With these tips, your small balcony will be transformed into an oasis of wellbeing

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More than half of Germans have a balcony and like to spend their time in the fresh air, because such a local outdoor oasis is worth its weight in gold, especially in hectic city life. For many, however, their balcony is too small and without the right design it looks dreary and boring. Today we will show you that even a small balcony can be designed practically and yet beautifully.

Designing a beautiful small balcony – the planning


If your apartment only has a small balcony, it is important to make full use of every inch. First, you should carefully consider what purpose the balcony will serve. As a flower and herb garden, sun terrace to relax, dining area or rather a reading corner? The orientation of your balcony plays a decisive role, because every direction has its strengths and weaknesses and you absolutely have to get to know them if you want to get the most out of your small city oasis. East balconies are ideal for breakfast in the morning sun, for example, and in the west you can enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine. Depending on the space available, the actual planning can then begin.

Small balcony turns into an oasis of well-being – create a cozy seating area

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How much space do you have for furniture? Do you prefer to lie down or sit down? Folding chairs are good choices for small balconies, but are really uncomfortable for long periods of sitting. Unfortunately, there is also no space for a large outdoor sofa. A small sofa is a wonderful alternative here. This small seat for chilling out can be placed in a corner of the balcony and, unlike individual chairs, offers space for several people. Such a sofa can be from old wooden pallets build it yourself and is a cheap idea to furnish a balcony.

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Small balcony table with folding function

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The table often takes up most of the space on balconies, which is why space-saving models are very popular when space is limited. A table that is attached to the balcony railing or the wall and has a folding function is ideal. There are no table legs in the way and the table top can simply be folded down if necessary.

Space-saving parasol for the small balcony 


We look forward to every ray of sunshine and enjoy it on the balcony, but sometimes it can get too hot there. Especially if the balcony faces south. However, conventional umbrella stands with their massive base take up too much space – a solution for this are cantilever umbrellas. The support mast of the cantilever parasol is outside the canopy and not in the center, as is the case with a normal parasol. This model combines the functionality of a normal parasol, but offers more flexibility because it can be rotated, tilted and tilted into the desired position according to the course of the sun. If you want to avoid pedestals altogether, there is a small one for you Wall-mounted parasol the better choice.

Small balcony, lots of plants – what now?

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With colorful flowers and fragrant herbs, your little balcony becomes your own garden paradise. But what can you do if you don’t want to use up space on the balcony for lots of flower pots? For optimal use of space, it is recommended that the vertical space is also used. You can attach flower pots to the railing or use wall shelves for plants. Vertical gardens also offer a creative and space-saving way to green a city balcony. The needs of the plants must be taken into account in the selection and arrangement. Place plants that need a lot of sun at the top and plants that do better in the shade further down.

2-in-1: decoration and privacy screen for your small balcony


Another disadvantage of small balconies is that they are usually very close to one another. To protect yourself from prying eyes, you need a privacy screen. The possibilities for this are very diverse and range from side awnings, bast mats, balcony coverings made of robust fabric to climbing plants. An interesting alternative would be to use old fruit or wine boxes as privacy screens and a flower shelf. They are also perfect as a side table and create storage space.