102 Balcony Railing Ideas – Which Material and Design?

Balcony railing ideas metal-black-round-elements-wood-handrail

Whether you’re designing your new apartment or already renovating the old one, you can make your balcony safer and more modern by replacing old balcony railings. They are available in a variety of materials and the designs range from minimalist to decorative. We have a large collection for you Balcony railing ideas that could offer you some inspiration on the topic.

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Safety is the be all and end all when choosing balcony railings and always has priority over aesthetics. To prevent dangerous accidents, the railing must be securely fastened and comply with all building regulations. Installation requires specialist knowledge, which is why professionals advise balcony owners not to carry out this task themselves. For safety reasons, the balcony railing should be at least 90 centimeters high. On higher floors, a height of 1.10 meters is even recommended. To prevent small children from sticking their heads through, the width between the handrails should not be more than 12 centimeters.

The specifications for balcony railings are documented in the DIN 1055 standard. According to this industry standard, in addition to the weight of the balcony, you also have to factor in wind, flower boxes or people leaning against it. After this comprehensive calculation, the required post density is determined.

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The bracket for balcony railings must always be firmly attached to load-bearing walls. The use of a suitable fastening material is also very important. According to the standards, it is required that only dowels made of V4A stainless steel may be used for the front area of ​​the balcony railing. These and other regulations must be observed in any case.

In order to avoid mistakes during assembly, it is best to hire a professional. Incorrect construction or unstable installation can lead to accidents. If cracks or rusting can be seen on the load-bearing parts, you must repair or renovate the subsurface. Pay attention to optimal load distribution. This is very important, especially if several people are leaning against the railing.

Balcony railing ideas made of wood

Balcony railing ideas wood post design wire filling

If you are looking for an inexpensive and modern variant, a wooden balcony railing would be perfect for you. If painted in white it would give the house facade an impressive, modern look. You can also try another color that compliments the color of the facade. To match the design with the modern style, choose railings with clean lines and a strong geometric design like square posts and handrails. However, wooden railings need to be looked after and repainted and sealed every few years. They also look beautiful in combination with stainless steel.

Wooden balcony railings can add a touch of country house style. But there are also contemporary variants that can wonderfully enhance a modern living environment. A nice example: railings made of hot-dip galvanized steel with transverse wooden slats.

Balcony railing ideas made of glass

Balcony railing ideas glass frameless detail-ornamental grass-deco

If you want something ultra-modern, a glass railing might be just what you are looking for. Glass is often combined with metal elements for a particularly modern look. Glass plates are the best option if you want to enjoy a wonderful view undisturbed. If you still want some protection from increased solar radiation, you can opt for lightly colored or frosted glass.

If you have young children, pay extra for safety glass to prevent accidents, or think about whether a glass balcony railing is even an option. In addition, glass elements should be kept clean from the outside, which is rarely possible with balconies that are very high. Plexiglass is a good alternative to safety glass and is available in almost all tints.

Metal balcony railings

Balcony railing ideas wrought iron design classic style

From simple to complicated, metal railings are very sturdy and easy to maintain. Made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and wrought iron, the designs range from simple round bars for modern buildings to decorative balcony panels with geometric shapes and filigree cutouts.

Aluminum balcony railings also offer a variety of benefits due to the chemical properties of the metal. It is extremely resistant to hail, rain or snow and resistant to UV radiation. In contrast to wood, the color won’t even change in bright sunshine. A balcony railing made of aluminum is also extremely resistant to impacts.

