Balcony wall decoration ideas to imitate – simple instructions & inspiration

Creating a cozy atmosphere in the smallest of spaces can be a challenge. Balconies are no exception. It must not be too closed in order to guarantee easy access and not appear chaotic. The walls are the ideal areas to create a harmonious ambience with decorations without being disturbing. We have put together some beautiful inspirations for the balcony wall decoration that you can imitate if you would like to freshen up the interior a little.

Balcony wall decoration ideas for handicrafts and imitation - creative suggestions

Balcony wall decoration ideas with macrame

Balcony wall decoration with macrame for a romantic boho flair

Boho-style accents are eerily romantic and add a touch of nostalgia everywhere you use them. The pretty macrame is absolutely no exception. Whether in the form of plant holders that you hang on the wall to display your magnificent specimens or knotted in a ring – the pretty designs will attract everyone’s attention either way. It doesn’t matter whether you knot the macrame yourself or buy it ready-made.

Balcony wall decoration with macrame in a ring creates a cozy atmosphere

A wide variety of instructions can be found on the Internet. And to start with, it doesn’t have to be complicated if you want to beautify the balcony wall with it. How about, for example, the following variant, which even beginners can easily produce? Create a charming vintage flair!

Decorate the balcony wall with homemade macrame

Easy DIY balcony wall decoration for beginners

Simple knotting technique with a ring

Make macrame as a balcony wall decoration yourself

Connect the ropes with loops

Instructions for macrame in a ring with ropes

Nice knot design for hanging

Make macrame and make walls romantic inside and outside

Balcony decoration with a boho flair

Boho wall decoration balcony to tinker with

Rustic wall decoration with a romantic flair

Rustic balcony wall decoration with self-made sign and lanterns

This balcony design also looks really rustic and inviting. This is not only ensured by the large wooden sign, but also by the rest of the decoration and furnishings. The self-made bench made of pallet boards also offers a storage area for any decorations, which can even be changed depending on the season or season.

If you don’t want to replace the furniture right away, you can simply place a narrow side table behind your existing sofa, on which you can then arrange the balcony wall decorations. Plants, lanterns, fairy lights and candles as well as self-made signs like in the example are just a few of the many possibilities! You can make a shield of this type in the following ways:

Wall decoration made of wood – rustic sign

Simple balcony wall decoration instructions for a rustic sign with lavender oil

  • Print out any motif with an inkjet printer. You have to print out the writing in mirror image.
  • Roughly cut out the printed items and glue them to the board with the printed side down. You have to glue it so that it doesn’t slip.
  • Dip a cotton swab in lavender oil and dab over the subject. The oil loosens the ink from the paper and the motif is transferred to the wood.
  • Rub a knife over the oiled design to help transfer.
  • Carefully remove the paper. The less perfectly you transfer the motif or the ink, the more rustic and older the sign will look.

Summer mood with straw hats as a balcony wall decoration

Summer wall decoration with a sun hat and Ikea furniture

A really sympathetic balcony wall decoration that is anything but elaborate, but brings summer mood to the balcony, is a simple sun hat. Whether behind a seating area or in combination with such Ikea furniture for the balcony, the seemingly simple balcony wall decoration has it all and makes you dream of the sea, beach and summer vacation.

Such a sun hat can hang on the wall either individually or in groups. And for this purpose, all you need is a few nails, screws or hooks on the wall, which you can use for other balcony ideas at other times of the year.

Display plants

Chic frame in blue with rods for hanging flower boxes with yellow flowers

The balcony wall is perfect for displaying several plants that would be disturbing on the ground. And there are many different ways you can do this. A variant would be a simple wall shelf, for example. But climbing supports made of wood or metal are also a great basis. They are simply attached to the wall and then hooked on to hang the flower pots or boxes.

Incidentally, such constructions are also suitable for hanging other balcony decorations: lanterns, fairy lights, pictures or the aforementioned macramees, for example.

