Privacy screen for the balcony with bamboo plants and reed mats

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In an apartment with a balcony you have a nice outdoor space, but little privacy from your neighbors. That’s why we offer you some decorative choices so that you don’t feel so exposed while sitting outside. Privacy screen for the balcony with bamboo plants and reed mats. Two flexible ideas that you can easily remove later if you have to undress and are not allowed to build on the balcony.

Privacy screen for the balcony with bamboo plants, grasses and reed mats

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Bamboo varieties are usually evergreen grasses with woody stems that are among the fastest growing plants in the world. The bamboo plants have a natural look and come in a number of varieties. But you have to choose carefully, since many varieties have different growth patterns. You can use bamboo plants as Privacy screen for the balcony by planting them in a planter. They need to be repotted or divided every couple of years so they don’t break their containers. Like all other potted plants, the bamboo plants need good drainage, regular watering and fertilization, and protection from winter weather.

Privacy protection for the balcony – bamboo plants in plant containers

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the Bamboo blinds and reed mats are lightweight and relatively easy to install. They are a great, affordable choice for anyone looking to cover their balcony or terrace. Bamboo blinds not only offer style and privacy, but they can also block out the sun and provide cooling on the balcony on hot days. They are not completely tight, which can create a pleasant play of light. The reed mat can be attached to the railing with cable ties or clamps. Secure them firmly because bamboo is light and can fly away in a storm if not properly attached.

Privacy screen for the balcony with bamboo plants in planters

Privacy screen-balcony-bamboo-plants-planter-trees-large-decorative-concrete-tiles

Privacy protection for the balcony or terrace

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