modern bathroom tiles natural stone look sauna walk-in shower

To prevent ugly cast shadows when looking in the mirror, it is advisable to position glare-free light sources to the side. Indirectly glowing LED strips create uniform illumination. This is how the shave works and the make-up is perfect.

Natural stone wall integrated in the bathroom design

bathroom ideas modern bathtub mosaic tiles natural stone rustic

Nature for the interior is trendy. The materials stone and wood are welcome residents in your own four walls. It is best to leave them as natural as possible – stone is not polished, wood is only oiled or waxed. Natural accessories are also conquering the bathroom and enable a wide range of possible uses.

Bring nature into the bathroom

modern bathroom wellness ambience stones decor skylights

The first step towards your own natural oasis in the bathroom can be taken when choosing the wall and floor design. Floor coverings made of wood and natural stone are best suited for this. Gravel and crushed stone can also be perfectly integrated into the nature concept. You can be inspired by the Asian models and like to follow the Zen philosophy when setting up.

Wooden floor and bathroom furniture in cream tones

luxury bathroom baroque pink vanity unit towel rail radiator

Wood in the bathroom is no longer a taboo and a wooden floor is becoming increasingly popular. But the special conditions and the high humidity in the bathroom place special demands on the natural building material. Moisture-resistant woods such as teak and oak are well suited for use in the bathroom.

luxury bathroom round corner shower cubicle cream bathroom furniture

Oiled surfaces are easy to maintain and renovate. The oil layers protect the wood from penetrating moisture. Splashes and steam are usually hardly a problem, but direct contact with water over a long period of time should be avoided.

Wooden washbasin with countertop basin

modern bathroom wood sink black wall tiles walk-in shower

Another advantage of wood is its antibacterial effect. It picks up bacteria and kills them. Bathroom furniture can also be made of wood. The combination of a solid block of wood as a washbasin and a ceramic countertop basin is very popular in modern bathrooms.

Black and white color palette and furniture in neo-baroque style

luxury bathroom new baroque furniture white black wall tiles lighting

Marble tiles and white bathroom furniture

luxury bathroom marble white chandelier sheer curtains walk-in shower

luxury bathroom tiles white marble modern bathroom furniture curtains

Mosaic tiles in black and white and accents of red

small bathroom idea mosaic tile floor pattern red accents white vanity

elegant modern bathroom

bathroom ideas glass ceiling light bathtub white bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture made of wood

bathroom wood vanity unit gray floor tiles pattern wallpaper

Wall mural of green plants

modern bathroom white furniture gray walls decor plants photo

modern bathroom marble vanity glass wall concrete pendant light

small bathroom glass wall wood bathroom furniture window recessed lights

small bathroom modern undercounter lights white bathroom furniture

large bathroom marble tile vanity unit wood black

bathtub bedroom glass wall wood vanity bathtub wood ceiling

bathroom walk-in shower glass wall bathtub mirror backlit

bathroom idea white gray wallpaper pattern bathtub oval

bathroom ideas design beige tile mosaic wood vanity unit

bathroom ideas pictures modern furniture white wall mirror

bathroom ideas pictures tiles marble red glass shower white furniture

bathroom pictures modern tiles wood look red countertop high gloss

bathroom ideas pictures modern furnishings walk-in shower glass walls-white-marble

bathroom ideas pictures modern bathtub marble floor tiles glass door shower

bathroom walk-in shower glass wall mosaic wall tiles blue vanity cabinet

glazed bathroom wood frame vanity unit bathtub oval

bedroom bathroom open plan bathtub wood room divider wall tv

bedroom bathtub tv access terrace black and white

rustic bathroom vanity concrete look faucet

rustic bathroom metal bathtub wall mirror floor tiles wood look

rustic bathroom design tiles metal effects wooden shelf  modern bathroom white wall tiles base cabinet wood fronts

modern bathroom white walls wood bathroom furniture bathtub

modern bathroom tropical ambience oval bathtub solid wood washbasin

bathroom ideas large accent wall bathtub oval modern furnishings

modern bathroom ideas walk-in shower bathtub wooden floor

modern bathroom idea built-in shelf undercounter lights

modern bathroom gray marble tile shower area wood

modern bathroom tiles wood look shower area glass wall

modern bathroom wood paneling bathtub pebble look floor tiles

modern bathroom shower area gray tile wood vanity unit

modern bathtub lattice wall black outdoor area

minimalist bathroom design white black glass walk-in shower

minimalist bathroom plank floor wood washbasin bathtub oval

small bathroom vanity wood bathtub black wall tiles

small bathroom city apartment window bathtub built-in television

small bathroom mosaic tiles brown cream modern shower head

small bathroom wooden floorboards rustic ambience narrow

small bathroom design white gray brick wall glass

small bathroom design round sink black and white wood shelf

small bathroom concrete wall wood vanity shelf cloths

wellness bathroom stone optics wall building bathtub plants glass ceiling sun

spacious bathroom white bathroom furniture bathtub window

bathroom ideas small shower area mosaic tiles black

bathroom ideas pictures modern design vanity metal gloss tiles

bathroom ideas pictures modern furniture wood vanity red mosaic

bathroom ideas pictures exotic wellness ambience two sinks bathtub

bathroom gable roof wood corian bathtub curtains shower

bathroom modern ideas wood bathroom furniture mosaic shower area

bathroom wellness ambience square bathtub window

bathroom ideas storage space wood cabinets narrow floor tiles wood look

bathroom ideas modern ambience white tiles wood bathroom furniture bathtub

bathroom ideas modern washbasin solid wood exotic

bathroom ideas modern design sloping roof mosaic tiles glass wall

bathroom ideas modern furnishings bathtub walk-in shower glass wall

bathroom ideas modern plank floor glass wall vase walk-in shower

bathroom ideas modern bathtub rustic bathroom furniture wood  bathroom ideas tile mosaic red yellow bathtub

bathroom ideas eclectic design yellow walls marble bathtub

bathroom ideas pictures modern design bathtub walk-in shower white-brown

bathroom ideas pictures modern furniture round sinks black wood base cabinet

bathroom ideas design house wood wall cladding vanity black sink

bathroom design modern metal washbasin wood tile look

bathroom design wood furniture antique wall lights forest outlook

bathroom design house shower area wood tiles glass wall stone wall

bathroom exterior pebbles concrete walls glass ceiling column

Outside bathtub, wood paneling, tropical outdoor shower

bathroom design white minimalist wooden wall metal washbasin

bathroom design white wall tiles glass shower wood vanity shelves

bathroom white furniture wood wallcovering mirror ceiling

luxury bathroom new baroque style pink dresser curtains gold wall mirror