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40 ideas for attractive balcony design for little money

Balcony design of small seating area, privacy screen branches

The balcony is just the right place to spend the barbecue season with friends and enjoy summer evenings outdoors. If you don’t have a garden, you could create a cozy retreat on the balcony. A beautiful and comfortable interior does not always have to be very expensive. If you want to set up and decorate your balcony nicely on a tight budget, check out the following tips and tricks for attractive ones Balcony design at!

Suitable seating for a modern balcony design

Balcony design-small-bench-corner-blue-cushions-lattice-deco-lanterns

The right furniture turns a balcony into an oasis of well-being. But you don’t necessarily have to buy new seating for this. You have the opportunity to breathe new life into your old armchairs and sofas. In addition, furniture with a vintage look is absolutely trendy! If you have enough free time, you could build comfortable balcony furniture yourself from wooden pallets and a very individual one Balcony design create. Rattan furniture, on the other hand, is a good long-term investment.

Cheap balcony design – tips

Balcony design small-wood-bench-awning-white-fairy lights-decoration

There are different variants for that Balcony design. Some pieces of furniture are particularly practical, light and space-saving, and also very inexpensive – e.g. folding benches, folding chairs and tables made of wood or plastic. Metal chairs and tables harmonize with the metal balcony railings and create a harmonious overall picture. Also think of the right privacy protection – screen, awning, awning or parasol. Sliding doors are highly recommended for small balconies.

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Add accents of color


For the balcony, choose furniture and accessories in bright colors. They make it look friendlier and more summery. The design style depends on your personal preferences. Let your imagination run wild and combine, for example, two or more colors. But make sure to create a certain harmony. The throwing together of bright colors without any system makes the design look chaotic and not particularly pleasant. Instead, limit yourself to a few shades of color that you repeat several times.

Balcony accessories 


Do not do without the balcony accessories – these catch the eye particularly quickly. Colorful pillows, tablecloths, carpets and curtains quickly attract attention and make the balcony appear larger. Color accents can also appear in individual colorful flower pots. The design is particularly beautiful if you also play with the decorations. Choose the pots in the main colors and find a matching carpet or upholstery for the chairs.

Balcony plants – create a beautiful green and cozy balcony

Balcony design black-railing-folding-table-purple-deco-lavender

The balcony greening allows you to emphasize your individual style even more. So that you can make a good impression even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, choose fast-growing aromatic types of flowers or herbs. These look really cool and are relatively easy to care for. If you want to set up a seating area on the balcony in a Mediterranean style, you certainly have to think about the right planting.

Balcony flooring made of wood

balcony-design-privacy-protection-opaque-corrugated sheets-planter-folding-furniture

Wood is a popular floor covering for balconies and terraces – floor panels made of wood are inexpensive, easy to care for and frost-resistant and make the room appear larger. In addition, they create a pleasant step feeling when you walk barefoot on the balcony. In addition, if there is no roofing, the wood does not heat up from the sun like some natural stones, for example, and is also not slippery after rain like some tiles.

small but comfortably furnished balcony

Balcony design -small-wood-folding table-privacy protection-wood slats

A small balcony size can still be used practically and is particularly cozy due to its size. Consider folding furniture for balcony design to save space when not in use. A folding table, for example, can be attached to the railing and is simply folded up if necessary. The same applies to folding chairs, which can be folded up and stowed against a wall without taking up a lot of space. Emphasize the cosiness with some romantic candles.

Balcony furnishings with a maritime flair


If you have space for a seating area with a corner bench, it is best to build it in the form of boxes. Because this gives you storage space that you can use for upholstery and other textiles in bad weather. This idea was also used for this balcony design. The upholstery was also chosen with a maritime stripe pattern in blue and white.

Balcony furniture made from pallets

balcony design furniture-wood-pallet-seat cushions-blue-white-striped

If you do not value storage space because you have enough of it inside, you can consider an inexpensive variant for do-it-yourself balcony furniture. Simple pallets that you stack on top of each other are wonderfully suitable for a small sofa, which is then only equipped with upholstery. You can of course paint the wood in any color in advance. A protective varnish also protects it from the elements.

Bamboo mats and palm trees for an exotic feeling on the balcony

balcony-design-privacy-protection-bamboo-mats-artificial-turf-carpet-fuchsia-flower pot

If you need a privacy screen, you can make use of such mats, which are available in different heights, so that you can decide for yourself where the privacy screen should extend. Bamboo gives your balcony furniture an exotic flair, which you can even enhance with a palm tree or other tropical plants. You can also choose exotic colors such as turquoise, pink or coral.

Artificial turf carpet

balcony-design-lawn-carpet-outdoor-carpet-folding furniture-bench

An artificial turf carpet is also a good option for the floor covering. There are now models that look like lawns at first glance. The carpet is a wonderful addition to your balcony plants and creates a more natural atmosphere simply because of its color. You can combine it with colorful textiles as was done in this example.

Privacy screen for balcony made of fabric


This idea for a privacy screen is also very practical. It is a fabric model that is simply tied to the railing and can be easily removed again if you want to let more sun shine on the seating area. This type of privacy screen is also an advantage if you live to rent and do not want to change anything permanently. Otherwise, the wooden privacy screen is a great option and can even be used to hang up smaller flower pots.

Seat and privacy screen in one


A wonderful combination of privacy screen and bench was chosen for this balcony design. The wooden slats do not completely block the view of the city and are also provided with storage areas for pots, which you can decorate nicely. Since the “framework” is also made of wood, a cozy atmosphere is created, which is even enhanced by the plants. In this way, grow vegetables or herb plants and decorate your small outdoor area at the same time. We have other interesting ideas for you below. Let yourself be inspired by the design ideas and start right away with your own balcony!

create romantic atmosphere with white and pink

Balcony design privacy screen-fabric covering-petunia-white-pink-fuchsia

Decorations in bright colors


Fishing net decoration and wooden anchor


beautiful balcony design in orange and blue

balcony-design-hanging-wood-shelves-bench-wooden ladder-climbing aid

balcony-design-wood-floor-tiles-ikea-wood-bench-throw pillows

balcony-design-wood-floor tiles-synthetic rattan-armchair-table

balcony-design-wood-folding-furniture-plant stand-flowerpots-outdoor-carpet


balcony-design-raised bed-wood-ivy-wall-climbing frame

balcony-design-ikea-wood-balcony-tiles-wrought-iron-chairs-plant staner



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