Fruit trees in pots – types of fruit that can be planted in pots


There are many different types of fruit, but not all of us have gardens for them. No worries. You can still have delicious fruits on the balcony by clicking Fruit trees in the pot plants. With proper care and patience, they will bear fruit. Here we introduce you to some types of fruit that you can grow in plant pots.

Fruit trees in the pot – calamondin orange


A tree that bears fruit and has a beautiful scent is the ultimate home accessory. Both practical and decorative, the calamondin orange can be kept outside on the balcony and brought inside in winter. The calamondin orange is a small variety of orange and comes from the Phillipines. It’s a mix between Citrus reticulata and Fortunella japonica. Like a real tropical variety, the calamondin orange needs full sun with high humidity. It can survive low temperatures, but it is sensitive to frost.

Fruit trees in the pot – lemons


The Meyer lemon is another fragrant citrus tree that can grow on your balcony or in the kitchen itself. They grow up to 2-3 feet in height when grown in the ground and are smaller when in pots. You can put the lemon tree in the pot on the table as an eye-catcher.

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The pineapple can easily be planted at home from a fruit bought from a store. Cut the top of the pineapple and place the stem in a saucepan with soil and water. The best part is that the pineapple is not too demanding and easy to care for. All she needs is light and a little water. It can take two years for the pineapple to start bearing fruit.



You can also grow figs in pots on the terrace or in the apartment. Plant the tree in a plastic container and water regularly. Let the fig dry out. Figs enjoy sun, so make sure your tree gets eight hours of sun a day.


Pot planting mango exotic fruit trees

Although mangoes love the tropical climate, one can still try and grow a mango in a tub. Choose a mango tree from the market and plant it in a tub with holes for drainage. Follow the directions and water the tree right after planting. You can also plant a mango tree from a seed.

dwarf citrus trees pots plant orange

Sour cherries

Fruit trees in the pot plant sour cherry dwarf

Dwarf cherry fruit trees in a pot balcony

red apples

Planting apples dwarf fruit trees in a pot


peach fruit trees potted balcony care

Currantscurrants pot grow sun care


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Cultivate citrus trees in a pot grow calamondin orange

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Maintain lemon tree pot tubs plants

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