Build pallet furniture for the balcony – cheap & simple furnishing ideas

If you are looking for an inexpensive, practical and likeable variant for setting up the balcony and would like to tackle the furniture production yourself, then pallet furniture for the balcony is exactly the right choice. Perfect for recycling projects and especially when the balcony is small or has a special shape and it is difficult to find the right one in stores. Because self-made furniture can be easily adapted to the individual dimensions and thus finally form the perfect lounge. Today we are going to show you a few ideas for pallet furniture for the balcony. You won’t want to leave the balcony at all!

Pallet furniture for the balcony – ideas for lounge

Pallet furniture for the balcony and all styles - Modern coffee table with wheels

If you think your balcony is too small or misshapen for a cozy lounge, you are wrong. Because every balcony really has the potential to transform itself into a real oasis of wellbeing. You will find proof of this in the following examples and ideas for coffee tables and, above all, sofas – sometimes narrow, sometimes with a compartment to stow the pillows, sometimes in the form of a comfortable, large day bed. If you build the pallet furniture for the balcony yourself, you get a wonderful outdoor area!

Simple pallet furniture for the balcony - stacking for a sofa

A comfortable place to linger naturally also requires a seating area, and that also applies to the balcony. That is why pallet furniture is indispensable for the seating area. Since you can cut up, dismantle, rearrange and assemble the Euro pallets according to your needs, you get the best basis with them to produce great pallet furniture for the lounge on the balcony.

Properly prepare and maintain furniture from pallets

Pallet furniture for the balcony made of the boards - Cozy armchair in modern beige

The standard dimensions of a pallet are 120 x 80 x 14.4 cm – large enough to implement your ideas for decorating the balcony. And if the pallet furniture for the balcony needs to be small, just cut it to the size you want! Pallet wood is relatively durable, but that only applies if you protect it from rain. This does not mean that you have to cover everything with the first drop (occasional rain will not damage the wood immediately). But during longer periods of rain, and especially in winter, it is advisable to cover the balcony furniture with a tarpaulin.

Build a cupboard for rustic pallet furniture for the balcony

As is customary for wood, the pallets also weather over time. You can counteract this with a protective varnish or at least slow it down significantly. So when your pallet furniture for the balcony is ready, we recommend that you varnish or varnish it. Not only clear lacquer is suitable for this, but of course also more colored. But don’t be in too much of a hurry with the paintwork. Because beforehand the wood also has to be sanded down. This will also prevent the rough surface from ruining the future seat cushions and upholstery. Plan the surfaces thoroughly, preferably with a sanding machine, as sandpaper would take you a long time depending on the amount of pallets you need for your furniture. Alternatively, you can also get decorative pallets at the hardware store.

DIY pallet furniture – sofa for the balcony

Build simple pallet furniture for the balcony - stack euro pallets for a sofa

Depending on how much space you have on the balcony and whether you want to build a sofa or day bed as pallet furniture for the balcony, you can either use the whole pallet as it is, or cut it in half or shorten it. The whole range is usually used for the backrest. Half of that can be enough for the seat. You should also consider how high your lounge should be. As you already know, pallets are only a little over 14 cm high. If that’s too low for you, you can either stack two of them on top of each other or simply add legs from the rest of the pallet. Concrete blocks are also well suited for this, for example.

Pallet sofa that folds out for additional storage space

Otherwise, the sofa can not only be used for sitting, but also provide storage space at the same time – a valuable thing for balconies, on which there is usually a lack of space! You can build the seat separately and attach it to the prepared box with hinges so that it can be easily opened.

Day beds as pallet furniture for the balcony to relax in the open air

In order to guarantee the best comfort, you should equip the pallet furniture for the balcony with pillows or cushions. You can find out about the dimensions offered in advance and include them when choosing the size of the sofa or bed. So you can be sure that everything will fit in the end. Of course, you can sew such upholstery yourself or have it specially made. Comfortable poufs and cushions on the floor are ideal for additional seating.

Pallet furniture for the balcony built narrow - halving pallets for space-saving benches

Euro pallets Furniture can be quite heavy, which is a certain disadvantage compared to furniture made of aluminum or plastic. Therefore, castors are a practical solution if you need or want to move the furniture from time to time (e.g. to clean the area below). Castors equipped with brakes are recommended so that the sofa or bed does not slip every time you sit down.

