Design a cozy balcony – 35 great ideas and tips

Create a balcony - cozy - outlook - white - modern - glass railing - seating

If you want a real oasis of your Design a balcony and enjoy the upcoming sunny days in an idyllic way, then you definitely need inspiration, fresh ideas and tips on how to implement everything in your room situation.

Design a balcony – cozy, functional and fabulous

Create a balcony - cozy-outdoor-designer-folding chair-folding table-BISTRO

If there is little space, you have no other option than to opt for folding furniture. Modern versions offer visually appealing design, style and functionality in one. The bistro set from Fermob, France, – folding chairs and table, offer everything that two people can use for breakfast on the balcony. Additional storage space, which could alternatively serve as a flower pot, just cannot be folded flat. Available in 24 colors Combine the set with fresh plants and flowers to create a really sunny atmosphere.

Design a balcony and save space – for small or city apartments

Create a balcony -comfortable-folding chair-folding table-space-saving-BISTRO

A balcony facing east or west offers ideal conditions for setting up a table with chairs and enjoying dining with a view of the outside world. Decorate with flowers that prefer semi-shady locations.

Design and shade the balcony – practical folding chairs and sun sails 

Create a balcony -comfortable-sun sail-folding chair-modern-design-orange

An essential point in the design of the balcony is the orientation. The furnishing, planting and decoration should be selected accordingly. A south-facing balcony can be reached by the sun’s rays most of the day, which is why shading is required. Choose between a parasol or a canopy and a fixed structure – a canopy depending on the area.

Small roof terrace with wooden floor and space-saving folding furniture 


A wooden deck or outdoor wooden tiles look particularly natural and are also more comfortable for the feet compared to the stone slabs under tiles. This type of tile is also a wonderful solution for rental apartments, as it can be laid in just a few hours using the click fastener.

Create a cozy balcony – garden furniture in bright colors 

balcony-design-cozy-roof-terrace-small-garden-furniture-neon green

Carpets are used outdoors. Special designs offer high strength and are weatherproof. There are some in stores for less than 50 euros, depending on the size.

Enjoy the breathtaking sea view – comfortable deck chairs

balcony-design-cozy-view-loungers-upholstered cushions-white-mediterranean

The most important piece of furniture on a south-facing balcony is the deck chair, if there is enough space for one. Alternatively, mats and seat cushions are suitable, which can easily be taken apart and then put back together again.

Design a modern balcony – minimalist with a view of the city


Glass railings ensure a modern vision and great eye-catcher

balcony-design-cozy-outlook-modern-armchair-roofing-glass railing

Romantic atmosphere and outdoor furniture in white


Design a cozy balcony – with modern, comfortable seating 

balcony-design-cozy-modern-outlook-wood-upholstered cushions-white

Robust wooden floor and industrial style wooden chairs for the balcony

balcony-design-cozy-roof-terrace-wood-floor-chairs-steel railing-outlook

Design a small, elongated balcony with wood – bench and ceiling paneling


Combine outdoor furniture made of plastic rattan with patterned fabrics


Mediterranean flair with outdoor furniture made of plastic rattan


Design a small balcony in black and white 

balcony-design-cozy-black-white-plastic rattan-small-plants

Decorative pillows and runners on the balcony


Put a patterned carpet on a small balcony


Fresh plants on the balcony are always in demand


Simply design the balcony in one shade and arrange planters


Fresh colors for the design of the small balcony


Decorative pillows ensure comfort on the balcony

balcony-design-cozy-pillows-wooden box-rolls-orange-patchwork

Airy sun protection and light colors for the small balcony

balcony-design-cozy-small-wooden-tiles-sun protection-awning

Cozy atmosphere with cozy pillows for the balcony


Bench in the sunny corner of the balcony


Design and illuminate the balcony in a modern way


Design the balcony in neutral colors


Chic patterns and colors for an attractive balcony design


Romantic atmosphere on the small balcony


Subtle lights for a romantic ambience on the balcony


Make the smallest balcony cozy – seat cushions and candle lanterns


Fairy lights and candle lanterns create a cozy atmosphere in the outdoor area

balcony-design-cozy-romantic-candles-fairy lights-small