Artificial turf on the balcony or terrace – an urban garden

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Artificial turf on the balcony or terrace is a popular and widely applicable floor covering. Since it is particularly easy to care for and robust, it is often used as an alternative to lawn carpets. The artificial turf is not only ideal for larger but also for smaller areas. It is mainly used in cities, where regular lawn mowing and any other maintenance can be problematic. In addition, the artificial turf doesn’t just have to be green. Blue or red can also be used very well for the children’s room, the fitness room or in the basement instead of a carpet.

Artificial turf on the balcony – an easy-care urban garden

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Different sizes, colors and qualities are available on the market. For a larger area, you buy artificial turf in rolls as a lawn carpet. There are also square pieces called carpet tiles. Regarding the quality, you have to pay attention to the knobs on the back – the denser and thicker, the more qualitative and softer.

Laying the artificial turf on the balcony or terrace is an accessible option without hours of gardening and redesigning a little-used space, making it more popular and cozy for all family members. Children like to play on the floor, and it is definitely not just them who are better off spending more time in the fresh air. The soft look is more pleasant to the eye and also for the feet and can also be used in the basement or fitness room.

Artificial turf on the balcony or terrace – an uncomplicated garden in the city

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The lawn on the balcony stays beautifully green in winter and reduces gardening, which is almost unthinkable for the busy city dwellers. It offers a practical solution and the perfect base for the coffee table or deck chair on the terrace. Incidentally, it is also soundproof and can be easily combined with various potted plants. Lawn carpets for the balcony or terrace are a great design option to create a more natural atmosphere in the urban environment of the city.

Artificial turf available in various thicknesses and shades of green

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Combine artificial turf with natural plants on the balcony or terrace

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Artificial turf instead of real turf on the roof terrace

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An urban garden – modern and simple with straight, clear lines

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Pets can also be satisfied with the lawn carpet

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The artificial turf is a convenient solution for the areas around the swimming pool

Artificial turf on the balcony or terrace -urban-garden-pool

An oasis in the city

Artificial grass on balcony -urban-garden-wood-wall

A convenient solution for larger and smaller areas

Artificial turf on the balcony or terrace - urban-garden-city-plants

Design your roof terrace tastefully

Artificial turf on balcony -urban-garden-flooring-sofa

The artificial turf is also very suitable for the playground at home

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