42 ideas for small bathrooms and bathroom pictures

ideas for small bathrooms modern honeycomb pattern tiles hexagon beige black

With a little planning, you can transform your small bathroom into a functional and visually appealing dream bathroom. Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. With the use of a few optical tricks and practical space-saving solutions, you can make your small bathroom appear larger and more inviting. Check out our great Ideas for small bathrooms and convince yourself that you can feel comfortable even in the smallest of spaces.

Ideas for small bathrooms – space-saving tips

ideas for small bathrooms dark green nuance mosaic shower wood accents

Instead of a traditional interior door, use a sliding bathroom door that slides into the wall. Install a shower enclosure made of glass and high-gloss surfaces to visually open up the room. Instead of a conventional washbasin with a base unit, choose a column washbasin or a wall-mounted washbasin to create a spacious feeling. Replace the large bathtub with a smaller version or consider the walk-in shower. Use the corners in the small bathroom for a corner bathtub, corner shelves, or anything else.

Ideas for small bathrooms – the colors

ideas for small bathrooms lighting light blue mosaic white gray

Choose neutral color for the small bathroom. Use similar shades for the wall and floor tiles. Multiple or dark colors in a small bathroom would make the room appear smaller. If possible, choose towels and bath sets in the same color. Install built-in cabinets, wall shelves in the niches, mirror cabinets and make optimal use of the available space. You can also use natural materials such as wood and stone in a small bathroom. Their colors are very suitable for the small space and give the small bathroom a particularly cozy touch. In order to simulate generosity, the walls and floor should be designed with the same materials. This also opens up the small bathroom and makes it more inviting.

Black and white bathroom

ideas for small bathrooms high gloss black and white ceiling wood

If you have a small bathroom, you should create more openness so that the room appears much larger. A completely tiled bathroom with an open shower looks much bigger. When placing the bathroom furniture, you must also make sure that you do not place the furniture across. Otherwise, they can act like barriers in small bathrooms and create an undesirable effect. It is better to choose large and wide tiles, they also make the room appear larger. A calm atmosphere is created in your bathroom when the tile joints are tight. If you want to bring a little dynamism to the room, you can use fine mosaic tiles. So that the small bathroom does not appear restless, we recommend laying the mosaic tiles only in the form of a band or around the mirror.

Bright bathroom design

ideas for small bathrooms light blue black tile bathtub

If you are looking for space-saving ideas for small bathrooms, it is worth thinking about the lighting in your bathroom. Sufficient light makes even the smallest and narrowest room appear much larger. Natural light that penetrates through the large window is without a doubt the optimal solution. However, windowless bathrooms can also look completely different with the right lighting. For example, you can replace the individual large lights with several spots on the ceiling or choose flush floor lights. When you enter the room, they direct your gaze and give the space more space.


One of the ideas for small bathrooms that make the bathroom appear more spacious is the use of a mirror. A mirror on the wall not only looks elegant and is particularly useful, but is a clever trick to visually enlarge the small bathroom. This is because mirrors deceive additional space. Don’t forget that it is best to illuminate the mirror from three sides. A light source from the left, right and from above does not change your reflection.

 Large bathroom mirror and LED strips under the vanity


Due to their size, small bathrooms can quickly appear untidy and chaotic, which is why they need as much storage space as possible. It is of course very practical if this storage space also serves as a usable area. A wash basin with a spacious base cabinet, for example, is an ideal solution and quickly disappears supplies, towels and bathroom accessories. If you have open shelves in the bathroom, you can use the matching boxes and baskets in different sizes to ensure more order and clarity. In addition, you have your utensils nicely sorted and always ready to hand, which saves you valuable time for your favorite activities.

 Choose tiles in light colors


A narrow, tall cabinet is also another space-saving idea. It doesn’t take up so much space, but offers enough storage space for small tubes of cream, towels or cute decorative items. Another idea for small bathrooms that are used by several people would be to use wall hooks on the wall and stow them vertically. In just a few square meters, you can create plenty of space without the bathroom looking cluttered.

 Gray, large-format bathroom tiles for walls and floors


If you have also placed your washing machine in the bathroom and there are always towels and detergent on top, you can perhaps use a screen to make things disappear quickly. A folding wall in a light color or pastel color creates a uniform image and simply lets the gaze slide without creating disruptive interruptions in the wall surface. Always try to set up with a clear color scheme. Bathrooms look very nice and inviting, in which the tiles on the wall are color-coordinated with the accessories in the room.

 Storage basket for little things

small-bathroom-sloping-roof-dusky pink-tile-shelves-niche

 Dusty pink tiles




ideas for small bathrooms washbasin-floating-round-countertop basin



Ideas for small bathrooms-green-washbasin-drawer-wall shelves



ideas for small bathrooms double vanity unit-glass partition




ideas-small-bader-bathtub-tiles-matt-stone-optics-black-vanity unit

ideas-small-bathroom-bath-window-marble-tiles-mirror-cabinet-shelves-wall niche

bathroom-storage-standing-shelving-basket-storage-brown-floor tiles


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Ideas for small bathrooms - mirror wall - behind - sink - window







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ideas-small-bathroom-walk-in-shower-glass-wall-partition-rain shower