Pumpkin decoration on the autumn table – 20 creative ideas and arrangements

Pumpkin deco autumn table pear leaves nuts

The most beautiful autumn decoration ideas can probably be realized with pumpkins. the Pumpkin decoration on the autumn table would add a nice festive atmosphere and natural scents. Check out these 20 ideas and arrangements and get inspired.

Look for a variety of pumpkins with interesting shapes and colors. After you have collected a diverse range, fill a wooden tray or bowl with your unique finds and place them on the autumn table.

Pumpkin decoration with multi-colored highlights

Decoration idea table halloween autumn pumpkins books

Pumpkins are at the center of this simple but distinctive table arrangement. To emphasize the bold colors of the pumpkins, put some books with dark book covers. If you want this table decoration to greet the guests for a Halloween party, add some rustic orange accents.

Pumpkin decoration in the plate – sweet & Simple

Pumpkin deco autumn table twig branch place card

A table decoration idea with natural charm. Wrap a twig around a mini pumpkin and add a bow with each guest’s name for a personal touch.

Festive generosity of nature

Pumpkin deco autumn table cones berries decorative pumpkins birch wood

Bring the beautiful, bold colors of autumn to your Thanksgiving table by creating an arrangement of pumpkins, berries and candles. Arrange all along the dining table for a dramatic effect.

subtle colors

autumn deco table white orange vase berries

Welcome your guests with an elegant autumn table in white. Decorate the plates with striped mini pumpkins that will become real highlights. The monochrome color scheme adds a touch of elegance to the table.

Ornamental pumpkins in the bowl

Ornamental pumpkins Herbstdeko glue stick

Garland of rose hips

tiered autumn decoration idea pumpkins rose hips garland

Mini pumpkins on the candlestick

Pumpkins candlestick decoration idea autumn table

yellow flowers in the vase

pumpkins ceramic bowl yellow flowers vase

Welcome sign   Pumpkin deco autumn table welcome card loop

different sizes and shapes  Pumpkin deco autumn table collect a variety of pumpkin varieties

Pumpkin decoration autumn table mosaic decoration loop

Pumpkin decorations autumn table flower arrangement vase  Pumpkin deco autumn table hollowed-out bottle gourds olives

Pumpkin decoration autumn wreath tin bucket leaves

Pumpkin flowers decorative autumn table candle holder

basket bottle gourds moss arrangement autumn deco

ceramic urn autumn decoration abundance bottle gourds leaves

halved pumpkin decoration autumn table tree branch

bottle gourds lanterns decorative autumn leaves table