24 designer bathrooms – comfort and style rolled into one

Design ideas blue wall tiles int2 architecture

Designing a bathroom by yourself can be a daunting task. That is why it is definitely worth taking advice from the experts – especially for new buildings. Because only professionals can ask the right questions, plan a functional water pipe with water inflow and outflow, choose the right materials and, of course, prepare a detailed and precise cost calculation right from the start. A Designer bathroom not only guarantees functionality, but also design according to your own wishes. Design above from Int2

Designer bathroom – professionals design your dream bathroom step by step

Bathroom planning designer help alexandra fedorova

The first step to your dream bathroom is very simple – good preparation for a discussion with the designers. This includes – a photo album with the rest of the furnishings in the house, construction plan, room distribution / including other bathrooms and toilets /. A detailed sketch of the bathroom and a list of the desired bathroom furniture and systems / for example sauna, wellness area, rain shower, shower chimneys, free-standing bathtub, one / two washbasins, washbasin /. It is also very important to estimate the number of people who will be using the bathroom. Secondly, there are requests for floors and walls / with or without tiles, floor heating etc./, lighting, ventilation and others.

If the sketch is ready, then it is worth visiting bathing shops and designer companies. Of course, all offers and projects should be compared. Only then can a detailed calculation be made. In any case, you should always inquire about the duration of the project before starting construction work – and this should also be specified in the contract. The end result will definitely be worth it – like that Designer bathroom prove in the photo gallery below. / Pictured above – design by  Alexandra Fedorova/

Designer bathroom according to project from Ando Studio

Designer bathroom planning bathtub ando studio

Glass fronts wood washbasin avin maddock design studioAvin Design Studio

Natural stone wall freestanding bathtub dbalp

Modern and homely – Dbalp

Ideas gravel floor freestanding bathtub antonio fernandez architects

Design by antonio fernandez architects

Natural stone tiles wall design carpet A-Cero

Bathroom design by A-Cero

Wall panels washbasin metal affleck-de-la-riva

Affleck de la Riva

Vanity mirror long narrow paul jones zorzi south

Spacious and comfortable – bathroom for the extended Paul Jones family Zorzi South

Glass wall natural stone wall wood washbasin dlab

Natural stone wall by DLab

free-standing concrete bathtub denise macedo arquitetos

denise macedo arquitetos

Ideas tiles geometric pattern geometrium


Ideas wood fronts washbasin granite strachan group architects rachael rush

Strachan group architects

Bathroom design ideas Villa zest architecture

zest architecture

Ideas design professionals wallflower architecture design

wallflower architecture design

Window freestanding bath many cabinets Schwartz and Architecture

Schwartz and Architecture

Bathtub many windows apartment city turett collaborative architects

turett collaborative architects

Furnishing a bathroom studio marco piva

studio marco piva

Bathtub design ideas modern tanju ozelgin

tanju ozelgin

Bathtub shower cabin modern bathroom design ideas

Material wood flooring tiles Bates Masi

Design ideas for mirror wall vanity units

Three bathrooms from Bates Masi

Wall tiles mosaic flower pattern wood vanity webb brown neaves

Bathroom design ideas stylish webb brown neaves

Project by Webb brown neaves