Balcony, terraces

Balcony, terraces

Terrace and balcony design – 29 pretty examples

terrace and balcony design modern rattan chairs textile green wood floor

The character of an apartment and the feeling it exudes are influenced, among other things, by the outside area. This connection between indoor and outdoor areas is easier to achieve on larger terraces, especially when a garden is involved. When there is limited space, such as a smaller balcony, things get a little more complicated. In this case, the best solution is to create an area to relax in but whose style matches the design of the rest of the house or apartment. To you for planning for your pretty Terrace and balcony design To inspire a little, we’ve put together 29 examples of smaller outdoor areas below.

Terrace and balcony design – interesting ideas

terrace and balcony design eclectic design orange furniture lounge rust accent wall

Interesting ideas about Terrace and balcony design should help you at the beginning of the planning and offer you a few approaches, whether you want to design a balcony, a roof terrace or a small terrace on the floor. The different design ideas mainly include decorations for modern apartments, but a few of them are also traditional. Have fun browsing through these interesting examples of a pretty terrace design and let yourself be inspired.

Terrace and balcony design – lively and dynamic apartments

terraces and balcony design moroccan style blue accents pergola

Do you like the Moroccan style or do you prefer an urban style? A beautiful terrace and balcony design has the magical power to relax you after a long and stressful day at work, when you leaf through your evening newspaper in the soft upholstered cushions or enjoy a cocktail for two or in peace. Top floor apartments are perfect for chill-out parties in the open air and the smaller, nice balconies with their vintage furniture and a few pretty flowers bring a fine flair to their design. Larger verandas with wooden floors and wider sofas are a cozy and child-friendly ambience for everyone. If the sea view is there you are simply lucky and will enjoy incredibly beautiful moments.

Wood roof terrace

terrace and balcony design roof terrace idea garden pebbles wood privacy screen

Modern design

Terraces and balcony design modern style white upholstery carpet red

The traditional equipment


 Roof terrace with an incredible view

Urban style top floor terrace

Fairytale look

Urban style furniture balcony pumpkin decoration

A more Greek style

Terrace-with-fireplace-deck chair-round seats

Courtyard terrace

Create a bench-dog-terrace

Experience the mountains up close


Experience the coast up close

Sea view-upholstered seats-sofa-round table

Irresistibly beautiful

Mediterranean-style hammock-flowers-sea view

The African mood

Moroccan-Pillow-Ratan-oriental carpet

Wood and metal alternate


Wooden furniture-balcony-terrace-parasol

Balcony design flower pot lattice


Wooden floor-rounded-shapes-palm-terrace


Big city-balcony-apartment-with-a-view

Tiled floor-terrace-deck chair-decoration-in-orange

Design the attic with gravel

Top floor apartment corner sofa with upholstered cushions

Flower veranda with upholstered cushions

Tables-and-chairs-terrace design-flower boxes


Metal furniture vintage style balcony

Top floor apartment-balcony-terrace

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