Create miniature gardens in planters on the balcony – quick guide

miniature gardens in planters front garden idea house greening idea

If you live in a small city apartment far from the expanses of green meadows, do not have a large garden and little space for large plants, then this is the place for you Miniature gardens in planters the best choice on the balcony. Some people have even developed their love of small gardens into full time hobbies, while others create these small terrariums as projects for their children. If you’re interested in miniature gardens in planters, then here are a few steps for beginners.

Miniature gardens in planters – tropical flair

miniature gardens in planters tropical flair sand wood bench pebbles

→ First of all, decide whether your mini-garden will be placed inside or outside, as this has an impact on the types of plants. Some plants need hours of direct sunlight and warmth and can only thrive outdoors, while some plants only grow indoors. Remember, the plants are meant to be tiny.

Miniature gardens in planters – idea with tree bark

miniature gardens in plant pots tree bark idea succulents moss

→ Second, choose the right planter. You can use planters and flower pots, or even fish tanks and fishbowls. Feel free to be creative as long as the container has drainage holes.

Succulents for the miniature garden

miniature gardens in plant pots house residential structure garden path stones pebbles succulents wall

→ Next, fill the chosen planter with potting soil and carefully plant your small plants. As with the large garden, make sure the plants each have plenty of room for the roots. Trim the plants regularly to avoid the plants becoming too big for the container.

Park theme

miniature gardens in pots park theme pond bench blue bonsai

→ Finally add some nice embellishments. Find miniature garden gnomes, benches and chairs, tiny tools, pebbles and gravel for the walkways, small statues, and other items to complement your tiny mini-garden. To ensure a long and happy life for your little miniature gardens in planters, be sure to water them regularly and keep them away from curious pets.

Create miniature gardens in planters – with a beach theme

Miniature Gardens Planters Beach Small Adirondack Chair

Mini garden in a clay pot

clay pot mini garden small figures plants

Mini garden in a wine barrel

Ideas for creating miniature gardens in wine barrels

Design your own mini garden

Miniature gardens in planters plant stones decoration

small yellow wheelbarrow

Miniature gardens planters wheelbarrow picket fence

Miniature gardens in planters – gravel and shells

Miniature gardens, planters, shells, decorative grass

Pine cones and branches

Miniature gardens plant pots pine tree branches

Driftwood and moss

Miniature gardens plant pots moss pond wood

Mini house

Miniature gardens planters house picket fence white

Small terrace with privacy screen

Miniature gardens plant pots colorful park mini lounger

Mini garden in tea cup

Miniature gardens tea cup mini garden tools

Gravel path

Miniature gardens planters balcony sidewalk mushrooms chicks

Miniature gardens in planters, clay pots, river stones, tree