Climbing plants on balconies and terraces – privacy protection and greenery

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There is something magical about a creeper in a garden. They have a wild look and look much more natural than planters lined up like soldiers. You can use climbing plants Balconies and terraces grow and use practically. They serve as a tight privacy screen and decorate small corners of your balcony or a bare column on the terrace.

Climbing plants on balconies and terraces

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Instead of outward, the vines and climbers grow vertically, occupying areas you would otherwise never use. Climbing plants on your balcony create privacy and offer pleasant shade. Your only problem might be that you can’t grow all of the species you want.

Ideas for balconies and terraces

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Climbing plants in planters with trellises create a movable screen that provides privacy and shade on your balcony. For a year-round green screen, choose perennial climbing plants such as Carolina jasmine (Gelsemium sempervirens) or Climbing Trumpet (Bignonia radicans). They grow in the sun or partial shade, but Carolina jasmine flowers do better in shade, while climbing trumpet flowers do better in full sun. the  Finger-leaved Akebia (Akebia quinata) and evergreen clematis (Clematis armandii) are both fast growing varieties. Both in full sun and in shade.

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Climbing plants as “green” shade for balconies and terraces

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You can plant black-eyed Susan in balcony boxes. Its sunny yellow flowers are a nice decoration for the balcony. The bindweed is also very easy to maintain and embellish Balconies and terraces with their magical blue trumpets. And of course our favorite Wisteria or Wisteria, which are perfect for your terrace.

Green and fresh decorate balconies and terraces

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