Put autumn pumpkin on stand indoors and outdoors


Autumn is already here and if you haven’t found a suitable decoration for inside and outside, then it’s time. A creative, inexpensive and easy idea to imitate is one Autumn pumpkin to put as thematic decoration and to arrange nicely with other suitable objects. The only question is where and how. And we have the answer for you – on a stand.

Put the autumn pumpkin on a stand – decoration ideas for indoors and outdoors


A candlestick is also suitable as a stand for an autumn pumpkin, if of course it corresponds to the size of the pumpkin. Alternatively, flower pots or representative bowls with ornaments and filigree patterns are used. Special pumpkin stands are of course also available with an interesting, even wacky design – as a robot or scarecrow.

Candlesticks in the right size as autumn pumpkin stand 


The smaller pumpkin varieties such as Baby Boo, Jack be Little, Puccini, Sweet Dumpling, Sweet Potatoes and Melonette are best suited for autumn decorations. These are edible too, but because of their cute appearance, they are mostly used as decorative objects.

Fall Pumpkin Stand – Robot


Autumn pumpkin in bowls and crystal glasses as a decoration for the kitchen cupboard


Place mini autumn pumpkin on stand by the mantelpiece

autumn-kurbis-stand-deco-mantelpiece-mirror-wreath-cones-autumn leaves

Cozy atmosphere with autumn decorations on the coffee table in the winter garden

autumn-kurbis-stand-deco-coffee-table-winter garden-garden-furniture-rattan-table lamp

Autumn pumpkin on stand for table decoration


Mini autumn pumpkin in bell jar


Elegant table decorations in white, silver and gold


Small decorative pumpkins as table decorations in a huge candle lantern

autumn-kurbis-stand-deco-lantern-full-mini-fruit-table decoration

White ceramic autumn pumpkin


Sweet decoration with several details and white autumn pumpkin on stand

autumn-kurbis-staender-deko-table-decoration-antlers-gold-white-window shutters

White ceramic autumn pumpkin in bell jar


Two mini pumpkins in ceramic bowl 


Green decorative autumn pumpkin on black stand

autumn-kurbis-stand-deco-black-green-glass-vase-bluemn-yellow-table decoration

Decorate black mini pumpkins with rice pins 


Place small decorative pumpkins on silver candlesticks 


White autumn pumpkin on a junk stand with an authentic look


Pumpkins in antique bell jars with silver-plated details


Make your own autumn pumpkin out of white fabric


Autumn pumpkin on stand for outdoor decoration – scarecrow


Creative ideas for outdoor decoration with pumpkins

autumn-curb-stand-deco-outdoor-fence-raven-autumn-leaves-flowers-peeled off

Herbst-Kurbis-Staender-deco-outdoor-large-brick-wall-stairs-front door

Autumn pumpkin-stand-deco-outdoor-garden furniture-iron furniture-creative-orange

autumn pumpkin metal stand grid decoration wire sideboard

autumn pumpkin gloss metallic stand cake

autumn pumpkin table decoration idea pine cones pears natural materials

autumn pumpkin stand idea garland berries side table deco

autumn pumpkin outdoor decoration planter black pedestal brick