Pallet furniture for the balcony – building a table

Small side table made of boards with metal legs for balcony furnishing

The balcony seating area made from pallets probably also needs a table. Regardless of whether it is a coffee table, side table or folding table for the wall or the railing – with Euro pallets you can make very individual models that meet your needs. The simplest variant is probably two pieces of pallet cut the same size, which you simply lay on top of one another and drill together. Depending on the size, a couple of wheels are a practical addition.

Bench and small table on castors to set up the balcony

But you can also remove the boards from the pallets and then create completely new tables as pallet furniture for the balcony. Cube shapes, for example, are very popular and not only suitable as a coffee table, but also as a side table. If you build the table a little higher despite its smaller overall size, it even turns into a compact dining table. So you can enjoy your lunch or dinner comfortably outside despite the lack of a terrace or garden. You can not only decorate the table with tablecloths. If you want to give it a certain elegance, give it a glass plate!

Incidentally, tables can also be opened and used as storage space in the form of a box. Or how about a wine box instead of pallets?

Build a couch or dining table in individual sizes for the balcony furnishing

Cool pallet furniture – build a bar

Space-saving bars and tables made from pallets for the balcony - for railings or to fold out

If space permits, a bar would also be a great idea if you want to build furniture for the balcony out of pallets. Small parties with friends are even cooler. Don’t worry, we don’t mean a bar the size of a garden bar. A free wall and even the railing can be used for this purpose. To save even more space, you can also opt for a foldable version as pallet furniture for the small balcony.

Bar for the balcony railing as a space-saving variant with a view

Bar as pallet furniture for the balcony – instructions for building

Bar as pallet furniture for the balcony in white with concrete slabs as counters

Making shelves

Shelf for planting balcony flowers made of wooden pallets for the wall

Once you have put all the furnishings together, the only thing missing is the right balcony decoration to additionally highlight the pallet furniture for the balcony. There are various options for using the pallets for decoration on the balcony. Because they are relatively low, they can be conveniently placed against the wall without taking up much space. At the same time, the 14 cm offer enough space for decorations such as candles, figures, flower pots, lanterns and more. If this area is not enough for you, simply attach wider boards between the gaps, which then protrude (foldable if you like). The gaps are also ideal for attaching hanging decorations with hooks. Such shelves are practical and attractive.

Upcycling Euro pallets for a plant shelf with blackboard paint for labeling

You could also build a plant shelf in addition to the other pallet furniture. Stand the pallet upright and equip it with planting bags, which you then fill with soil and plant. If that is too much of a hassle for you, just buy plant containers to hang up and hang them between the boards.

Complement pallet furniture for the balcony with decorations - build trays from pallets

Or how about if the decoration itself consists of pallets? So you could make such a tray or box from the remains of your projects and from simple boards. Your balcony gets the finishing touches with fairy lights that you can distribute anywhere. In a short time, all of your pallet furniture will be illuminated and create a romantic atmosphere even in the evening hours.

Practical plant shelf with lettering for the balcony garden

More building and furnishing ideas

Boho pallet furniture for the balcony with romantic textiles and a wine box as a side table

Pallet furniture for the balcony – DIY for a side table

Side table by the balcony window with a cut wooden pallet and beams as table legs

Balcony pallet furniture for Mediterranean balconies

Pallet furniture for the balcony - sofa with stools and coffee table

Shelf for hanging flower pots – spices and strawberries planting on balconies

Shelf for greening the balcony - flower pots to hang up

Build modern pallet furniture for the balcony

Pallet furniture for the balcony - industrial benches with backrests and table with metal legs

Idea for the corner of the balcony – a shelf made of a Euro pallet for flowers

Pallet furniture for the balcony - DIY shelving for plants made easy

Black furniture and colorful pillows for modern balconies

Modern pallet furniture for the balcony in black with colorful pillows

Build narrow pallet furniture for the balcony – idea for a side table

DIY pallet furniture for the balcony - build your own side table for hobby craftsmen

Pallet furniture for balconies with niches – small seating area

Small balcony pallet furniture for building niches with seat cushions

Equip the plant shelf with foil or plant bags

Pallet plant shelf with tarpaulin or plant bags for aromatic plants