57 ideas for bathroom tiles – on the way to your dream bathroom

Ideas for bathroom tiles marble-stone-gray-white-wet cell-noble

Are you looking for creative ideas for bathroom design? You will find a lot of valuable inspiration with us. Gather new ideas for bathroom tiles and cause a sensation in the bathroom.

Bathroom tile ideas – aesthetic and functional benefits

Ideas for bathroom tiles shower-light gray-mosaic-oval-mirror

We can hardly imagine a bathroom without tiles. Modern bathroom tiles not only inspire with their design, but also with their high functionality. Its functional advantages include insensitivity to moisture, surefootedness, resistance to common household cleaning agents and fire, antibacterial effect, easy care, etc..

Tiles impress with their brilliant appearance and intense colors


Tiles differ in their format, function and design. Innovative manufacturing techniques enable subtle surfaces, interesting formats and a creative mix of materials, e.g. the combination of ceramic tiles with glass, stainless steel with wood, natural stone with crystals, etc. This allows a wide variety of interior design styles to be designed.

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Bathroom tile ideas for an extravagant bathroom

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Tiles can be used to set great design accents in the bathroom. Depending on the color and surface structure, a very special atmosphere is created. Spatial effects can also be achieved with different tile sizes and extravagant designs – they can be used to make a bathroom look larger or more intimate. Large tiles are very beneficial for small bathrooms because fewer joints are visible due to their size. This influences a calm wall design and makes the room appear calmer. Anyone looking for new bathroom tiles is spoiled for choice in every respect, as the range of materials, colors and surfaces is huge. Would you like bathroom tiles with a structured surface or do you prefer the matt or high-gloss surface? The range of tiles definitely leaves nothing to be desired and you can design your own bathroom according to your ideas.

Wall tiles in a black and white look


In the bathroom, where we start the day, aspects such as wellbeing, naturalness, individuality and lifestyle should be covered. The versatile building materials for bathroom tiles meet these high demands. The current trend in bathroom tiles is towards ceramics and porcelain stoneware, which are characterized by durability. Which tiles you prefer depends on the desired spatial effect. For example, if you want to design a cozy bathroom, you can create a natural flair with tiles in a wood look, for example. They are confusingly similar and let the bathroom shine in a completely different light.

Washbasin board laid with tiles in a Mediterranean look


When choosing a tile color for the bathroom, you should ask yourself whether you will still like it years later. The choice, of course, depends on the style you want. For example, if you want to design your bathroom in a Mediterranean style, you can use tiles in warm colors. Terracotta, for example, makes the bathroom much more homely. Mediterranean bathrooms impress most with their simple design. Pretty mosaic patterns around the sink also look great and bring that holiday feeling into your home. The floor covering in the Mediterranean bathroom is rarely white. There you can use natural stone and design your bathroom individually.

Mediterranean-warm tile models


Natural stone creates a cozy ambience and in a certain sense brings a wellness feeling with it. The stone-look tiles are reminiscent of the light Mediterranean sand and are an easy-care alternative. If you want to give the bathroom that certain something, you can access extravagant patterns and spruce up the bathroom with different colored tiles or a beautiful mosaic border. A maritime decoration will further enhance the desired flair. For the decoration that conveys the Mediterranean feeling, you can use practically everything that reminds you of the sea and vacation.

Porcelain stoneware tiles with a mysterious elegance

Wall-floor tiles-bathroom-large formats-anthracite gray nuances

Ceramic tiles with an extremely smooth glaze on the surface make not only the chrome fittings in the bathroom shine, but the entire wall. You can even intensify this effect by adding bathroom furniture and accessories in intense colors.

Ceramic tile pattern with a soft sheen


If you are looking for ideas for bathroom tiles, you not only have to think about the design, but also about the format of the tiles. The choice depends in the first place on your personal taste. The tile size must also match the design of the tiles and the respective room size. The choice is huge and you can find both tiny and huge mosaic tiles. You can also choose between different shapes of tiles. If you don’t like the standard tiles with their rectangular shape, you can access unusual special shapes. With the right color and size of the tiles, you can make even the smallest bathroom beautiful. Tiles in light colors or in pastel colors make the room look brighter and more comfortable.

Tile design in stone look

Bathroom wall cladding-stone-imitation-tiles-high-quality-look

So that the light tiles do not appear too monotonous, you need fresh, colored accents, which you can not only achieve with noble mosaic tiles, but also set with various colored accessories. If you want to visually stretch your bathroom, you can lay the tiles lengthways from the door to the window. Try to design the wall and the floor with tiles in the same color or choose colors from the same color family so that the bathroom looks larger. The easiest way to achieve the desired optical illusion is to strive for a uniform overall picture. In order to loosen up the room, tiles with different structures and surfaces can be used.

Large-format tiles appear puristic and elegant


As mentioned above, the large tiles are the better solution for a small bathroom. In a larger bathroom, on the other hand, you have several design options. With the small mosaic tiles you can give the bathroom a very individual character. The small stones can be used to create numerous shapes, for example. Create patterns according to your own ideas and give the room a personal touch. You can also create a variety of shapes on the floor tiles and create a unique atmosphere. A pattern in the middle of the room, for example, has a centering effect and creates a calm and relaxed feeling.

Extremely fashionable accents


Small format tiles in water colors


Fancy tiles

designer-bathroom-fittings-wall-tiles-small-format-white-shower cubicle

Mosaics in noble gray tones


Ideas for bathroom tiles in trendy colors






Mosaic bathroom tiles ideas brilliant optics intensive colors stainless steel fittings

black-gray-bathroom-minimalistic-rectangular-tiles-large-format-porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware tiles-concrete look-puristic-elegant-antistatic-easy-care



Bathroom-tiles-design-flooring-wood-look-thermally conductive-heat-storing

Modern-tile-design-insensitive-to-moisture-mosaic-wood-vanity unit



Small format tile mosaic design ideas bathroom walls

Tiles-black-surface structure-special-atmosphere-bathroom

Small-format-tiles-hexagonal-floor-in-bathroom-porcelain stoneware tiles


ceramic tiles-intensive-colors-modern-bathroom-furniture-wood-accessories

Bathroom-wall design-tiles-mosaics-blue-luxury-pendant lights


Porcelain stoneware tiles-bathroom-gray-grained-tile-design-ideas




Marble look-porcelain stoneware tiles-antibacterial effect

Tile design-oriental-opulent-fashionable-accents-strong-vital-sunny yellow


Ideas-bathroom-ceramic tiles-extremely-smooth-glaze-surface-natural stone-optics

Large-format-tiles-natural-stone-look-bathroom-furnishing ideas

Wall tiles-mosaic-gold-gloss-floor tiles-resistant-to-common-household-cleaning agents

Bathroom-white-wall tiles-brick look-antibacterial effect


Tile models-large-format-in-noble-anthracite-wood-tiles-non-flammable

Porcelain stoneware tiles-bathroom-floor-color-lightfast-high quality

porcelain stoneware-bathroom-tiles-floor-walls-mosaics-laying-ideas

Shower cabin-flooring-black-ceramic-tiles-walls-stone-look

Walk-in-shower-tiled-bathroom-ideas-minimalist-contrasts-mix of materials

Bathroom-design-accents-wall-floor tiles-porcelain stoneware-patterns

Bathroom-wall-floor-ceramic-tiles-smooth-glaze-of-the-surface-wooden furniture



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