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Chic bathroom tiles – shiny mosaic with a classy look

shiny tiles modern bathroom

Shiny Bathroom tiles, that will create a luxurious oasis out of every bathroom – this beautiful mosaic was made from natural materials and imitates the pearls. The bathroom has a pearly look and the color of the furniture and the walls varies depending on the light – sometimes they look soft and tender pink, sometimes dark gray, and sometimes they sparkle in different colors. The designers not only creatively put the mosaic tiles on the walls, they also used them to cover the washbasin. Several natural nuances are offered, which vary from dark gray / black to snow white.

Basdezimmer tiles – stylish mosaic

Bathroom tiles mirror optics

the Bathroom tiles from Antolini Luigi and his Mother of Pearl collection create a luxurious atmosphere. This unique bathroom mosaic has already been installed in a spa hotel and contributes to luxurious furnishings in the sauna, around the swimming pool or in the bathroom. The tiles can be easily combined with minimalist furniture and can even be used as accents. Combined with classic chandeliers and a free-standing bathtub, with a mirror and a beautiful shower, the bathroom becomes a real oasis of calm.

Bathroom tiles – pearl optic mosaic

minimalist bathroom design mosaic

Sauna with brown pearl mosaic tiles – creative wall design

Spa hotel brown mosaic tiles

Color selection variants bathroom

Bathroom mosaic tiles modern design

Modern decoration idea with mosaic tiles

luxurious bathroom tiles mosaic bead optics

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