Balcony plants in summer: The most beautiful hanging plants that can withstand a lot of sun

The balcony season will start at the beginning of June at the latest and we like to be outdoors again. If the right choice is made, flowers, ground cover and ornamental leaves turn every balcony into a green oasis. The plants with hanging shoots are a special eye-catcher, which can be displayed in the hanging basket as well as in the flower box and in the pot. In the article we tell you which are the most beautiful hanging plants for sunny locations and give you tips on caring for balcony plants in summer.

Balcony plants in summer: properly stage hanging plants

Balcony plants for summer in full sun. Ideas for hanging plants

Hanging plants are flowers, perennials and ground cover whose shoots protrude over the edge of the flower box, flower pot or hanging basket. They’re also a super practical and space-saving solution for small balconies because they don’t necessarily have to stand on the floor or hang from the railings: hanging plants thrive best in hanging containers anyway. They offer privacy protection, can visually divide larger balconies or roof terraces into several areas and attract bees and butterflies to the balcony garden. Another advantage for the hobby gardener is the fact that he can marvel at the hanging flowers at eye level. To make your own hanging garden a success, a few tips will help:

1. Especially on the balcony it is important that the plants are easily accessible, for example for watering and fertilizing. You should also be able to check the potting soil for pests.

2. Depending on which ceiling construction you have on your balcony, you can choose a suitable variant for attaching the hanging vessel. Smaller flower pots can be displayed in hanging pots made of macrame, for larger ones you can opt for hanging baskets with a coconut insert or a plant stand.

3. Large hanging baskets are usually staged as soloists on the balcony. But you can put several hanging plants in a hanging basket. This creates a small, blooming garden. Small hanging vessels can be grouped in any way. For example, you can play with colors and shapes, or hang up several flower pots at different heights.

Balcony plants in summer: hanging plants that can withstand the blazing sun

Balcony plants for summer and sunny hanging plants ideas

No oasis of wellbeing is complete without flowers and plants. If you want to create a balcony garden from hanging plants that thrive in the blazing sun, we come to the rescue with a plant list. Here are the perfect balcony plants for summer:

Classic balcony plants for the sunny hanging garden:

  • Geraniums
  • Petunias
  • Cap basket
  • Elven spur

Bee-friendly balcony plants for the summer:

  • Verbena
  • Loyal to men
  • Stone herb
  • Italian clematis
  • Bellflower
  • Magic bells

Exotic hanging plants for balconies facing west or south 

  • Nasturtiums
  • Star flower
  • Madagascar evergreen
  • Two-tooth
  • Horn clover

Balcony plants in summer: liquorice straw flower

Hanging plants for balconies for sunny locations. Licorice straw flower

The liquorice straw flower (Helichrysum petiolare) is easily recognizable by its heart-shaped leaves in gray-green. The shoots of the dwarf shrub grow upwards at the beginning and then tumble over the edge of the tub. Its bushy growth makes the perfect background for summer flowers. The annual hanging plant comes from South Africa and thrives best in a shady location. The hobby gardener should make sure that the roots of the plant do not overheat, especially in July and August. It reaches a maximum height of 80 to 100 cm.


  • Flowering period: in summer, from the beginning of August to the end of September
  • Flowers: small, cream colored, inconspicuous
  • Soil requirements: well-drained, nutrient-rich and calcareous
  • Watering: as required, preferably early in the morning

Which balcony plants bloom all summer? Climbing snapdragons

Summer plants for balconies Asarina climbing snapdragons

The climbing snapdragon is native to sunny Mexico. The wild form reaches a height of up to 3 meters, the cultivated varieties remain significantly smaller, but form a much more intensive leaf mass and have a bushy growth. The perennial exotic already forms tubular, white-purple flowers in June and then blooms all summer. The specific flower shape offers bees and butterflies the perfect landing spot.

The plant is not frost hardy and must be overwintered in a bright and heated place from September.


  • Flowering period: from June to September
  • Flowers: white-purple, grow up to 4 cm
  • Soil requirements: nutrient-rich and humus-rich potting soil
  • Watering and fertilizing: watering as required, fertilizing once at the beginning of summer
  • Other: Requires climbing aid

Summer plants for balconies: nasturtiums

Balcony plants for summer and ideas for hanging plants in the flower box plant nasturtiums

The nasturtium is popular because of its round leaves and yellow-orange flowers. The annual flower comes from South America, where it is mainly found in mountainous areas. Therefore, the hanging plant prefers locations in partial shade, but some cultivars can also thrive in the sun. A lean, loamy, slightly moist soil proves to be optimal. The nasturtium has a compact habit and reaches a maximum height of 60 cm. It gives off a pleasant scent and attracts insects such as bees or butterflies to the balcony garden. It is great as a gap filler in the flower box.


