Plant balcony flowers – a colorful oasis even in the cold season

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You must have a secret dream, yes? You surely want a beautiful balcony that shows off magnificent blooms at any time of the year. Now this is a completely realistic dream. It is important to really know the flowers that grow there and to unleash your imagination. We’ll guess which types of flowers bloom in the cold season and give you tips on when to use them Plant balcony flowers can.

Plant balcony flowers – green the balcony like the pros

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You can still keep some two-year-olds in boxes or boxes with flower bulbs Plant balcony flowers. Or if you have a box of tulips, you can still plant a stem or two of violets (viola) and daisies (bellis) there in the fall. Water the new flowers right away. Both types of flowers keep their leaves green in winter, which brings a lot of freshness to the dark environment. Under the right conditions, violets keep their gorgeous colors longer, even under the snow. But the most spectacular combination will happen in the spring, when all three types of flowers bloom at the same time.

If you like the blue tones, you can then also integrate the grape hyacinths (still called muscari or the bisam hyacinths) in this combination. But if you want white or yellow nuances, choose daffodils.

Plant balcony flowers – which combinations look particularly good?

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Many and different options are available to you, if you can Plant balcony flowers and want to turn your balcony into a little green oasis. If you have evergreen plants growing in large pots or boxes, it can be thuja (tree of life) or cypress, ivy or any other type of the well-known mini conifers. The violets grow particularly well under their evergreen leaves and are characterized by their magnificent colors. The place has to be sunny, which is an important requirement for the good growth of the beautiful small flowers. In spring and autumn, you need to water them moderately, in summer – abundantly. But avoid using excess water.

These combinations have a continuous decorative effect. If the violets gradually lose their charm, then you can carefully remove them. In their place you can plant a sufficiently large, annually blooming type of flower, for example lobelia, petunia, marigold, diascia. That way you will always have beautiful colors on the balcony, won’t you?

Plants for the balcony – grasses that can withstand the cold

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Many green grasses such as compact silver-gray fescue (Festuca cinerea) or the approx. 30 cm high creamy green sedge (Carex morrowii) will make your time in winter more friendly and certainly improve your mood. The yellow Japanese dwarf reed (Hakonechloa macra), richly blooming yellow-brown lamp-cleaner grass (Pennisetum) and the decorative feather grass (Stipa tenuissima) are also very decorative. The ceramic containers protect the flowers and the evergreen plants against the cold and so they will keep their natural charm even in the cold season. However, if you want your house or apartment in a modern style.

Plants and flowers provide privacy on the balcony

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