Balcony decoration ideas 2015 – choose balcony plants and herbs depending on the orientation

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Every balcony looks nicer with plants – flowers in the warm season are of course something special, but a small herb garden can also be created there. Which potted plants feel comfortable on your balcony is closely related to the orientation. We try to give an overview of the four variants and give some useful tips for all hobby gardeners. We’ll also show you 15 stylish ones Balcony decoration ideas 2015.

Balcony decoration ideas 2015 – balcony plants for the east balcony

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If you have an east-facing balcony, you can enjoy the morning sun. From lunchtime the east balcony is in the shade and is protected from the strong sun rays in the afternoon. Plants and flowers that grow in partial shade are therefore ideal for him. Neither sun nor wind protection are necessary. Some balcony decoration ideas 2015 are for example petunias, fuchsias and daisies. And if you want to create a herb wall, you can grow herbs such as dill, coriander, basil, sage, peppermint, parsley. The laurel bush needs a little more space, but is also a good choice for the east-facing balcony. You can find more information about planting and care in our article Herbs on the balcony.

Balcony decoration ideas 2015 – lush flowers and plants on the south balcony

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The south-facing balcony promises pleasant hours outdoors – the sun shines all day long. Plants that like full sun locations are therefore perfect for the south-facing balcony. These include, for example, the exotic yucca palms, cacti, succulents, olive and lemon trees. But also beautiful local flowers such as geraniums, petunias, or cape baskets bloom splendidly on the south-facing balcony. Since most herbs also love sunny locations, the owners of a south-facing apartment have a wide choice – rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender to name just a few.

Balcony decoration ideas 2015 – what plays a role in the design of a north balcony

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The north balcony poses a major challenge for most hobby gardeners – on the one hand, it is in the shade for most of the day, and on the other hand, it absolutely needs wind protection. But if you make a little effort, you can turn the balcony into a small green oasis. Because fuchsias and hydrangeas love shady locations – as do various ornamental grasses or climbing plants such as ivy or clematis. Herb that grows well on the north balcony is, for example, wild garlic.

Balcony decoration ideas 2015 – enjoy the evening sun on the west-facing balcony

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The west balcony, like the east balcony, is only in the shade for half the day. The difference – in the afternoon the west-facing balcony gets really hot. That’s why sun protection / for example a parasol / is an absolute must here. Only then can penumbra-loving plants grow well. With balcony covering, the flowers and herbs are also protected from the sometimes very strong wind.

Balcony decoration ideas 2015 – effectively arranging flower pots

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Flower boxes are a space-saving variant – this may be advantageous in summer, but storage in the cold season is a great challenge afterwards. Instead, the houseplants can simply be taken outside in the warm summer season. Practical shelving systems for the balcony are available at Ikea so that the potted plants are not on the way.

Mount the hanging basket on the wall

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Planted hanging baskets also save space – a practical variant for the small balcony. And if you don’t have enough space for this yourself, you can opt for climbing plants – and completely plant one wall.

Wind and sun protection for the balcony

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Even plants that can tolerate strong sunlight have problems with the heat. This is why sun protection is extremely useful for the south-facing balcony.

Herb garden on the balcony

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A herb garden on the balcony is not only practical – herbs have a nice scent and attract butterflies and birds.

Ornamental grasses on the north balcony

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Even if most of the flowers cannot grow on the cold, shady north balcony, Chinese reeds, angel hair and co. a splash of color.

Romantic outdoor seating area with flowers on the table

Balcony decoration ideas 2015 climbing plants north balcony shade-loving

Wind protection for the balcony of the top floor apartment

Balcony decoration ideas 2015 top floor apartment sun protection

The residents of an attic apartment can enjoy a beautiful view, but have to constantly struggle with wind and heat. The balcony plants can only grow and bloom with proper sun and wind protection.

First floor apartment

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 The apartment on the first floor, on the other hand, is almost always in the shade – neighboring houses and trees cast shadows on it. The only exception – between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m..

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Balcony decoration ideas 2015 Petunias balcony plants ideas

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Balcony decoration ideas 2015 lighting plants flowers ideas

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