Balcony flower of the year 2021 – which flowers belong on our balcony this year?

Once again different regions of Germany have chosen their balcony flowers of the year and one is more beautiful than the other! So if you are always looking for the latest trends, you can also do the same with regard to your plants for outdoor use. Today we present you the balcony flower of the year 2021, depending on the region, from which you can choose for a trendy and above all beautiful balcony. Maybe you will find a new beauty to decorate your outdoor space this year.

Balcony flower of the year 2021 – The beautiful flame geranium “Fescher Florian”

Fescher Florian is a mix of hanging geranium and standing geranium

In stressful everyday life, it can be difficult to keep the balcony and plants alive. Fesche Florian comes in at the right time. It is a breed that is hard to beat in terms of ease of care. This balcony flower of the year 2021 is weatherproof and robust and at the same time impresses with strong red flowers. And these decorate your outdoor area throughout the season!

Balcony flower of the year 2021 - Geranium Fescher Florian with red flowers

However, like all pelargoniums, the cross between hanging geraniums and standing geraniums requires a lot of water, especially since this balcony flower of the year 2021 prefers a sunny location in order to be able to produce a particularly large number of flowers. On hot, dry days this means watering every day. However, waterlogging must be avoided at all costs. Wilted flowers can be removed to stimulate new flower formation.

Bee friendliness and heat tolerance

Every balcony flower of the year 2021 is insect-friendly

… these are the two main features of the top balcony flowers this year – regardless of the region. The balcony flower of the year 2021 should not only look pretty, but also be easy to care for (after all, due to work stress you usually don’t have too much time for the plants), tolerate heat and, above all, benefit nature. The following list of trend flowers this year will show you that this is the case.

The balcony flower of 2021 must be heat-tolerant and easy to care for

Once you have chosen your favorite, you can of course combine it with other flowers as you wish and conjure up colorful arrangements. Make sure you choose plants with the same or very similar requirements and needs. But now we come to our list of flowers with the most beautiful balcony flowers of the year 2021:

Balcony flower of the year 2021 in Bavaria – The Scaevola “Heavenly Duo”

Balcony flower of the year 2021 in Bavaria - Scaevola Heavenly duo in white and purple

What could be more suitable as a balcony flower of the year 2021 than a station wagon that symbolizes the national flag in color. The heavenly color duo of Scaevola in white and purple does just that! The two varieties are particularly bee-friendly, which was one of the reasons for the gardeners to choose this flower as Flower of the Year. It feels good in boxes as well as in pots and prefers a sunny to partially shaded location. It stands up to heat and short dry spells. Enjoy a long flowering period that lasts until the first frost!

Biden’s “Flammbine” in Northern Germany

The balcony flower of the year 2021 Bidens Flammbine adorns in yellow and orange

This type of Bidens is also a real eye-catcher. It is called “Flambine” because of its strong yellow and orange nuances and is due to come onto the market this year. Although it is also ideally suited for edging beds, gardeners particularly recommend this piece of jewelery for balconies. And there you should choose hanging pots or window boxes for the balcony flower of the year 2021, because then the overhanging flowers of the 30 to 40 cm tall plant come into their own – from early summer to late autumn. The location should be warm and sunny to partially shaded for full bloom, which will also attract bees, butterflies and bumblebees.

Hesse and Baden-Württemberg with Helianthus “Sunny Honey”

Helianthus Sunny Honey is the trend flower in Hesse and Baden-Württemberg

The Helianthus “Sunny Honey” is a smaller flower that grows about 60 cm high. It is not only the balcony flower of the year 2021 in Baden-Württemberg, but also in Hesse. The location should be sunny to partially shaded. In addition, the balcony flower needs fertilizer every week. Then it can unfold its full bloom until late autumn and also make insects happy.

The balcony flower of the year 2021 for Hesse and Baden-Württemberg feels very comfortable on the balcony both in borders and in larger pots, but is also suitable for beds. It can be wonderfully combined with other plants, but also impresses with its flowers on its own.

Saxony’s beauty this year: Craspedia globosa “drum roll”

The yellow Craspedia globosa is the balcony plant of the year 2021 in Saxony

So simple and yet so eye-catching. The spherical flowers of the Craspedia globosa can’t help but attract everyone’s attention. And if you want to try something other than the usual geraniums, petunias and violets on the balcony, the balcony flower of the year 2021 for Saxony is exactly the right choice. No matter whether in the bed or in a planter – the flower looks great everywhere and is also very easy to care for. She prefers warm locations. Therefore, a sunny to partially shaded balcony is ideal.

The drumstick as a soloist or combination partner and accent on the balcony

If you want to counteract the death of bees with the balcony flower of the year 2021, this variety, like its predecessors, is ideally suited for this purpose. It offers the insects an ideal source of food – from the beginning of June to October. They look very pretty both as soloists and as accents in the middle of other arrangements.

Balcony flower of the year 2021 depending on the region - what adorns the balcony