Perforated sheet railing infills are also a popular design element in balcony construction. They offer security, privacy and a visual highlight in equal measure. Guardrails made of perforated sheet metal are offered in aluminum or stainless steel in various thicknesses and perforation variants.

round frosted glass plates and white aluminum railings

Balcony railing ideas-white-aluminum-round-frosted-glass-plates

Even if balcony railings are so beautiful and decorative today, they should above all fulfill their protective function. As a rule, the railing posts are made of solid material, while the filling gives you more freedom in terms of colors and variations. The mix of materials creates a nice effect, but uniformity is of course always good.

ornate metal railings

Balcony railing ideas -wrought iron-ornaments-schnoerkel

white aluminum railings and glass panels

Balcony railing ideas white-handrail-glass-filling

particularly decorative black metal railings

Balcony railing ideas wrought iron decorative ornaments

eye-catching design that compliments the facade


Slats made of light wood

Balcony railing ideas-wood-larche-slats-semi-transparent

decorative, laser-cut balcony panels

Balcony railing ideas balcony slab-black-lassergeschnitte-decorative

Integrated bench on the small balcony


rustic design with branches


balcony railing bricked white facade metal railing

bricked balcony railing sliding-door-small-seating area

Balcony railing perforated sheet anthracite balcony plate-black-laser-cut-decorative

Balcony railing ideas stainless steel-glass-filling-rattan-furniture-wpc-floorboards


Balcony railing ideas stainless steel-glass-combination-fireplace

Balcony railing mediterranean wrought iron tuscan style

Balcony railing mediterranean wrought iron-black-tuscan-style-wood-post-


balcony railing metal mediterranean wrought iron black greek style house


Balcony railing ideas white-classic-design-diamonds


Balcony railing ideas wrought-iron-design-black-geometric-terrace

balcony-railing-ideas-metal-black-wood-window frames


balcony-railing-ideas-metal-black-frame-wire-filling-black-outside-furniture-traffic light-sunshade

balcony-railing-ideas-metal-black-frame-wire-filling-small-balcony-fire pit

Balcony railing ideas metal-black-post-wire-filling-wood-handrail

Balcony railing ideas metal-black-contrasting wooden facade



Balcony railing ideas -metall-black-thin-rod




Balcony railing ideas metal-wood handrail courtyard stairs


balcony-railing-ideas-wood-white-rattan-furniture-seating group


balcony-railing-ideas-wood-roofing-sun loungers-sea-view

balcony-railing-ideas-wood-rustic-covered-terrace-outdoor fireplace








balcony-railing-ideas-wood-slats-dark-combination-stone facade


Balcony-railing-ideas-wood-classic-style-seating area






Balcony-railing-ideas-wood-handrail-glass filling-metal posts



Balcony railing ideas-wood-glass-filling-hammock-stone facade

Balcony railings-ideas-wood-balcony boards-light-color

Balcony railing ideas wood balcony boards flat steel posts

Balcony railing ideas glass frameless covered terrace-dining area

balcony-railing-ideas-glass-frameless-black-cladding-wooden facade

balcony railing glass frameless flooring-tiles-gray

balcony railing glass frameless view lake mountains

balcony-railing-ideas-flat steel-galvanized-powder-coated-facade-concrete-optics

Balcony railing powder-coated flat steel-black-powder-coated-modern


Flat steel balcony railing, black powder-coated, opaque part

balcony-railing-ideas-flat steel-powder-coated-anthracite

balcony-railing-ideas-flat steel-wood-handrail-infinity-pool-view




Balcony railing-ideas-stainless-steel-terrace-down-waterfall

balcony-railing-ideas-stainless steel-glass-round-bar-handrail-wood-plank-floor


balcony railing-stainless steel-post-wire-wood-handrail

balcony-railing stainless-steel-round-bar-modern-architecture

balcony railing metal ideas-aluminum-wire-sun lounger


balcony railing metal aluminum-black-small-backyard

balcony railing metal aluminum-black crossbars



balcony-railing-ideas-stainless steel-glass-combination-gray-clad-facade

balcony-railing-ideas-stainless steel-glass-panels-frameless-white-facade

balcony railing stainless steel glass frameless wood flooring


balcony-railing-metal-black-thin-crossbar-stone facade

Balcony railing glass frameless modern transparent-minimalistic-wooden floor-pool

Balcony railing metal -single-family-house-high-modern

balcony railing metal city-apartment-small-estate-garden-part-second-floor

Balcony railing-ideas-steel-grating-swimming pool-natural stone-ocher-color-brown