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Modern bathrooms with minimalist design by TOTO

minimalist-design-white-beige-bathtub-shower-glass-wall-tree-toilet-steps-toto TOTO is a leading brand that has great bathroom products minimalist design presents. Of course, these are specially adapted to the European market. TOTO products are of high quality and they offer an innovative and multi-layered design without compromising on functionality. Therefore, bathroom products of this brand are highly valued in the European market as having wonderful bathroom ideas minimalist design from a world leader.

Gray bathroom with minimalist design by TOTO


TOTO offers more than 150 bathroom products with minimalist design, which are manufactured using innovative technology. The diverse product range includes pieces of bathroom furniture that are made of transparent material and have spectacular lighting effects. Indeed, beautiful bathroom products are with them minimalist design designed to resemble the organic curves found in nature.

Black bathroom furniture design by TOTO


We are talking about bathroom products with unique and modern design. Of course, designer of TOTO don’t miss the opportunity to promote some elements of Japanese bathing culture. A good example is WASHLET, which actually presents a unique hot water cleaning system. This product was launched in Japan in early 1980 and it has received the applause of customers. All TOTO products are not only with a very modern design, but they are also extremely user friendly. Therefore the company is successful and won the positions of the competitive market in Europe.

Modern bathroom in brown from TOTO


These modern products are very diverse. This includes showers, toilets, sinks, bathtubs and many others. The TOTO brand is very popular because they focus on technologically innovative products on the subject of “Clean Technology”. The Japanese leader is concerned about people’s everyday lives and hence its products are using modern design continues to be sought after by all users around the world.

Freestanding bathtub with minimalist design and tap


The bathrooms from TOTO are characterized by their minimalist design


Bathroom in dark colors and minimalist design


Contrasting bathroom design with a minimalist design


Bathroom with bathtub in a minimalist design

minimalist-bathroom-design-TOTOWhite minimalist design



Modern bathroom design – cream Tiles


White bathroom design by TOTO


Light effects on the sink by TOTO


Modern bathroom design with wood furniture



minimalist toilet


Elegant sink design

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