Natural decoration idea with climbing plants on wire or string

If you want to plant the balcony wall, you can also opt for the pretty vertical gardens, which are even very easy to care for, as easy-care plants are used for the design. Walls can also be adorned with climbing plants. It doesn’t have to be a large climbing aid either. Some climbing plants are satisfied with a simple wire. You can also stretch this in any direction.

Interesting accent walls

Small balcony with yellow wall paint and picture as wall decoration

If all the bells and whistles are too much for you and if you don’t necessarily have time for a lot of plants, you can simply paint balcony walls in any color to set accents and design the balcony in this way. If you paint the balcony wall, you can emphasize a certain color that occurs in the furniture or textiles and create a cozy atmosphere.

Simple balcony wall decoration with fairy lights on a black wooden wall

For accent walls, however, wallpapers and wood paneling can also be used, which can then be adorned with lights, pictures, shelves, plants or other things as desired. Which balcony wall decoration you choose is, among other things, a question of the budget and the time you are willing to invest.

Balcony wall decoration with garlands of flowers

Do-it-yourself pretty balcony wall decorations - instructions for garlands made of artificial flowers

How about if you decorate a bare wall with such a romantic curtain? Since artificial flowers are used for the balcony wall decoration, the finished curtain is also resistant to moisture. Only direct sunlight fades the colors over time. Even in stronger winds you should rather stow the garland, as the flowers could then fall apart.

Glue artificial flowers together and make garlands to decorate balcony walls

This is how the curtain is made: take the first flower, put a drop of hot glue on the end of the stem and glue it in the center of the flower head of a second flower. This way you glue more flowers together until you get the length you want. To fix the finished garlands on the wall, you can either hang them on a rod, branch or a curtain rod and then attach them to the wall, or you can tie them directly to the wall: To do this, hammer small nails or hooks at the desired distance to each other in the wall. Then tie clear thread underneath the top flower, tie a loop at the other end of the thread, and hang the garland on the hook or nail.

Beautify the balcony – ideas to imitate

Balcony wall decoration with macrame on a roof terrace

In the gallery below we have some more wonderful ideas for balcony wall decoration that you can consider and imitate according to your taste. From plants to pictures and cladding to shelves there is a lot. Redesign your balcony right away so you can enjoy a relaxing summer there!

White brick wall with a box as a shelf for plants

Decorate the balcony with artificial turf for the wall

Balcony wall decoration with artificial turf and hanging lanterns

Create a small balcony with framed murals

Counter with a framed mural in the background and an industrial lamp

Modern flair with blue light and mirrors with LED frames

Modern balcony wall decoration with round mirrors with luminous frames

Balcony wall decoration with hanging flower pots in macrame

Plants hanging in macrame hanging baskets on a brick wall

Decoration wall on balcony with tapestry

Decorate a free wall on balconies with a tapestry

Trellis as a balcony wall decoration for spices

Pretty trellis as wall decoration with buckets as plant containers and herbs

Original back wall for the sofa and decoration in one

Build simple climbing supports from boards for climbing plants and fairy lights

Tin signs to decorate the walls

Tin signs to beautify the walls on balconies for a touch of nostalgia

Colorful plant containers on a trellis

Attach the climbing aid with hooks and hang up colorful flower boxes

Easy DIY idea for balconies – hanging vases on boards

DIY idea with boards and glass bottles as vases for the wall

Wall decoration for balcony in winter with evergreen

Idea for the winter decoration on the balcony - lanterns and evergreens in a plant container

Minimalist flower boxes on a wooden panel as a wall decoration on the balcony

Minimalist idea with wooden paneling and white flower boxes

Cozy sitting area with sofa and shelf

Wall cladding made of wood for decoration with built-in bench and shelf

Balcony wall design with color

Paint the balcony wall for a pretty accent wall

Wall decoration balcony made of metal with grid for hanging flower pots

Plants as a balcony wall decoration on a metal grid