The decoration in the outdoor area for full comfort outdoors


The warm days and evenings in spring and summer invite you to relax outdoors. Because on warm days, the apartments appear cramped. So if you have a balcony, garden or terrace, consider yourself lucky. However, these should also be designed appropriately so that you can feel comfortable there and not lack anything. And so that you don’t forget anything important, today we would like to give you a few ideas for Decoration in the outdoor area which are also cheap. With their help, you will design the perfect area to relax, but which you can also use for work.

Outdoor carpet as decoration in the outdoor area


This idea for the decoration in the outdoor area is not that widespread yet. And she’s so wonderful. It is true that the carpet collects dust outdoors, gets wet and then dries slowly. But you don’t have to leave the carpet outside all the time. You can simply roll it out if necessary so that it is nice and soft under your feet and then roll it up again and stow it away later. For this purpose, the carpet should also have a smaller size as a decoration in the outdoor area. Then it can also be tapped out more easily.

Deco in the outdoor area – combine carpet and furniture in a tasteful way


And if you don’t want to spend a lot of money unnecessarily on a special, new carpet for outdoor decoration, you can also just check whether you don’t have an old one lying around somewhere. And then all that remains is to design a cozy seating area. Use a small sofa, armchair or chairs and a coffee table for this. A great idea for the decoration in the outdoor area are also seat cushions with which you can create an oriental seating area on the floor.

Carpet for a cozy atmosphere in the outdoor area


Modern outdoor design in gray and cushions with effective patterns

deco-outdoor-area-carpet-runner-cushion-black-white-modern-design-furniture-plastic rattan

Carpet as decoration in the outdoor area with floral motifs

balcony furnishing throw pillows colorful colors deco side table blue

Vintage flair with wooden furniture and runners in warm colors

carpet outdoor stripes pattern wood furniture fireplace

Otdoor decoration with textiles – combine two carpets

seating area outdoor carpet sofa white cushions coffee table

Otdoor decoration with textiles in intense, warm nuances

balcony design decoration in the outdoor area colorful

Decoration in the outdoor area in the form of lighting

lighting garden outdoor area trees armchair

So that you are comfortable in the evenings and at night, you should think of the right lighting as decoration in the outdoor area. A wide variety of variants are available to you here. For the garden, arrangements are suitable along the garden paths or you can hang romantic lanterns on the branches of the branches. If you have a pergola, you can decorate it with lighting fixtures and provide a romantic decoration in the outdoor area.

Effective garland of lights made of blue balls as decoration in the outdoor area

light chain garland decoration in the outdoor area blue balls

If you would like to use fairy lights for lighting and decoration in the outdoor area, you can buy them ready-made with any motif or you can simply design something individual yourself. You can even do handicrafts together with your children. Of course, the candles also have a romantic aura. Distribute them on the terrace on a calm day and in such a way that no flammable objects such as grass are nearby. Choose candles with pleasant scents and create the perfect mood for conversation or dinner. With the right decoration in the outdoor area, you can create any mood you want.

Decoration in the outdoor area by decorating the pergola with fairy lights

pergola wood lighting licherkette grill dining area outdoor deco

Cushions and fabrics as decoration in the outdoor area

fabrics decoration in the outdoor area blue textile curtain pillows

We have already mentioned the decorative pillows as decoration in the outdoor area. With them, as well as with pretty fabrics, you can create a unique outdoor area that you will never want to leave. It is practical that nowadays fabrics are offered that are especially suitable for outdoor use. These can withstand varying weather conditions such as strong sun and rain, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to put them away. For this type of decoration in the outdoor area, choose patterns and colors that put you in a good mood and use them to spice up old chairs or cushions.

Textiles for decorating outdoor furniture

deco in the outdoor area seating area stool armchair

Spice up the lounge chair with fabric in the outdoor area

rocking chair textile blue pattern idea deco outdoor

Decoration in the outdoor area with a new coat of paint

wall painting yellow turquoise decoration in the outdoor area

The great thing about the outdoor area is that it’s difficult to overdo it with color. Because of this, you can boldly go about choosing the different colors. So you can paint one or more walls in any color for the decoration in the outdoor area, which is especially good on a balcony. But you can also highlight the table, chairs or boring flower pots to create the necessary spring and summer mood.

