Autumn flowers for balconies: ideas for autumn planting of flower boxes and pots

Even if the temperatures drop, there is still a blaze of flowers and colors on the balcony in autumn. In the cold season, autumn flowers, grass and decorative foliage plants provide variety in the flower box and tub. We’ll show you different ideas for arranging autumn flowers for balconies and patios and explain how to properly stage them. Set accents and create a harmonious ensemble by combining plants that get along well and that have similar demands on soil and location.

Autumn flowers for balconies: what to consider when planting flower boxes

Autumn flowers for balconies Ideas for autumn planting in flower boxes

The summer is already over. But that does not mean that it should be boring and monochrome in the flower box. September is the right time to think about a splendid autumn planting of the flower box. Fortunately, most autumn flowers get by with little care and have significantly less demands on soil and location than summer bloomers. However, the hobby gardener should adhere to a few basic rules when planting.

1. Good drainage is crucial. Because in autumn the rainwater has to be able to drain away. For this purpose, the experienced hobby gardeners lay a layer of gravel or expanded clay on the bottom of the balcony box and drill additional holes in the balcony box.

2. Plant the flowers, grasses and decorative foliage plants at a certain distance from each other. The flower box may look a bit empty at first, but the gaps will be filled in within a week.

3. Arrange the flowers. When planting a flower box, you should think about what the autumnal arrangement will look like. Plants that hang over the edge of the tub or box can be planted in the front or on both sides. Low ground cover and flowers come in the middle and tall grass and ornamental foliage are placed at the back.

4. Proper care is crucial in autumn. First of all, choose a location that is sheltered from the wind, if possible also shielded from rain and snow. Water the autumn plants only when necessary, i.e. when the soil dries out. Only fertilize when planting the flower box, and give it a slow release fertilizer. After that, you can do without it. Check the plants regularly for pests and mold.

Autumn flowers for the balcony: a classic arrangement in orange

Autumn flowers for balconies ideas for autumn planting of flower boxes with pumpkins and chrysanthemums and peppers

The first suggestion for an autumn arrangement shines in orange, yellow and red. It consists of the following plants:

  • The “Marilyn” chrysanthemums bloom from September until the end of autumn. When it’s warm outside, the flowers stay light yellow; when it’s cold, they turn orange.
  • Ornamental peppers are sold as a plant in most garden centers. The peppers are edible as long as they are not treated against pests.
  • Ornamental pumpkins can be arranged on the edge of the flower box as decoration.
  • Fuchsia New Zealand Seege is a hardy ornamental grass that is very easy to care for and robust.

Care tips: The autumn plants love the sun, so the south or west facing balcony is best. They need to be poured even in frost and cold. It is important that there is no waterlogging. A loamy-sandy and permeable soil is therefore optimal. You should give fertilizer once, when planting the flower box.

Autumn flowers for the balcony: modern arrangement in wine red

Fall flower box ideas Blood-red purple bells and chrysanthemums and blue cabbage and sweet cabbage

The next idea for autumn planting glows in a saturated wine red. Below we list the plants you need for the arrangement:

  • Chrysanthemums of the “Fellbacher Wein” variety in wine red
  • Chrysanthemums of the variety “Nebelrose” in pink
  • Blood-red purple bells
  • Blue cabbage
  • Sweet herb

Care tips: A location in partial shade is best. A fresh to moderately moist, humus-rich soil offers the best conditions for rapid growth and a long flowering period. When it is frosty, the flower box should be covered so that the plants do not freeze to death.

Planting ideas for flower boxes in autumn

Clear the stage for the stars among the autumn flowers – the chrysanthemums. Together with the croton plant, the sedum plant and the sweet potato, their strong appearance is guaranteed. The voluminous arrangement looks very natural and cuts a fine figure in flower boxes made of rattan or wood. If you want, you can arrange several pumpkins around it.

  • Croton plant
  • sweet potato
  • Sedum plant
  • Chrysanthemums

Care tips: A south-facing balcony is ideal because the ensemble loves the sun. With the croton plant in particular, the following applies: the more sun, the more colorful the leaves. The flowers and plants in the arrangement can tolerate high humidity without any problems, but waterlogging can lead to rot and should be avoided.

Ideas for flower boxes in the fall with fall flowers

  • Pink petunias of the “Supertunia Vista Bubblegum” variety
  • Geraniums
  • Angel’s face (Angelonia angustifolia)
  • Colored nettle

Care tips: The flowers and perennials love a gravelly to loamy soil with a neutral pH value. The hobby gardener should make sure that the soil stays fresh. The substrate should dry out slightly, waterlogging can lead to rot and must be avoided in all cases. A layer of expanded clay in the bottom of the flower box protects against this and ensures better and faster water drainage. A sheltered location in the sun meets all the requirements of the plant combination.

Plant autumn flowers in flower boxes for balconies

Admittedly: combinations of dried and fresh flowers look great.

  • A – Bergenia of the variety “Pig Squeak”
  • B – sedum plant
  • C – woolly hair grass (ruby grass)
  •  dry hydrangeas

Not only the dried flowers, but also the remaining plants and ornamental grasses are quite undemanding. They thrive best in humus-rich, fresh soil. Since it rains regularly in autumn, watering can be completely canceled. It is fertilized at the start of the season, right after the ice saints. A sunny location proves to be optimal, but the flowers and plants also feel comfortable in partial shade.