  • Flowering period: starts in May, ends in September
  • Flowers: yellow-orange flowers, permanent bloomers
  • Demands on soil: poor, loamy
  • Watering and fertilizing: Once a year, in spring, provide long-term fertilizer. Water as required, allow the top layer of soil to dry out completely.

Balcony plants for summer: star flower

Balcony plants for summer that tolerate a lot of sun star flower

The star flower comes from Australia, where it is grown as a perennial perennial. Since the summer bloomer is not hardy, the hobby gardener can either overwinter the flower frost-free in September or grow it as an annual plant. Depending on which variant the gardener chooses, the plant can reach a maximum height of between 15 and 30 cm. It fascinates with slightly overhanging shoots and a bushy growth. The hallmark of the flower are its purple, star-shaped flowers, which it forms profusely from June to the end of September. A humus-rich, slightly moist soil can also promote flower formation.


  • Flowering period: June to September
  • Flowers: star-shaped, lavender, lavender or white
  • Soil requirements: humic, moist, well-drained
  • Watering and fertilizing: Never let the soil dry out

Balcony plants in summer: common horn clover

What balcony plants for summer and sunny locations horn clover care

Common horn clover is an easy plant that does best in full sun. The hanging plant has a spreading but low growth (the maximum growth height is 30 cm). She prefers dry, chalky soils and feels comfortable both in combination with desert plants and as a soloist in the flower pot. Otherwise she is quite undemanding and can get by with little water and completely without fertilizer. The flower formation begins as early as May and ends with the first frost in September or October.

Summer plants that can withstand a lot of sun: blue daisies

What balcony plants bloom blue daisies all summer

The blue daisy is one of the permanent bloomers for the summer season. It comes from Australia, where it is common as a field flower. In Europe, only cultivated varieties are available in garden centers and tree nurseries. They inspire with an overhanging growth, pinnate foliage and bright purple or blue flowers. Most cultivated forms are annual and sensitive to frost. The flower reaches a maximum height of 30 cm and is therefore perfect as a container plant. The slightly loamy, humus-rich and moderately moist soil has proven to be optimal. The flowering period begins as early as May, when the first slightly fragrant flowers appear, and ends in October.


  • Flowering period: May to late September or early October
  • Flowers: purple, light blue, dark blue, snow white or pink
  • Demands on soil: nutrient-rich, neutral
  • Watering and fertilizing: Provide with compost at the beginning of summer
  • Other: has a pleasant scent

Balcony plants in summer: two teeth

Plants that tolerate a lot of sun Bidens are still called Zweizahn or Goldmarie

The summer bloomer, two-toothed, conjures up yellow flowers on the balcony. It is particularly common in hot and dry regions such as Arizona in the US and some desert areas in Mexico. In Europe it is mainly available in an annual cultivated form. The hanging plant reaches a maximum height of 30 cm and scores with its fast and expansive growth. The two-toothed tooth is particularly suitable for solitary planting because it displaces the other flowers.


  • Flowering period: from June to September
  • Flowers: bright yellow
  • Soil requirements: loamy, moderately moist
  • Watering and fertilizing: water well two or three times a week, never let the soil dry out completely. Apply liquid fertilizer once a month.

Which balcony plants bloom all summer: loyal to men

Which balcony plants bloom all summer blue lobelia still faithful to men

The Männertreu is another summer bloomer that comes from South Africa. It has a compact growth and reaches a maximum height of 30 cm, whereby both upright and hanging cultivated forms are offered in garden centers. The hanging flower is a permanent bloomer and already forms its small purple flowers with white eyes at the end of May. The following rule of thumb applies: the more direct sunlight, the more flowers are formed. Otherwise, the flower is considered to be fairly straightforward and has no special requirements in terms of soil, location or care. Most hobby gardeners cut the flower back in July. This also promotes flower formation.


  • Flowering period: From May to the first frost
  • Flowers: purple, small, zygomorphic
  • Soil requirements: sandy, rich in humus,
  • Watering and fertilizing: Always keep the soil moist, apply liquid fertilizer once a week.

Summer plants for balconies: Thunbergia

Hanging plants for balconies in summer for full sun Thunbergia

The Thunbergia, also known as the “black-and-white Susanne”, is also native to South Africa. The cultivated varieties in Europe are annual and not frost-resistant. In addition to the hanging plant, climbing cultivars can also be found. In contrast to the other South African flowers that we have already presented to you, the Thunbergia thrives on both sunny and partially shaded balconies.


