Balcony plants and flowers: blossoms and privacy screens

Balcony plants - flowers - privacy screen - hanging - geraniums - railings

Those of you who have to live in apartments know how important the balcony could be. Even if very small, the outdoor space can become an oasis of well-being with the right balcony furniture and plants. Flowers and plants not only serve a decorative purpose, but can also shield your balcony from prying eyes. which Balcony plants are both visually appealing and practical, you will find out in this article.

Ideas for balcony plants – Flowering hanging and climbing plants

Balcony plants hanging plants-flower-planter

Hanging and creeping plants add a touch of beauty and opulence to any balcony. They can be planted in planters and hanging baskets and thrive best in the fresh air and in full sun on the balcony. Morning glories, hanging petunias, lantanias, hanging geraniums, verbenas, lobelia, nasturtiums, fuchsias are beautiful varieties that are suitable for the balcony. In order for these balcony flowers to continue to bloom and remain beautiful, the faded buds must be removed regularly. For larger balconies, where you can set up larger buckets, climbing trumpets and wisteria are wonderful.

Balcony plants with beautiful foliage


Green plants with a climbing or hanging habit look nice on the balcony and can shield the balcony railing from view. Ipomea batatas or sweet potato climbing plants are characterized by a lush growth with large, heart-shaped leaves in light green or purple-black.

Vegetables and herbs

balcony-plants-cherry-tomato-wooden box

Many vegetables grow well in a tub on the balcony. Pickled cucumbers loop up or down, depending on where the planter is located – on the floor with a trellis for vertical growth or attached to the wall at a height of 1.2-1.5 meters to hang from the container. Tomatoes will also grow downward if their container is angled slightly. Cherry tomatoes are particularly easy to care for in this way. Runner beans will loop along and around the railing and even hang from the balcony.

Balcony plants-growing-herbs-tomatoes-vegetables

balcony-plants-petunias-purple-white-hanging plants


balcony-plants-creeper-morning glory-purple-railing


balcony-plants-herbs-flowers-planter box

balcony-plants-climbing plants-sweet-potato-dark-color


balcony-plants-petunia-sweet potato-plant




balcony-plants-white-purple-morning glory-climbing plant




balcony-plants-hanging-flowers-privacy protection


balcony-plants-hanging basket-petunias-white-purple

Ipomoea-batatas-balcony-plant-light green-petunia-verbena




balcony-plants-planter-pansies-rushes-stone herbs-alyssum

balcony-plants-hanging-plants-lavender-hanging basket