Pomegranate decoration for home or a wedding in autumn or winter

Flower arrangement autumn dark red dahlias pomegranates roses

Pomegranates taste delicious and are also very healthy. But who knew that they also cut a good figure as decoration? The main pomegranate season is between September and December. Which can still be found on the market until early February. So they can be perfectly integrated into the autumn and winter decorations. The reddish color goes wonderfully with green, blue, pink and purple tones and can be incorporated into different styles, especially those with a rustic or vintage flair. Whether as part of flower arrangements on dining tables or even as an accent in a wedding bouquet – the pomegranate decoration always provides a unique note and an atmospheric overall impression.

Pomegranate decoration – symbolism and meaning of the fruit

Table decoration rustic tree trunk tree slice green branches pomegranate

With its numerous seeds, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility, love and happiness. The fruit plays a role in the five major world religions and many meanings have been ascribed to it. In the Greek myth of Persephon’s kidnapping by Hades, the lord of the underworld, the pomegranate stands for new life, renewal and rebirth. Representations of pomegranates have long been found in architecture and design. They adorned the pillars of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem as well as the robes of Jewish priests.

Pomegranate under a bell jar as an eye-catcher on the festive table

In Buddhism, the pomegranate is one of the three blessed fruits, alongside citrus fruits and the peach. In China, the pomegranate is widely used in ceramic art and symbolizes fertility, abundance, numerous and virtuous descendants and a blessed future. In Christian art, the pomegranate is often found as a symbol of resurrection and eternal life. The “Madonna with the Pomegranate” is a famous work of art by Sandro Botticelli. Pomegranate trees are also found in the heavenly paradise of the Muslims. This is why pomegranates are sometimes called paradise apples.

Table decoration with pomegranates for the home

Autumn decoration with flowers apples pomegranates on wooden shelf

Pomegranates fascinate with their beautiful, deep red color and make a particularly good table decoration. The arrangements don’t have to be complicated at all. All you need is a nice silver bowl, tray or cake stand. Then you can let your imagination run wild and decorate the selected vessel as you wish. You can also combine all these fruits that are so characteristic of autumn. Figs, grapes, apples, pears – they all look beautiful in combination with flowers or green branches!

Autumn decoration with pomegranates tray decorate pears maple leaves pillar candles

The pomegranates integrated in the bridal bouquet or flower arrangement

Fall wedding bridal bouquet of dahlias in red tones and pomegranate groom buttonierre

Pomegranates have also played a special role as a fertility symbol at Bedouin weddings in the Middle East. In China, the image of a ripe open pomegranate is a popular wedding gift. Then why not integrate this lucky charm into your wedding decoration? In floral compositions, the pomegranate can be combined particularly well with dark red peonies, dahlias and roses.

Pomegranates are perfect as place card holders

Make a place card yourself pomegranate as a holder

The pomegranates can also be used in the seating plan, i.e. when marking the wedding tables. One advantage: Although pomegranates have a round shape, they can stand upright in a stable manner. The name cards or the table number can then be easily attached to the characteristic crown. They can either be plugged directly into the crown or attached to a memo holder.

creative table number holder made from red pomegranates

Halved pomegranates

Halved pomegranate as a decoration for the table or as a place card

Halved pomegranates look particularly beautiful, but they spill and dry out quickly. So you have to cut and serve the fruit just before the event or somehow preserve the halves. For example, you can try using spray glue.

Paint and label pomegranates

Paint pomegranates gold or label them with a gold marker

The burgundy nuances of juicy pomegranates can be highlighted with gold. The harmonious combination of these two colors convey warmth and luxury and is also very suitable for autumn and winter weddings. Put the pomegranates in the limelight with a metallic spray paint! Another option would be to write the names of the guests directly on the hard shell with a gold marker. But first discover the world of calligraphy (the art of beautiful writing) to make the lettering particularly artistic.

Pomegranate gold painting varnishing table decoration cutlery

gold lacquered pomegranate as a guest giveaway

Autumn winter decoration decorate the cake stand with pomegranates and berries

Pomegranate decoration in combination with pillar and stick candles

Pomegranate decoration Christmas green branches and red pomegranates table runner

halved pomegranate rosemary sprigs glass plate vintage cutlery

Halloween party golden dishes and cutlery red flowers pomegranates

Table decoration Moroccan pomegranates candles lanterns red dahlias

Door wreath winter eucalyptus berries pomegranates

Winter decoration with pomegranates and golden satin ribbon to hang up

Autumn wedding vintage pomegranates wooden ladder armchair Naked cake

Vintage autumn wedding wooden table and ladder of pomegranate tree

Pomegranates in a wooden bowl red peony in a golden vase wooden ladder

Pomegranate decoration fall wedding in the garden vintage flair

Winter wedding teal blue and black bouquets of pomegranate

Bridal bouquet with red peonies white flowers and a pomegranate

Wedding in red winter autumn bridal bouquet

Wedding peony flowers pomegranate black white

Pomegranate as a place card with the guest's monogram

Autumn wedding two-tier cake white fondant coating golden brushstrokes pomegranates

Wedding cake with and without glaze decorated with pomegranates

Cake with white glaze and pomegranate seeds as decoration

Wedding decoration place card pomegranate with golden lettering

Wedding Pink White Marsala Rose Balls Pomegranate Place Card

Three tier wedding cake decorated with cloves pomegranates succulents

long wedding tables decorate red pomegranates candles in the middle