15 interesting & extravagant trends 2014 for the bathroom

trends 2014 bathtub beige tiles spa style dark wood furniture

In this article we dive into the wonderful world of the bathroom. We’ll show you the latest Trends 2014 for the bathroom, who have taken over the market.

1. The spa style is one of them Trends 2014 for the bathroom

trends 2014 spa bathroom wood flooring wall cladding luxury

To design the spa style as part of the 2014 trends, you need ideas for a cozy and warm atmosphere. You can achieve this by using wood, among other things. The material can not only be represented by the furniture, but, as can be seen here, by a parquet floor or wall cladding made of wood.

Trends 2014 – create a cozy atmosphere

trends 2014 bathroom glass flowers motif bathtub relaxation candles

The bathroom also looks cozy with beige or other natural shades. Add candles to the whole thing and perfect relaxation is guaranteed. The spa style, as an example of the 2014 trends, can just as easily be achieved with the right tiles.

Luxury trends in spa style

trends 2014 sunken bathtub bathroom gray mosaic white tiles

If you want to add a touch of luxury to the trends for 2014, a sunken bathtub might be for you. Don’t you think that just looking at it makes you relax? Also frame the bathtub with wood or modern mosaic.

Create comfort

trends 2014 indirect lighting romance bathroom deco wet cell

Here’s another example of how you can achieve the perfect spa style with the right lighting and natural colors. Rustic accents made of wood look just as good in the bathroom interior and also underline the cozy ambience.

A hot steam shower combined with a sauna from the Italian designer Di Vapor

sauna cabin spa style bathroom trend 2014

“Problems are a sign of life. Life is difficult for everyone. ”This is one of the greatest truths in life. One of the most famous psychiatrists Dr. M. Scott Peck says: “Life is a series of problems. Do we want to whine about it or solve it? ”Whether you agree or disagree with this claim, everyone faces problems and how we solve them depends on how we counter them. We have to accept them, face them, and address the problems head on. Give them time.

When we really take the time to think about how to solve a particular painful problem. You need rest for that. And these days, with all of the advancing technology like cell phones, it’s hard to find the right time to think. People yearn more and more for a way to withdraw, to relax, to think, to recharge their batteries and to fight a neurosis or depression.

bathroom design trend 2014 sauna spa feeling

Such places to retreat are spa hotels. One of Trends 2014 for the bathroom are such systems in the house that are designed and installed by architects and designers. They contain a steam shower, sauna and whirlpool to guarantee complete relaxation. The picture below shows a great example where a steam shower has been combined with a sauna and which offers a real spa procedure.

Over 50% of newly built homes in the United States have a hot tub. As in this year, the number of spa facilities is also increasing steadily.

2. Living walls as trends for the bathroom in 2014

One with the nature of Siol

Trends 2014 for the bathroom garden green wall bathtub

bathroom decor vertical wall moss bathtub

Living walls aren’t that prevalent right now, but they still make it onto the list of Trends 2014 for the bathroom. They are eye catching when properly designed. The example below is a work by Siol that is simply impressive and adds a tangible vibrancy to the bathroom that would not be possible any other way. What might be the most worrying thing is watering the plants on the wall. There are special irrigation systems for potted plants that automatically irrigate the plants depending on the time and humidity of the soil. Living walls are becoming increasingly popular and are one of the Trends 2014 for the bathroom.

3. Custom built walk-in showers as trends for the bathroom in 2014

walk-in rain shower wood floor ceiling trend 2014

A stunning walk in shower from CTA Group

These showers are pure luxury. They are open and accessible and have a large shower head. Personal identity and individuality, as well as the resulting effect, is an increasing trend. It is used in various areas, including the bathroom. Those who can afford it resort to custom spa-style designs and often walk-in showers. This trend has been around for many years and will continue to do so this year.

Separate yourself from the crowd and choose individuality. You will not regret it.

4. Coastal style

trends 2014 bathroom coastal style driftwood mirror frame

Coastal design of ADL III

One of Trends 2014 for the bathroom at all is the coastal style. Use natural accessories such as stones, shells and driftwood, which give the bathroom a natural beach feeling. The next picture is a great example of a driftwood mirror that you can buy or make yourself. To do this, of course, you need plenty of time, imagination, and access to beach items. Buy an ordinary mirror, take a walk on the beach, and collect any bits of driftwood that still look good. You then glue these onto the frame of the mirror. Also, look for tongue and groove cladding and wicker accessories to match the overall design.

5. Pattern of mosaic

pattern mosaic wall floor trends 2014 bathroom

A mosaic bathroom from Southern California’s Elevation Architectural Studios

You don’t have to choose such a daring design for your bathroom as in the sample photo, but mosaic patterns are definitely one of them Trends 2014 for the bathroom. You can also add a retro style with it. Be careful, however, that it doesn’t end up becoming tasteless or old-fashioned quickly, as is often the case with such designs. Old bathtubs with feet, as well as modern steel washbasins with plinth and backlit mirrors, as shown in the photo, go well with mosaic patterns. As long as you have an eye for it, you can combine the mosaic with all sorts of things.

To the Trends 2014 for the bathroom Above all, strong, bright and fully used mosaic and tile patterns belong.

6. Natural materials as trends in 2014 for the bathroom

natural materials bathroom design trends 2014 for the bathroom

Natural wood ensures great effects (Schomes Builder)

The use of natural materials is a trend that you can see in other areas as well. Unlike the riskier variants above, they are timeless and will stay fashionable for many years to come. If you are renovating, look for naturally aged beams in the ceiling that can be improved with varnish or wax. They can be a great accent in the bathroom.

