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Sauna in the bathroom – a wellness universe at home

Finnish sauna in the bathroom AUKI-EFFEGIBI-compact-large-modern-bathroom

The Finnish sauna is very popular with Germans. For centuries it has been an excellent solution to obtain complete relaxation and detoxification of the body thanks to the very hot and dry air. It still plays an important role in our well-being today. If you are also a sauna lover and want to enjoy the sauna more often, then why not get one Sauna in the bathroom indulge? Today we present you the saunas of the Italian company Effegibi, that can turn your own bathroom into a real spa. Their innovative design and numerous functions ensure maximum relaxation and complete stress relief. Take a look at the excellent product line from Effegibi and start planning your wellness universe for your home.

Sauna in the bathroom – a real panacea

Sauna-steam bath-combination-LOGICA-TWIN-EFFEGIBI

If you want to complete your wellness bathroom, then consider the sauna-steam shower combination “Logica Twin”. Both offer different benefits and are based on heat therapy. The difference between the two lies in the different modes of action. The Turkish steam bath is based on the positive effect of hot steam and takes place at lower temperatures, while the Nordic sauna promotes perspiration through dry, hot air. Which of the two is better? It’s a matter of taste. But if you like both, then you can enjoy all the benefits combined.

Combine steam bath and sauna in the bathroom


 Wellness area at home

Sauna-Sky-wood-glass-doors-wellness-universe-at home

wood-lined cabin


 the tradition of heat therapy


 combined with color light therapy


Sauna-steam bath combination

Sauna-steam bath-combination-own-bathroom-LOGICA-TWIN-EFFEGIBI

 Sauna Auki

Sauna in the bathroom Auki-bedroom-effetti

Hamam Omnia Touch


 Chromotherapy steam bath

modern-bath-steam bath-chromotherapy-TOPKAPI-EFFEGIBI


Finnish sauna in the bathroom at home KOKO-EFFEGIBI

Finnish sauna in the bathroom shower-LOGICA-SAUNA-EFFEGIBI



Finnish-sauna-AUKI-EFFEGIBI-color light therapy



steam bath-at-home-color-light-therapy-omnisteam-touch


Steam bath-chromotherapy-compact-masonry-OMNIASTEAM-TOUCH-EFFEGIBI


Steam bath-chromotherapy-masonry-OMNIASTEAM-TOUCH-EFFEGIBI

Steam bath-chromotherapy-shower-OMNIASTEAM-TOUCH-EFFEGIBI