4 unique freestanding wooden bathtubs from Bagnosasso

freestanding wooden bathtub gravel bed bagnosasso

The Swiss company Bagnosasso presents some unique freestanding wooden bathtubs, which fascinated us with their opulence. the Wave Diamond bathtub is an amazing design made of wood and glass. This freestanding bathtub has a mahogany wood base and comes in a range of colors to suit your personal style.

Freestanding bathtubs from Bagnosasso

wave diamond freestanding bathtub combination wood glass bagnosasso

bagnosasso bathtubs wood glass combination

the Ocean shell Bathtub is a premium product and is particularly impressive due to its unique shell shape. A selected technology from Formula 1 is the source of inspiration in the creation of this bathtub. Each model is undoubtedly unique. This special wooden bathtub lies on a bed of gravel, preventing overflow and emphasizing the warm wood look. The modern freestanding bathtub is available with or without the gravel bed.

Freestanding bathtubs wooden – Ocean shell bathtub

freestanding bathtub wood bagnosasso

bathtub wood shell shape gravel bed

the Ocean Sailor Bathtub is one of the newest products from Bagnosasso. This freestanding bathtub is made from a unique wood material and resembles the patterns of a zebra. A real feast for the eyes. Each tub is handcrafted, which makes it completely unique. The individual veneers are cut to the millimeter and placed on the structure with the greatest precision.

Ocean Sailor bathtub

black freestanding bathtub bagno sasso ocean collection

freestanding bathtubs wood bagnosasso ocean sailor

the Ocean Circle Bathtub in particular increases the comfort in your bathroom. This unique product is also handmade and has a simple round shape. The freestanding wooden bathtub is surrounded by a bed of gravel that absorbs the overflowing water.

Ocean Circle bathtub  ocean collection bagnosasso circle wooden bathtub

wooden bathtub gravel bed bagnosasso modern black bathroom

Freestanding bathtubs like these can be found in luxury apartments, honeymoon suites, yachts and palaces. Create your own personal oasis of well-being in your own bathroom.