The natural materials not only include wood, but also stone, slate and other materials from the earth. Therefore there are usually suitable materials for every design. Worn, furrowed, and split variants are called Trends 2014 for the bathroom preferred. But as long as it’s natural, you can assume it’s modern.

7. Copper is also one of the trends for the bathroom in 2014

trends 2014 bathroom copper vintage bathtub gravel floor

A timeless copper bath from K and K Custom Cabinets

If you are regularly interested in the new trends, you will have noticed that copper is becoming more and more modern. Especially pipes made of copper are among the Trends 2014 for the bathroom, which are clearly visible and used as an accent. Such accents go particularly well with traditionally designed bathrooms. Also look for lamps, sinks and other accessories made of copper and spice up your bathroom.

8. Trends 2014 for the bathroom – frameless showers

frameless glass shower wall tiles stone wood optics

A frameless shower from Joshua Lawrence Studios INC. The bottom is from New Ravenna

One of the biggest Trends 2014 for the bathroom, as well as in the last 5 years, these are simple and minimalist showers that have no frames and that do without frills. Only the essentials are used to maintain structure and these are, for example, clips made of chrome to fasten the panes. These showers are the right choice if you’re looking for durability, versatility, and class. Choose heavy jars that are about 10mm thick, chunky handles, and make sure they are waterproof by compressing the panes with silicone.

This variant is like a Mercedes under the showers and this year too, it remains a trend that designers and manufacturers swear by.

9. Trends 2014 for the bathroom – hotel glamor

bathroom luxury black bathtub zebra pattern

A glamorous bathroom by Nieto design

It’s one of thе words that comes up the most оn design trends this year. Glamorous hotel style bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular in newly built designs. And why not? They are daring, fearless, and scream for pleasure. They also belong to the Trends 2014 for the bathroom.

Choose light and large. Fake a large room by adding backlit mirrors. If you love it extravagant, you can also build in a bathtub with a zebra pattern.

10. Floral accents in bold colors

Trends 2014 for the bathroom floral wall decoration red flower

A bright red hibiscus painted directly on the wall.

Lively and dynamic are qualities that each of us should have in our life. Nothing reproduces this feeling better than pretty, expressive wall paintings in the form of flowers. They have long been modern for the bedroom, but now they also belong to the Trends 2014 for the bathroom. The example in the picture below shows how breathtakingly beautiful this idea is. They will amaze everyone who walks into the bathroom.

Such a vibrant and dynamic design is exactly what you should consider. If possible, have an artist draw the picture directly on the wall for a fresh and unique appearance. It will invigorate the senses and stimulate the imagination.

11. Simple, monochrome motifs as trends 2014 for the bathroom

trends 2014 bathroom monochromatic colors all black

Simple, monochrome motifs for the bathroom by Jordan Furniture

Clinically pure and simply monochrome is also one of the Trends 2014 for the bathroom. Different tones of the same color, as well as glossy or matte tiles, are used to incorporate the latest modern styles. It’s about keeping the bathroom simple like the Scandinavians. Frills are avoided and only high-quality materials are used, so that the environment looks radiant, tasteful and elegant.

This trend has been popular for a number of years and will not let up in 2014 either.

12. Wet area

nadd area black and white mosaic wall deco

An open wet area from Savio & Rupa

This example of the Trends 2014 for the bathroom has been around for years. But it makes it onto the list because despite its age it does not go out of style and remains popular. It’s an expensive option so it’s not available to everyone, but those with the money to buy such a wet area won’t regret it. The designs of the wet areas themselves adapt to the current ones Trends 2014 for the bathroom as can be seen in the example photo below with the monochrome bathroom.

13. Tinted wooden floor

wood flooring trends 2014 modern bathroom

A great tinted wood floor by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

These Trends 2014 for the bathroom overlap a little with those of the natural materials already mentioned. The tinted wooden floor deserves to be mentioned with a picture example, as it represents a particularly great trend. It may even become one of the most popular variants for 2014, which are also used for the kitchen.

Long base cabinets, as shown in the picture, as well as square and rectangular tiles go particularly well with this design. Use the same color shade for the cabinets and other furnishings so that they complement each other.

14. Curves as trends for the bathroom in 2014

trends 2014 bathroom wall room divider curves black mosaic

A curvy Italian design by Increation

In recent years, straight lines have dominated the bathroom trend. This year, however, curves and rounded edges are becoming increasingly popular. Everything in the bathroom can be rounded off, from the walls to the bathtub, the washbasin and mirror, to the cupboards and the shower system.

Curvy matches curvy. So once you’re into this style, it’s equally to the Trends 2014 for the bathroom heard, started sticking to it in the bathroom. This not only creates a certain balance. It helps to make good use of the space, as rounded cabinets can be placed in tight spaces without looking cramped and constrained.

15. Marble and onyx tiles

trends 2014 bathroom deco marble onyx tile panels

A stunning slab of onyx by Robyn Scott Interiors

With large, natural slabs of marble and onyx, every bathroom becomes unique, as every tile has its own pattern. They belong to the for a reason Trends 2014 for the bathroom. Venetian marble walls are popular for every other part of the home, and now they are in the bathroom too. The following applies: the bigger, the better. Individual parts are preferred. A wall made entirely of natural beauty, created over millions of years, is simply breathtaking.

It is something that has to be seen to be aware of the impressive effect. But since it is one of the Trends 2014 for the bathroom you will perhaps have the opportunity to look at such a bathroom and see for yourself how beautiful it is.

modern bathroom design 2014 glass wall shower area

luxury bathroom marble tile cream bathtub

Trends 2014 for the bathroom natural materials plant wood

Trends 2014 for the bathroom modern design wood look floor tiles