The French balcony – a nice alternative


Of the french balcony is actually not a real balcony. It represents a long window that reaches the floor. On the outer side, i.e. on the house wall and directly in front of the window, a protective grille or railing is also attached so that this type of balcony does not or only barely emerges. That seems confusing, in part, in terms of the name. For this reason, the term “Paris window” is often used.

The French balcony as a space-saving alternative

french-balcony-ideas-romantic-white-view-window shutters

The French balcony is mainly used as an alternative to the balcony for apartments in cities where space is limited or the construction of a balcony is not permitted. From a financial point of view, this type of balcony is also a great substitute and the expense is not too great.

But the French balcony doesn’t have to be as impractical as it might sound. Open the large window and sit on a deck chair in the rays of the sun that enter the room. You will hardly notice the difference to an exiting balcony. Even in winter, the room receives plenty of light, so that you can use the area in front of the window wonderfully as a small winter garden. Put a comfortable rocking chair in the middle of the plants and enjoy the view with a cup of warm cocoa or tea even in the cold winter.

The French balcony transformed into a flower oasis


With the help of the railing you have the opportunity to decorate the house facade. They are offered in a variety of styles and designs. If you want the French balcony to radiate romance, you can choose a wrought iron grille with ornate elements. A simpler railing made of stainless steel, which can also display pretty patterns, ensures a modern look. The choice is huge. Select predefined models or have your own ideas and patterns converted into a railing.

“Paris window” with wrought iron grille and ornate elements


Depending on the direction in which the French balcony is located, you can then add a few flower boxes with pretty flowers or hanging plants to the parapet. If your house has a country house style, colorful, rustic shutters are also very suitable for decorating and highlighting the balcony or window. Do you like the chirping of birds? Then set up a bird feeder in winter and watch the spectacle. If the French balcony has a small exit, it can also be used as a small garden. A herb garden is very suitable for this.

French balcony with a small exit


Now take a look at an interesting selection of ideas for which the French balcony is a great prerequisite and convince yourself of its practical side. So if you don’t have the opportunity for a large or even small balcony, at least you shouldn’t do without the Parisian window. If you already have a French balcony and are looking for the perfect balustrade, you may find something suitable in the following gallery. Be inspired and have fun watching!

Decorating in a country style

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French balcony romance


Decorative wrought iron balcony railings

French-balcony-floor-to-ceiling-windows-doors-fall protection-brushing-decorative-hanging-plants

Floor-to-ceiling oriental windows and doors with French window grilles


Modern French balcony railings made of stainless steel


A look from the inside out


Window bars-flowers-floor-to-ceiling-door-folding-door-romantic-balcony-french


Balcony railing-window grilles-French-balcony-flowers-small-garden

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