Plant autumn flowers in boxes on the balcony or terrace

  • Sugarloaf spruce
  • violet
  • Pansy
  • Kale
  • ivy

Care tips: The flowers and plants from this group thrive best in shady and sunny locations. A sandy, alkaline soil offers the best possible conditions for a long flowering period and rapid growth. The ensemble is voluminous, takes up a lot of space and is therefore suitable for larger balconies and roof terraces.

Fall flowers for balcony fall planting ideas

The arrangement of edible plants, autumn flowers and evergreen ground cover looks unusual and traditional at the same time. The flowers of the marigold shine twice as beautifully in front of the dark leaves of the leaf mustard.

  • Marigold, variety “Bonanza Harmony”
  • Leaf mustard, edible
  • Sedum plant, variety “Angelina”

The flowers and plants in this autumnal arrangement require a weakly alkaline, humus-rich and permeable soil. They thrive best in the sun and are perfect for balconies facing west or south. They look particularly good in round, tall flower pots or in small flower pots.

Autumn planting in pots with autumn flowers and decorative foliage plants

The next arrangement for autumn is made up of orange zinnias, pansies and red cinderella. The spotted dead nettle and rosemary form the perfect background for the flowers and fill in corners and gaps.

  • A – Zinnias, variety “Magellan Orange”
  • B – spotted dead-nettle
  • C – pansy, variety “Panola Orange”
  • D – rosemary
  • E – Brandschopf, variety “Prestige Scarlet”

Care tips: The autumn plants thrive best in a warm, sheltered and sunny location. You have no special demands on the floor. Above all, it should be permeable, because the plants cannot tolerate waterlogging. You can give the flowers compost once at the beginning of autumn to extend the flowering period. The young plants cannot tolerate frost well, so it is best to plant the ensemble in spring.

Autumn flowers for balcony and terrace plant ideas

Yellow accents from autumn flowers look good on the planting for the cold season. The more colorful the arrangement, the simpler the planter should be. Wood, ceramic and clay add a natural touch to the ensemble.

  • A – switchgrass, variety “Northwind”
  • B – chrysanthemums
  • C – barberry
  • D – club lily
  • E – Spicy stonecrop

Care tips: The plants and flowers thrive best in loamy, well drained and humus-rich soil. The surface of the earth should be slightly dry before watering. Sunny locations offer the best conditions for a sea of ​​flowers in the planter.

Blue fescue, chrysanthemum, straw flower and lamp cleaner grass complement each other perfectly in terms of growth and color and the sheet metal planter forms the perfect background for the country-style arrangement.

  • A – blue fescue
  • B – “Cecilia” chrysanthemums
  • C – Strawflower “Sundaze Golden Yellow”
  • D – Pennisetum

Care tips: The autumn flowers for balconies prefer a gravelly, moderately moist and humus-rich soil. They have low nutrient requirements in autumn and can do without fertilizer and with little water.

Plant autumn flowers in pots for balconies and patios

The berry twigs are particularly appealing even when dry – the next autumnal arrangement will convince you of that. Together with other autumn beauties such as the decorative basket and the sedum plant, they form an effective ensemble. The blue cabbage provides a splash of color and additional dynamism.

  • Orange berries
  • Sedum plant “Lemon Ball”
  • Blue cabbage
  • Ornamental peppers
  • “Cosmic Yellow” jewelery basket

Care tips: The autumn flowers and plants thrive in fresh soil with a neutral pH value. So that they bloom in autumn, they should be given slow release fertilizers at the start of the season.

Ideas for autumn flowers in pots on the balcony

The next idea for autumn plants for the balcony combines harmony and attractive color contrasts.

  • A – blue fescue
  • B – Sedge “Frosted Curls”
  • Horned violet “Bowles Black”
  • Ornamental peppers

Care tips: The annual and perennial plants prefer a sandy, fresh, slightly acidic and humus-rich soil. You feel comfortable in the partial shade and are therefore suitable for the east-facing balcony.

Decorative leaf plants and autumn flowers for balcony ideas

Warm purple nuances set the tone in the next arrangement. It is mainly composed of ornamental foliage plants, but the petunias dominate the plant community.

  • Colored nettle
  • Wire bush
  • Garden wolf milk
  • Petunias
  • Goldfelberich

Care tips: A moderate soil moisture and a humus-rich substrate prove to be optimal for the ornamental foliage plants from the arrangement. You will feel most comfortable on the sunny south-facing balcony and will need frost protection from the end of October.

Plant autumn flowers in a tub for the balcony

A colorful arrangement of ornamental plants, edibles, exotic and local flowers: the colorful mix in the flower pot automatically attracts attention. It can best be staged in a flower pot made of ceramic or clay in a neutral color, so the plants come out really big.

  • Virginian rosemary willow
  • Kale
  • Blue cabbage
  • Sacred bamboo
  • Garden snapdragon
  • Chrysanthemums

Care tips: A moderately moist, acidic and humus-rich soil promotes the rapid growth of the plants. The flowers and ornamental foliage plants will feel most comfortable in a shady location. The plants are hardy and the ornamental plants are evergreen. Be careful with the sacred bamboo – its leaves and flowers are poisonous.