33 ideas for small bathrooms – tips on color design

As a rule, bathrooms are small. But if your bathroom is even smaller than usual, you need to plan the bathroom design even more carefully so that your space does not appear gloomy and cramped. The colors play a big role here. The best Colors for small bathrooms are colors that can create a nice airy atmosphere in a small room. Above all, this means no dark colors, but rather fresh and neutral colors. We have put together 33 great ideas for small bathrooms that will show you how bright and inviting a small bathroom could be.

Make small bathrooms look bigger

small bathroom tile cream side table built-in shelf bathtub

Creamy white and beige are perfect colors for a small bathroom. This neutral shade can easily be combined with all the others, so that you can create a neutral backdrop for colorful accents such as furniture and accessories. This purple-colored vanity unit has become a real eye-catcher in this small bathroom. The tiles don’t just have to be beige. Also take a look at the modern bathroom tiles with a sandstone look, because they have a beautiful, matt surface.

Small bathrooms in neutral colors with a pop of color

small bathroom tiles lime green white cabinet shower blue accents

A fresh mint green shade would create a wonderful spring-like atmosphere in a small bathroom without visually darkening the room. For the best result, avoid shades of green that are too saturated. Green can be paired nicely with green and white. Set beautiful accents with accessories in fuchsia or a warm wood tone.

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Bathroom tile pattern in wood look

small bathroom wood look tile mirror tub lighting

Tiles with patterns must be used sparingly in the small bathroom, otherwise they can visually reduce the space. It is best to choose single-colored tiles and only set an accent with a small border behind the washbasin or a mosaic wall in the shower area.

Mosaic in the small bathroom

small bathrooms classic furnishings shower stripes mosaic blue-gray

Thin border with floral motifs


the corner bathtub saves space

small-bathroom-furnishing-colors-tiles-light-blue-blue-mat-corner bathtub

 a small but luxurious bathroom in black and white


 Lay tiles vertically


matt gray tiles and neon green accents


 Accent wall with mosaic


Bathroom in brown and white

small bathroom modern idea brown beige white high gloss wet cell

Recessed lights and indirect lighting for the small bathroom

small-bathroom-furnishing-corner-bath-tub-wall niche-built-in-lights-dark-gray-floor tiles

 Combine bathtub and shower

small-bathroom-fittings-white-bathtub-shower-glass wall-mirror cabinet-led-strips

 beautiful and feminine


interesting highlights in orange





small bathroom ideas-neutral-colors-tiles-mirror-cabinet-vanity-cabinet

small bathroom ideas-glass shower cubicle-black-accents-cream-colored-tiles



small-bathroom-furnishing-ideas-white-pink-accents-wooden floor-glass shower-bathtub



small-bathroom-ideas-tiles-colors-light green-wall niches-shelves-built-in lights

small bathroom ideas-design-brown-beige-corner shower-glass walls

small-bathroom-ideas-corner-shower-cubicle-beige-mosaic-tiles-wooden vanity unit

small bathroom ideas shower-gray-tiles-matt-orange-black-accents



small bathroom ideas bathtub-shower-white-tile-mirror wall