Build a small hanging cabinet with a folding table for the balcony yourself

Folding table for balcony build yourself wall cupboard shelves wall red

Today we’re going to show you how easy it is to get one Folding table for balcony to build yourself. It can be easily mounted on the wall and offers storage space for glasses, barbecue utensils, spices and two small flower pots. Everything is perfectly tidy and the wall cabinet itself does not take up much space. It’s not for beginners, but a skilled hobby handyman could do it for 4-5 hours (including the time to dry).

Build folding table for balcony yourself

Folding table for balcony buffet cupboard build glasses wood yourself

Above, in the picture, you can look at the dimensions and start purchasing the materials. You will need plywood boards, a drill press, screws, wood glue, screw eyes, S-hooks, two chains, and red lacquer paint for wood.

Folding table for balcony and wall cabinet – two in one

Folding table for balcony build yourself screw wood planks

Screw the plywood boards together and make sure the construction is stable. The smaller pieces of wood can be fixed with wood glue. Then attach the front wooden plate to the cabinet construction using a metal hinge. Make sure the front piece opens and closes easily. Then attach the screw eyelets a few inches from the inside edge of the cabinet wall, where we will install the chains later. So that the cabinet door can be closed easily, we have to fix a small storm hook / cabin hook. Screw on three S-hooks for the barbecue utensils that you want to store in the closet. Paint it, let it dry and mount it on the wall.

Folding table for balcony build yourself pieces of wood glue

folding table small buffet cupboard build balcony yourself

Folding table balcony build yourself wood front screw

Build a folding table for your own balcony and hang up a chain

folding table wood balcony build yourself paint red paint

folding table balcony build yourself wall assembly

Here is a second variant for a space-saving folding balcony table to build yourself

Folding table for balcony build yourself wood round wall mounting