  • Flowering period: beginning of June to October
  • Flowers: dark brown throat and light orange flowers
  • Soil requirements: loamy, permeable
  • Watering and fertilizing: The soil must not dry out, so the flower should be watered once a week. A drainage layer made of expanded clay prevents waterlogging from building up. Apply liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

Summer flowering hanging plants: bell vine

Plants that can tolerate a lot of sun Bell vines have purple flowers

The bell vine is also a sun worshiper. As the name suggests, this is a breed with bell-shaped flowers. The climbing plant cuts a fine figure on the balcony, especially in flower pots. It needs a climbing aid, has a spreading growth and offers dense foliage and branches, which makes it suitable as a privacy screen for the balcony. The flower is perennial, whereby it should be overwintered in the cold season.


  • Flowering period: from May to September
  • Flowers: bell-shaped, lavender
  • Soil requirements: loamy, good drainage
  • Watering and fertilizing: Regular watering, fertilizing as required
  • Other: has a slightly sweet scent

More ideas for balcony plants for the summer: magic bells

bee-friendly balcony plants for summer magic bells


  • Location: off-sun
  • Maximum height: 60 cm
  • Flower color: Varies depending on the variety
  • Flowering period: June to September
  • Soil requirements: moist, nutrient-rich, slightly acidic
  • Watering and fertilizing: Enriching the substrate with compost must be poured in a floating manner.

Summer plants for balconies: evergreen candytuft

Summer plants for balconies that can withstand a lot of sun evergreen candytuft


  • Maximum height: 25 – 30 cm
  • Spreading growth, dense foliage
  • Flowering period: April – June
  • Flowers: color varies depending on the variety, umbel-shaped
  • Soil demands: dry, stony, rich in nutrients
  • Hardy plant
  • Watering and fertilizing: As needed
  • Other: Cut back after the flowering period

Summer plants for balconies: scented stone rich

Balcony plants Ideas for summer plant scented stone rich in flower pots


  • Mediterranean plant
  • Location: in full sun
  • Maximum growth height is 20 cm, but individual shoots can also be longer
  • Flowering period: from June to the end of September
  • Soil requirements: with a high proportion of sand, neutral, dry
  • Attracts bees and butterflies
  • Watering and fertilizing: Water regularly, the soil should always be slightly moist. Fertilize after the first flowering period, which usually ends in July.

Hanging plants for summer: blue fan flowere

Summer plants for balconies, blooming exotic hanging plants such as blue fan flower


  • Maximum height: 1 meter
  • Flowering period: early June to late September
  • Flowers: blue, purple, yellow depending on the variety
  • Soil requirements: rich in humus, loamy, with a high proportion of sand
  • Watering and fertilizing: can withstand dry periods well, but the root balls must not dry out completely. Therefore it is better to water every two weeks, fertilize only once in spring with slow release fertilizer

Balcony plants that can withstand a lot of sun: Hussar button

bee-friendly balcony plants for summer season ideas for hanging plants hussar button care tips and planting in flower boxes


  • Maximum height: 30 cm
  • Flowering period: Continuously blooming from June until the first frost
  • Flowers: small, yellow
  • Soil requirements: slightly acidic, well-drained, nutrient-rich
  • Watering and fertilizing: In summer, watering mornings and evenings during heat waves, enrich the potting soil with compost when planting.

Hanging plants for sunny locations: Madagascar evergreen

Hanging plants for balconies for blazing sun the long bloom Madagascar evergreen


  • Maximum height: 80 cm (perennial shrub, not frost-resistant)
  • Location: shady, in partial shade
  • Demands on soil: loose, rich in humus
  • Watering and fertilizing: watering when necessary, fertilizing every 10 days

Balcony plants ideas for summer: Alternanthera dentata

Alternanthera dentata Caring for ornamental leaves as a hanging plant for sunny balconies


  • Maximum height: 80 cm
  • Ornamental leaf
  • Location: sunny to shady
  • Permanently blooming
  • Soil requirements: Loamy, permeable
  • Watering and fertilizing: water as needed, fertilize once in spring

Balcony plants ideas for summer: hanging geraniums

Balcony plants for summer for planting hanging in the flower box care of red hanging geraniums


  • Overhanging growth
  • Flowers: the color may vary depending on the variety
  • Long flowering period: from June to September
  • Soil requirements: moderately moist, with a high proportion of sand, rich in humus
  • Watering and fertilizing: water twice a day, fertilize once a month