23 examples of bathroom planning with modern washbasin design from Neutra


We provide you with 20 examples of modern bathroom planning Vanity design – make your bathroom modern, elegant and close to nature. The Italian company Neutra impresses with a chic combination of stone and wood in the bathroom.

Washbasin design made of wood and stone


The purity of the water, the energy of the stone, the warmth of the wood – that is the language of nature. Neutra uses these materials and combines them with a new approach to modern bathroom design to achieve comfort in the bathroom. The original collection of bathroom furniture, fittings and wall cladding creates a harmonious ambience where you can relax and rest. That Vanity design is made of stone and wood with a lot of attention to the details, functional as well as cozy. Stone, granite, quartz and marble contribute to a noble interior. Founded in Como in 1880, the family business is known throughout Europe for its interesting collections.

Close to nature and comfortable – washbasin design in a minimalist style

Vanity-design-modern-base cabinet-ideas

The Neutra collections present different approaches to the materials – sometimes puristic, sometimes rustic – but one thing is in common – each model is inspired by nature and follows the shapes and curves of the landscape. Neutra believes in simple lines – there is nothing superfluous. The designs are complemented by chic exotic masks, vases and chairs. The modern bathroom is an open space where you can feel free. That Vanity design was deliberately left without a base cabinet in most cases to make the line look more elegant. Enjoy the suggestions of the renowned brand and find inspiration for your own bathroom!

Vanity unit with shelf with surface for soap

Vanity-design-semicircular-natural stone-wood-base cabinet

Vanity-design-natural-stone-round-bathroom mirror

Puristic shapes – perfection made of wood and stone

chic vanity bathroom design ideas

Comfortable and simple – bathrooms from Neutra

neutra bathroom sink

minimalist vanity and wall mirror

modern bathroom furniture mirror-gray tiles

Contrasting colors in the bathroom – dark tiles, light bathroom furniture

Mirror-double sink design

Wooden washbasin

Double sink vanity unit

Marble bathroom furniture and large mirror

Bathroom plan-modern vanity

Stone washbasin

minimalist washbasin stone

Round mirror and interesting decoration in the bathroom

Bathroom plan design ideas

Wash basin with base cabinet – modern bathroom furniture

minimalistic puristic bathroom

Sink with an interesting shape

beige bathroom furniture design

Interesting oval sinks

Stone tile vanity

Rustic vanity made of wood

rustic vanity wood

Round sink

round sink-minimalist interior

Dark washbasin with base cabinet

Bathroom vanity unit

Vanity unit with double sink

modern vanity mirror bathroom

Bathroom furniture-vanity unit design idea

minimalist bathroom furniture gray

Wood vanity-modern bathroom