Decorate your balcony in a shabby chic style – add more romance to your everyday life!

Balcony decorate shabby chic country house white rattan furniture flowers pillows

To conjure up a real oasis of calm and romance on your balcony, you can implement the popular shabby chic style. Shabby Chic represents a beautiful combination of other styles such as country house, Provence and vintage and fascinates with a special charm and nostalgic flair. Pastel colors, deliberate signs of wear and playful, romantic patterns are typical. We’ll tell you how you can decorate the balcony and create this romantic, cozy look!

The right floor covering for the balcony in shabby chic style

Balcony decoration Shabby chic style pewter tubs with flowers roses wooden boxes shelves

The floor covering for the balcony should of course be weatherproof and durable. In addition to ceramic tiles, wooden tiles or WPC balcony boards are preferred. A soft, structured floor covering in shades of gray would be ideal. In this way, the pastel colors really come into their own.

The right balcony furniture

Set up balcony decorate Shabby chic country house style

Typical of the shabby chic style is untreated or only roughly lacquered wood that shows deliberate signs of use. Balcony furniture made of polyrattan or metal is also extremely weather-resistant and also goes well with the nostalgic style. If you have a small balcony, you can opt for a bistro set consisting of a table and two chairs in an antique look. Regardless of which material you choose, it is important that your balcony furniture is white or a pastel color. Colorfully patterned pillows – ideally with a flower look – ensure more comfort and a splash of color.

How to decorate the balcony?

Balcony sofa made of pallets painted pink floral pattern pillows

As soon as you have found the right balcony furniture, it is time to decorate. With playful details and beautiful flowers, you can add the finishing touches to your shabby chic balcony. The following inspirations will help you decorate:

  • Tablecloth and fabrics with a feminine rose print
  • Vintage candlesticks, lanterns or lanterns
  • Decorative birdcages and birdhouses in a nostalgic style
  • Flea market finds that you can redesign
  • Wooden boxes as a shelf for flowers or a coffee table
  • Watering cans and cups made of porcelain as vases for cut flowers

Wooden boxes white or pink lacquered shelf balcony

Balcony flowers should not be missing either. They complete the look and create a nice contrast to the white furniture. With elegant flower pots, the colorful flowers come into their own. Zinc tubs, metal buckets and beautifully decorated tins also fit nicely into the overall picture. Choose balcony flowers in shades of pink and pink to underline the feminine touch of the shabby chic style. You can’t go wrong with petunias, roses, geraniums, and hydrangeas, for example.

Take a look at the wonderful ideas in our picture gallery and be inspired by our tips!

Pale pink geraniums in pearl agony for a sunny balcony in a shabby chic style

Shabby chic hanging pots with mini violets from tins

Balcony furniture metal white shabby chic look mint pink decoration

Purple mini roses in white pot on wooden balcony table

Balcony decoration Shabby chic white mini roses in pots on the metal railing

Furnishing balcony ideas Shabby chic style white lilac petunias

Balcony decorate shabby chic mint white pink floral pattern orchid pillows folding chairs

Balcony design ideas Shabby chic look white plants

Balcony set up vertical plant stand wood flowers

Balcony shabby chic style chandelier rattan bench rose pattern lace ceiling

Balcony decoration flowers Campanula peonies mosaic table

Balcony decorate shabby chick suitcase wooden boxes flowers candles

white bench wood or rattan balcony pastel colors

Decorate balcony shabby chic style white wooden railings opaque

Balcony decoration in shabby chic style wooden tiles wicker ivy

Balcony ideas furnishing shabby chic style railing picket fence optics

Balcony furnishing Shabby chic style roses plants rattan window boxes

Decorate balcony shabby chic awning wooden railing privacy screen lounge bed

Balcony decorate shabby chic metal furniture floor tiles

Balcony white metal chairs pink blooming flowers

Decorate balcony shabby chic privacy screen pink mint colors

Furnishing a balcony Shabby chic look rattan corner bench Adirondack armchair

Balcony design ideas sofa made of pallets and wooden box

Provence style balcony metal rattan metal bucket planters

Balcony furnishing Provence style rattan armchair Eriken bucket wall decoration

Balcony box polyrattan beige carnations geraniums

Geraniums in pink flower box on railing balcony country style

Balcony furniture white pink flowers petunias Kalanchoe

small balcony country style shabby chic folding chairs pink accents herbs

Roses in tubs Herbs in plastic boxes White furniture

Shabby chic balcony wooden railing white flower box with geranium bench

Shabby chic balcony furniture antique metal chairs boxwood balls in tubs

Plant stand made of wood in the antique look Shabby Chic White Mint

Balcony bamboo mats privacy screen anthracite floor tiles

white covers furniture balcony bamboo mats metal stool geraniums

Petunia hanging baskets Pink chairs Shabby chic

Shabby chic decoration balcony white coffee table flowers candles

Shabby chic balcony tin tubs buckets flowers