A pink cupboard as a practical decoration in the outdoor area

colorful balcony furnishing spring outdoor deco fridge

furniture colorful balcony small deco idea outdoor happy chairs

Make the decoration in the outdoor area yourself

diy candle holder decoration in the outdoor area tea lights wood branch

For the decoration in the outdoor area, you can wonderfully recycle old things and design a specific theme to give the area the finishing touch. For example, what would you think of a balcony or terrace designed in an exotic style? So use old objects for this or go for a walk in search of sticks, twigs and stones. With a little imagination, you can use these things to create interesting decorations yourself.

Spindle table diy wood decoration in the outdoor area

deco in the outdoor area sieve recycling flower pot

Dishes and trays as decoration in the outdoor area

colorful dishes, plates, cups, decoration in the outdoor area

You can not only create color with textiles. You shouldn’t underestimate the dishes either. And since there is so much to choose from these days, you will definitely have no problem finding a variant that suits your taste. The bright and bright colors are of course a particularly good idea. You can combine these with any pattern, such as floral motifs, geometric patterns or funny dots.

diy tray decoration in the outdoor area pink

Again, you can consider a DIY project for outdoor decoration. For example, you can decorate a small bucket with your family and then use it as an ice bucket on hot days. You can redesign a tray just as well. This will give your outdoor area a special charm. Let your imagination run wild!

glasses of wine colorful decoration in the outdoor area tray

Decoration in the outdoor area – the garden furniture

outdoor furniture sofa coffee table deco cushions

Of course, the furniture also belongs to the decoration in the outdoor area. To save money when setting up the outdoor area, it is best to use old furniture that you would otherwise no longer be able to use. But don’t forget that wooden furniture needs a canopy, otherwise weather conditions will damage it over time. Large pieces of furniture are of course not possible with a balcony. In this case, you can consider compact variants made of light metal or plastic. However, so that these can also be moved or stowed away if necessary, they should be collapsible.

summer balcony furnishing plastic chair yellow purple deco

seating area balcony carpet stripes throw pillows outdoor parquet

Hammock and swing as a decoration in the outdoor area

swing decoration in the outdoor area colorful balcony

The hammock or Hollywood swing not only look wonderful as a decoration in the outdoor area. They also provide comfort and that is of course the main purpose of these pieces of furniture. You can also spice up the hammock with fabrics and decorative pillows, which, as you can probably already guess, should of course be colorful and cheerful again. Instead of a Hollywood swing, you can also choose a smaller swing that you attach to the canopy or pergola. But make sure beforehand that they can withstand the weight.

day bed swing porch outdoor area design idea pillow

seat swing upholstery decoration purple green comfort outdoor area

Decoration in the outdoor area with a fireplace

fire garden decoration idea stones barbecue terrace

This is not the first time we have mentioned the fireplace, which should not be missing in any garden these days. It’s romantic, makes the time outdoors more enjoyable and relaxes you after a stressful day at work. The fireplace also has another practical side. In fact, it replaces the grill, so that you can always prepare and offer your guests a delicacy with this decoration in the outdoor area.

table fireplace outdoor idea chairs metal seat cushions

However, it is essential to ensure that you extinguish the fire and embers well after use to avoid a fire. You are also welcome to build a fireplace out of refractory bricks in the garden or have it built by an expert to be on the safe side.

modern balcony fireplace decoration canape lake outdoor area

The storage space in the outdoor area

chest coffee table outdoor area storage space barrel side table

Of course, the decoration in the outdoor area alone is not enough. You also need a place to stow them away, especially in the cold season. Baskets or a shelf are suitable for this, in which things such as decorations, tablecloths, dishes and other things are visible. If there is little space and especially on the balcony, another variant is very practical. There are so-called chest banks.

chest bench balcony practical storage space to set up outdoor area

As the name suggests, you can use these for sitting on the one hand and use the inside as storage space on the other. A small shed in the garden is best for this. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to design everything in the right colors again to do justice to the theme of the outdoor furnishings.

outdoor storage shed house idea plants seating area