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25 practical ideas for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom

Countertop-kitchen-bathroom-lighting-kitchen counter-effectively-led

If you are just about to renovate your kitchen or bathroom and are urgently looking for suitable ones Countertop ideas then these tips will surely come to your aid. We present you a collection of different designs and materials from numerous furniture companies, which will give you an idea of ​​which plate is best for your own kitchen / bathroom.

Countertop ideas – with built-in lighting


One of the first Ideas for countertop comes from Italy – the Masto Fione Designers have taken bathroom design to a whole new level – these handcrafted, natural stone countertops come in black and white color combinations, depending on what the natural coloring of the material is. Integrated lighting allows the beautiful design to come into its own. Beautiful, waterproof and easy to clean, this panel has many advantages to offer.

Ideas for wooden countertopCountertop-kitchen-bathroom-wood-natural stone-noble-wine cabinet-kitchen island

The modern kitchen can only benefit from a wooden top. If you’re after eco-friendly Ideas for countertops for your kitchen is looking for Totally Bamboo a new design just presented – a plate made of bamboo. The design is offered in different variants and is extremely durable.

Glass countertop for the kitchen


For a modern kitchen, you can opt for a painted glass worktop. Not only beautiful and unique, but also hygienic and durable. The design of Think glass combines strong colors and interesting shapes. The design with the stainless steel kitchen counter looks particularly elegant.

Stainless steel worktop with a traditional design

Countertop-kitchen-bathroom-stainless steel-gas stove-professional-white-traditional

The stainless steel worktops offer many advantages – they fit into any modern kitchen, reflect light and are easy to clean. In any case, Frigo Design is a step further with yours Countertop ideas made of stainless steel and presented a model that is decorated with different motifs. This worktop attracts attention, so you can install it on the kitchen island.

Luxurious countertops with built-in lighting

luxurious ideas countertops built-in lighting kitchen island

The Israeli company Majestic Gemstone has presented a beautiful collection of worktops that is really luxurious – namely, the worktops are made from precious stones. For more glamor, lighting has been integrated into the worktop.

Quartz countertop ideas

modern kitchen island countertop quartz stone

Modern, in strong neon colors such as orange and yellow, suitable for minimalist furnishings and kitchen counters made of stainless steel – this is how the design of Caeser Stone describe. The material is so durable that every worktop is offered with a ten-year guarantee.

Interesting concrete countertop

Kitchen countertop concrete

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary Ideas for countertop is the concrete worktop from Caeser Stone – heat-resistant and anti-bacterial material that is easy to clean and indeed offers many advantages. The designers of the well-known furniture company can produce a panel according to customer dimensions – why not attract everyone’s attention with an innovative kitchen island?

Modern handmade countertop

Kitchen counter worktop marble

Caeser Stone again – but this time with the Concetto collection, it drew everyone’s attention with handcrafted worktops in different color combinations. The company offers only natural materials – so the choice of colors is all the more impressive – soft pink and white, but also dark blue and green, which are very rarely found in nature – and even less often on a worktop in the kitchen.

Idea for worktop made of machined quartz

Quartz kitchen counter-modern kitchen island

Essa Stone have used a machined quartz in modern kitchen design. The material that makes up this Ideas for countertop  is made of 95% natural quartz. It is also suitable for kitchen back panels and even for kitchen furniture, looks very stylish and gives the room a classy look.

Ideas for countertop – made of copper

Countertop design idea copper

This kitchen island was covered with a handmade countertop. A water sink can optionally be integrated into the design. The handmade kitchen island from Specially Stainless offers a durable and shiny surface.

Copper water sink and work counter

Copper water sink counter top-modern kitchen design

If you’re looking for a matching copper water sink for your classic kitchen, this has Native trails a wide collection of designs that you will surely like. They skillfully combine tradition and modernity and are a brilliant addition to any interior.

Modern concrete countertop

Concrete kitchen counter-modern design

Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, Absolute concrete works has now launched a concrete countertop. Instead of being in cold, gray color, she has made her models in warm beige-brown tones. They are made to customer dimensions and each design is a single work of art.

Fusionstone – new design for the kitchen

modern kitchen plate ideas furnishing

Fusionstone is the name of the new material, which consists of glass and the finest pieces of marble and granite. The designers of Architectural Systems came up with this idea and offer different color combinations, depending on whether the marble or granite part is larger.

Metal kitchen worktop

Metal work counter-interesting kitchen design idea

Anyone looking for extraordinary ideas for Countertop in the kitchen you can opt for the designs of the French company Purcel Murrey – modern, interesting and very resistant / also to chemical substances /, these metal plates will serve you for a long time and will be a nice addition to your kitchen.

Shattered glass worktops

modern kitchen counter countertop kitchen design idea

Vetrazzo is the name of the new material from the company Vetrazzo was developed. So if you want a countertop made from recycled glass, you can order your environmentally friendly design there. Colorful, creative and chic – perfect for artistic people!

Ideas for countertop made of solid wood

Worktop solid wood design

Stone Forest have become popular across Europe with their stone washbasins. Now you have also presented the perfect solid wood worktop for the water sinks. The design impresses above all with the natural wood color and the beautiful shape. The combination of stone and wood has a very natural and calming effect – this turns the bathroom into an oasis of calm.

Recycled material panel for the bathroom

modern recycled PE worktop

Nowadays, more and more buyers are environmentally conscious, and furniture makers have also recently turned to eco-friendly designs. At the right time, the company has 3form a recycled polymer presented as a material for panels. They have successfully produced stylish bathroom counters from plastic and offer an environmentally friendly alternative. More interesting Countertop ideas for bathroom:

Ideas for marble countertop

Marble countertop ideas

An interesting combination of marble and concrete has recently been made Quality marble presents. The collection includes different bathroom furniture and is particularly good for large bathrooms with a minimalist design. The material is solid and can set beautiful accents thanks to its sinuous shape.

Worktops made from recycled materials

modern kitchen design recycled materials

Renewed Materials offers a complete kitchen facility with worktops made from recycled materials. The material contains 60 percent aluminum and is highly valued for its durability. Office buildings have also adopted this environmentally friendly variant for the reception counter or conference room table.

Modern glass top for the bathroom

Modern glass bathroom furniture

A modern glass counter for the bathroom was made by the company Domani Tile presented – the colored glass looks modern and can become the highlight in your bathroom. The fresh combination with the white wash basin creates beautiful contrasts and the surface mimics the movement of the water.

Countertops built-in kitchen lighting

modern countertop kitchen

Wood countertop kitchen design ideas

Countertop kitchen island design ideas

modern kitchen design worktop stainless steel

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